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A Call to Arms for Voice Actors

Posted by Dr. Dood von Doodstormer, 08 September 2016 · 2,894 views

A Call to Arms for Voice Actors
Thesis work is in full swing, and that means I need some voice actors, preferably 4-5 (or less if you have a good range)
Voices needed are:
Knights - Grunts, battle cries, selection, death
Needs to be fairly baritone and heroic. Abundant abuse of ye medievalisms is a must!
Multiple VAs Possible
Bandits - Grunts, battle cries, sinister snickering, death
Snivelly, mumbly - Think along the lines of the Rat from Stronghold, but slightly less irritating.
Multiple VAs Possible
Narrator - A small arrangement of titles; may possibly expand to entire paragraphs dependent on testing and feedback.
Think OG Deckard Cain (the newer DC sounds a bit too cartoony for my purposes) or Galadriel.
Only need one
Application: If you want to try for one or more of these roles please send samples to doodstormer@gmail.com with a clear subject like "Grail Voice Actor Applications" so that it doesn't get lost in spam. There's no specific needs for just applying, so don't worry about specific lines or anything like that. I would prefer that you have a separate file for each 'role' you want to do (this includes different voices for the same characters), just so I can more easily sort them. I recommend checking out my sketchbook topic and seeing the concept work (1, 2) from pre-production for reference. You can ask any questions about setting, lore, etc. there.
Credit: I don't want to abuse your talents, as unlike my other hobby projects this is absolutely going to be in the public eye and presented before professionals in a range of media industries, so please be sure that you give me a proper full name to credit and a contact email in case one of these people take interest in your work! This information will be included in the credits of the end results, both the functioning prototype and the trailer. Include a price estimate with your sample application if you desire.
Quality: I require high quality recordings without background noise, popping, peaking, and other technical issues. I can only fix so much before it becomes an investment of time that isn't programming, modeling, animating, etc. for this project. You should also be able to record audio files in .WAV format, as Unreal Engine does not play well with other formats and, once again, time spent converting MP3s to WAVs is time not being spent on thesis!

I'd definitely want to contribute some voices for this!
I just happen to get a mic from work this weekend. I'll shoot you some stuff just for fun

Let's have a good show at it then.

Double comment, but tasks is completed!

Consider me interested!  I'll try to make time for some submissions this week.

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