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Knightfall - Favorite Chapter Poll

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Poll: Favorite chapter in Wulfgard: Knightfall

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Which chapter in Wulfgard: Knightfall was your favorite?

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#1 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 21 December 2015 - 12:28 PM

So now that the Wulfgard novel has been out for a while, I thought I'd try to stir up some discussion. Which chapter of the book was your favorite and why?


Remember to use spoiler tags for any and all novel spoilers! ;)


Here's a brief reminder of the chapters. They're intentionally short and vague to try and remain as spoiler-free as possible. Hopefully it's enough to jar your memory.

  • Chapter I ~ Lance Measuring - The opening chapter of the novel, introducing Sir Tom Drake, Captain Victor Magnus, and Corben McShane. After Sir Drake and Sir Gnaeus Kallistos joust, Illikon prepares for a tournament between its two best knights by hosting a banquet.
  • Chapter II ~ The Dragon’s Wrath - Illikon hosts a long-awaited duel: Tom Drake meets Sir Cassian Marks in a tournament - which doesn't quite go as planned.
  • Chapter III ~ The Emperor’s Hand - War is in the air as the Left Hand Paladin of the Emperor, Sir Scaevius, arrives in Illikon.
  • Chapter IV ~ War in the North - Wakened from his rest by disturbing nightmares, Drake takes an army into Northrim to do battle against the Frost Ravens and their cruel chieftain, Guntram.
  • Chapter V ~ Among Wolves - In Northrim, Drake gets a taste of Guntram's hospitality... He later runs into a mysterious woman with a white wolfdog - and catches his first glimpse of a beast from his nightmares.
  • Chapter VI ~ Decently Treated - With an ally captured in Scaevius's grip, Drake returns to Illikon to seek the aid of his trusted friends.
  • Chapter VII ~ A Knife in the Dark - Drake races to help someone wronged by Scaevius... only to learn he is being hunted by an assassin.
  • Chapter VIII ~ The Chill Touch - Scaevius reveals there may be far more to him than meets the eye.
  • Chapter IX ~ On Leather Wings - Corben and Magnhild must work together to hunt down the assassin.
  • Chapter X ~ A Dreamer by Moonlight - Plagued by strange dreams and unable to rest, Drake leaves in search of answers.
  • Chapter XI ~ Make New Friends, but Keep the Old - Upon reaching the Forest of Shadows, Drake makes a strange new ally.
  • Chapter XII ~ Into the Nothing - In order to find the sage he seeks for answers, Drake must pass through the dreaded Shadowvale and reach Rognosst Swamp.
  • Chapter XIII ~ Inner Demons - All truths must be revealed in time - Drake must face his demons, but he isn't the only one with secrets.
  • Chapter XIV ~ In the Shadow of the Wolf - Drake and his allies, new and old, try to find safety in Illikon as they regroup to gather their strength... only to realize they are in more danger than they thought.
  • Chapter XV ~ Barbarians at the Gates - The moment has come, and Drake and his allies must stand their ground and fight against the united barbarian hordes.
  • Chapter XVI ~ Knightfall - The closing chapter of the novel, in which Tom Drake - and all his friends - must struggle to survive... and Drake at last learns the answer to his greatest question.

Be sure to post and discuss which parts are your favorite! :)


#2 Burger Warrior

Burger Warrior

    Hulloo! :3

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Posted 21 December 2015 - 04:33 PM

...Why isn't there an 'all of them' option? :P


#3 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 21 December 2015 - 05:28 PM

I suppose I'm not above adding one, if people really feel that way...? I was trying to elicit discussion.  :P


EDIT: Also, if you haven't read the book, it doesn't really make any sense to vote, now does it? I'm confused.


#4 Sareth


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Posted 29 December 2015 - 10:37 AM

Voted for Chap. 7- AKitD.


Of course, my real favorite chapter is whatever chapter in whichever sequel is the one Scaevius dies in. Seriously, I look forward to his demise.  :D




To be fair, I should probably tell you my least favorite chapter(s) as well:

Principally, Chap. 16- Kf, because Scaevius is still alive by the end of it I mean HOW COULD YOU TEASE ME LIKE THAT!?  :shock:   :cry:


*calms down*


Okay, I'm semi-joking here; with the exception of the above it was a good chapter. Besides, on the positive side, that puts you on a scale with writers like Tom Clancy in being able to come up with a villain/antagonist so infuriating that whenever he's on-page I have to take mental breaks every couple minutes to idly imagine him being brutally/pathetically killed (... what? I get into my reading, okay? :P ). Seriously, that takes skill. :thumbsup: 


 But, on the other hand, to tease us with the possibility of his death only for him to get off scott-free again? I mean, that's just... cruel:P


... Wait a minute—did Kye's dad write that chapter!?  :lol:




As for my other least favorite chapter: Also Chap. 7- AKitD... Because lack of Ringwraiths—I mean, that's just false advertising. (Okay, this one's totally a joke. I just found the identicality of the chapter title amusing.  :lol: )

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