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Tom CUH-LANCY's R6/GR/SC/whatever: Ubisoft Edition

28 January 2017 - 11:10 PM

Hey-o, all.  Come here to discuss Tom Clancy games and whatnot, from the earliest SNES version of The Hunt for Red October to the as-of-yet unreleased Ghost Recon: Wildlands!  I myself still love (and enjoy) Rainbow Six 1-3, Splinter Cell up to Double Agent, and I liked Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 a lot as a middle schooler (although I find it rather clunky and annoying nowadays).


I've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege for a few months now and have been absolutely having a blast with it.  I rolled my eyes when it's earliest version, Rainbow Six: Patriots rolled around with its faux moral conundrums (we have to SHOOT THE COPS because they don't know who we are-type BS Battlefield 3 did) and white, stubbly faced protagonists and weird glorification of sacrificing innocents "for the greater good" and just general cringe-worthy self seriousness,  but then Siege rolled around with a completely different game.  Multiplayer only, no Campaign mode, and no story beyond a vague terrorist threat they use to explain the terrorist hunt mode?  Plus an honest-to-goodness sense of humor?  I'm down for that, and have been ever since I bought.  It's not without its problems, sure (matchmaking taking forever, on top of some latency issues) but that doesn't stop me from playing when I can.



Ghost Recon: Wildlands has me more than a little worried.  Beyond performance issues such as graphics downgrading and reports of screen-tearing (on the PS4 version, strangely enough), the gameplay seems rather repetitive and the shooting likes rather arcade-y.  Hee hee, Arkady.  Plus, it's Ubisoft.  On top of my worries that it won't take its topic of story very seriously (specifically, drug cartels, which given the way this issue has been portrayed in games thusfar does not instill me with confidence), it seems to lack the small touches of humor that makes Siege so much more enjoyable.  Still, the gameplay videos released so far don't seem too bad regarding this, and it has yet to be released (March 7 is the date given for its launch, bee-tee-dubs), so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until then.


The character customization looks neat, though.

I'd like to play it just so I can wreck shop as a cowboy hat-wearing, eyepatched, lumberjack-bearded goofball. :P


I signed up for the closed Beta, I'll let y'all know if I get in.