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About Me

Hello. ABOUT ME. yayz!

I was born July 21 in Texas and was raised in(in this order) Texas, California, Washington(the state), Australia, and then came back to Texas and currently live here. I like legos, superhero comics, sci-fi and adventure books, video games(for the PC!) like Call of duty 4, CoD 5, Team fortress 2, Zombie panic, Garry's mod, Left 4 Dead, Halo 1, Halo 2,(I aso play halo 3 with friends), Age of Empires, and more.

I am currently making my new lego middle ages fantasy comic, Adventures of the, um, Adventurers(AotA), and the entire series will be all filmed, edited, and completed before I post it. AotA is about a group of adventurers that form a party to stop the 3 demons(Modeled after fred) and I include new fantasy elements such as the Immature demon(These guys are technically adults by maturity, turn into demons.), also known as he minor demon.
And the cast includes that devilishly cunning king of theives, who worms his way into main character spots in every comic, Hawk!

My name is Littleboy and I'm a PC! YAYZ!

Top ten Weapons in Nazi Zombies!(In my opinion)

10: MP-40- packs a small punch, but has slow rate of fire and small magazine. 7/10
9: Magnum revolver- has power, but a slow rate of fire and small ammo capacity, but stays away from 10 because of use while downed.7.1/10
8: Panzershcrek- Extreme damage, ability to destroy large crowds, but has only one shot and can hurt you.7.2/10
7: Double-barreled shotgun- Packs a punch nad fires faster than the trench gun, but has incredibly low magazine capacity. 7.3/10
6: Trench gun- packs a punch, but has a slow rate of fire and low magazine capacity. 7.5/10
5: FG42- High power and fast reload, but very samll magazine and ultra high recoil. 8/10
4:PPSH-41-Fast reload time, low recoil, high magazine capacity, but it doesn't pack quite the punch. 9/10
3: Browning 1919- Power, high magazine capacity, but has a slow reload time and is slow and heavy, medium recoil. 9.2/10
2: MG42- fast reload time, high magazine capacity, and power, but loses points in the fact that it is heavy and slow, medium recoil. 9.5/10
1: Ray gun- Wins because it is light, fast reload time, high magazine capacity, use while downed,and does lots of damage, low recoil.10/10

New! Team Fortress 2 balanced teams.

A team of 2: Scout, Heavy.
A team of 3: Scout, Medic, Heavy.
A team of 4: Scout, Sniper, Medic, Heavy.
A team of 5: Scout, Demo, Medic, Sniper, Heavy.
A team of 6: Scout, Soldier, Demo, Medic, Sniper, Heavy.
A team of 7: Scout, Pyro, Soldier, Demo, Medic, Sniper, Heavy.

Also: AotA is not a dead comic promise. I was working diligently until I went off to Christmas vacation, and I will continue when I get back.

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