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The Old Crone

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#1 Fenris


    Nom :3

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Posted 25 July 2013 - 02:10 PM




The old town of Helmsvåg

along the coast it lay

Fishermen fishing, farmers farming,

It was just another day


The hustle and bustle of Northmen and women

as they go about on their daily chores

Their children all eager to run and play

Yes, they will soon spring from the doors.


A fair young maiden with golden hair

sows with a blush on her cheeks

For soon the young man, the love of her life

Will come for the first time in weeks.


O, it was just another day, everything was droll

The sun shone upon this coastal town.

But black birds came and perched, from near and afar

And the old men would look up and frown.


Nighttime came for Northrim now

and wrapped it in darkness and mist

The maiden in bed, she shivered with dread

Even as her lover she kissed.


The guard of the night, he was cold to the bone

Though why, he could not say

But he peered nonetheless through the black

At the figure that was coming his way.


A woman it was, he would soon realize

As he walked up and brought his torch close

A hunched old hag, cloaked all in black

Though where she was from, who knows


"It is late, old crone, and cold as Skadi's breath"

The guard said and smiled a wide smile

"Surely your bones need a warm, comfy bed.

You should rest at the inn for a while."


The Crone smiled back, three teeth in her mouth

she was carrying a broom and a rake.

She walked on her way, and the guard scratched his head

Before his spine would once again quake


In the darkness of night, the Crone watched the doors

And considered things for some time

Then she picked out her broom, with wrinkled old hands

And started to sweep the town's grime


Morning came for Northrim now

and the sun swept away all the chill

But the town of Helmsvåg had lost all its life

and the lovers were in their bed still


Man, woman and child, all were they dead

Their last hours spent in sickness and pain

Unknowing of what had happened 

Unknowing of what was their bane


So see you the crows with the blood-red eyes

You should kiss your loved ones goodbye

For unless the old crone sweeps the road with her rake

You are all going to die.

#2 Amarok


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Posted 26 July 2013 - 05:02 AM

Well that was a tad bit morbid. I am now going to be forever weary of crows and old women carrying brooms. Thanksyousoverymuch. XD


Seriously, that was pretty good! I'd love to read more! Which makes me have to ask, does this mean you're back and will post more Wulfgard related stuff, or what?


#3 Fenris


    Nom :3

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 07:29 AM

Thanks a bunch! It's my first real attempt at a poem! I think it's... kinda short, to be honest, but not too bad. In the end, I guess it was kinda the point how quickly it changed from happy and merry to.... not so much.


And yeah, I like to think that I'm back, and I certainly will try to get some stuff posted here on the forum!

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