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RED SPRING - The Start of a Multimedia Project

Posted by Spark, 17 December 2015 · 2,794 views

Starting next year, I and a few people will be bringing an all-new project to SSLF. Code-named Project OE, I've been building this thing (with some very appreciated help) for over 2 years, and it's gone through many iterations, but I'm confident this will be the real deal. The first title in this project is:


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Written by: Bill Cipher (Andrew Howton) and Herbert

Artwork by: Herbert


A Once-Peaceful Future, Embroiled in Chaos. Their Salvation, Hidden in the Past.

This is Red Spring.

The Cities of the Network are under siege. Six months ago, mysterious creatures of unspeakable horror, dubbed the Dusk Legion, appeared and began to wreak havoc among the world. Although long-removed from the warlike societies of the past, the Conglomerate has maintained a steady defense against the interlopers. However, their resolve is faltering, as the invading hordes slowly, but surely surround the cities.

The City of Asylum in particular has become a hotbed for this crisis, and other dire matters. During the emergent days of the Legion, a group of vigilantes within the city became fractured. A climactic battle left many dead, including their treacherous and manipulative leader. The rest have scattered, going into hiding.

April Grant--Call-sign: Spring--has been on a quest for answers since then. Burdened with guilt over her team's downfall, she has ventured forth alone in this endeavor. One fateful night under the Red Skies of Asylum, a chance encounter with a member of her old team is interrupted by the Legion penetrating the last of the cities' defenses. With this, and newfound evidence linking their leader with the arrival of these monsters, April must once again enlist the help of her former team.

This one last case they undertake will expose a grave conspiracy that will threaten not only their lives, but the fate of the very Earth itself and the Skies above.
Now that you know what's up, let's introduce you to the colorful cast of characters that inhabit this world.
The Vigilants (At Least the Ones Left Alive)
  • April Grant - Call-sign: "Spring"

Age: 24

-Daughter of influential researcher Dr. Bill Grant.

-Recruited into the Vigilants at 15.

-Keen detective skills; moderately proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

-Respectful personality and rational temper, but has recently shown to become indignant and borderline cruel when angered.

  • Dag Felton - Call-sign: "Reverend"

Age: 57

-Top enforcer for the Vigilants; A father-figure to April.

-Mysterious past; unwilling to discuss with anyone.

-Expert Gunslinger, but a true master of nonviolent confrontation.

-Gruff and headstrong demeanor, but exudes compassion to nearly everyone.


  • Casey Walker - Call-sign: "Ledger"

Age: 24

-Son of Dr. Vergil Walker; Provides a Technical role for the Vigilants.

-Network Systems Engineer by trade; Self-taught knowledge of city infrastructure.

-Competent knowledge of weaponry; Prefers more subversive forms of combat

-Best friend of April Grant; relationship strained since the death of his father.

  • Riley Tamsen - Call-sign: "Raptor"

Age: 25

-Ex AC-ID Agent; Joined with the Vigilants 2 years prior to the Lighthouse Incident

-Trained in usage of all AC-ID/Peacekeeper transport; de facto pilot for the Vigilants

-Per AC-ID training, experienced with nearly all forms of weaponry.

-Younger brother to AC-ID Agent Rose Tamsen; Strong friendship with Casey Walker


Allies (Willing or Otherwise)
  • Dr. William 'Bill' Grant

Age: 49

-Father of April Grant; Influential Conglomerate researcher

-Engineering background; Currently heading development on Network Defense

-Easily gets caught up in work; Tendency to act logically without considering personal consequences.

-Currently estranged from his daughter; was unaware of April's affiliation with the Vigilants until recently.

  • AC-ID Agent Rosalind 'Rose' Tamsen

Age: 26

-Top AC-ID agent; in charge of investigating the Lighthouse Incident

-Unparalleled Deductive skills and Elite AC-ID combat training.

-Able and willing to think outside of the box and take advice, even from perpetrators, to solve a case.

-Holds no personal grudge against Vigilants for their role in the Incident.

  • Jax Bennett
Other Figures of Importance
  • AC-ID Captain Karter Marko

Age: 51

-Commanding officer of AC-ID; Supervisor on Dr. Grant's defense project

-Years of peace-keeping experience throughout the Network

  • Conglomerate Oversight Head Director Eve Heller

Age: 55

-de facto Head of Govt. in Asylum; Chairwoman of the Council of Three

-Has a history with Dr. Grant


Posthumous Characters
  • Winter (Nina)

-Former leader of the Vigilants and perpetrator of the Lighthouse Incident. A central figure in events surrounding the city. Killed when she was blown into the beam of the Lighthouse Beacon.

-April has found evidence of a conspiracy between her and Councilman Hunt. Additionally, apparently had knowledge of the Dusk Legion.

-A reputation for being a great collector and keeper of knowledge; quite possibly had dirt on everyone of importance in Asylum and the Network at large.

-Dr. Grant knew her personally.

  • Dr. Vergil Walker

-Father of Casey Walker; Chief Supervisor at the Asylum Lighthouse.

-Taken hostage by Winter during the Incident and later killed during the confrontation.

-Had knowledge of Vigilants and their work.

  • Asylum Councilman Thomas Hunt

-The 'Governor' of Asylum; in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Conglomerate within the city.

-A meet between him and Winter snowballed into what is known as the Lighthouse Incident

-Taken hostage by Winter during the Incident and later killed during the confrontation.

Stay Tuned for more info

I remember you talking about this before, wondered where it went.

As an unbiased 3rd party, this is some great fiction.

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