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New story - The Dragon's Wrath

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 19 April 2012 · 7,104 views


The Dragon's Wrath

Here's the latest Wulfgard story (with artwork by Scorp)! It focuses on some of the main characters of The Legend of the Five. Please note that the events referring to the "mage cult" in Illikon are the subject of another story that is not yet completed. The story will be posted later.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think! Comments are greatly appreciated. I'd prefer if you used the discussion topic, which can be found here.

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I liked the story! I don't really have big gushing informative opinions, but it was a good story!
Beautifully written story, Wolfy. Of course I said more via PM, but it really gave me some good insight into Tom Drake's personality, whereas before I just kind of saw him as a Han Solo like character, which is great! I'm just glad that he's so much more than that, and that we get to see his strengths and weaknesses displayed in the story.

I also really enjoyed the very simple setting. Despite him mentioning that he slew a Demon too many times to count (curse that ego of his! :P ) it was a very common idea. A small tournament with some jousting, a very common enemy to face (not some giant life sucking monster to slay) and a very realistic portrayal of the dividing lines between the commoners and nobility of Illikon really helped pull me in and get lost in the exceptionally well executed writing style.

I'm looking forward to more now, Wolfy/Jade/Maverick, so don't you let me down. ;)

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