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Big update! Art galleries revamped and updated, Patreon news

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 26 July 2017 · 2,835 views

Got some big updates today! After many delays and complications, I’ve finally updated the galleries here on my site! That means I’ve also uploaded tons of new artwork that previously could only be found on my social media and my DeviantArt account. So this is a friendly reminder to follow me on those places, too (especially here, and here is also good), and be sure to watch me on DA for immediate art updates.
You can also check my Patreon for immediate updates, if you get impatient waiting for site posts. I post a lot more frequently on my Patreon than I do here, although I’m hoping to even out my posts everywhere and post more often in general.
Anyway, on to the update!
First up, every artwork page has been rebuilt to house a better gallery system and some prettier navigation. I’m going to try to keep my site’s art galleries updated more often, now that I have them back. You can find improvements to the following pages: the Artwork hub, Colored Artwork, Drawings, Sketches, Inked Artwork, and LEGO Creations.
I’ve also uploaded some new art, in case you missed it elsewhere! Here’s a quick rundown...

Due to the formatting of the post, please read the full site update here!

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