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Wulfgard Fan-Fiction Character Archive

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#21 Will Falamee

Will Falamee

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Posted 28 June 2010 - 03:10 AM

EDIT: This is a remake of my origonal character (who died in the Forum RP)

Full Name: Willhem Dawsland
Aliases: Will, The Judge
Age: 31
Race: Mix Nothener/Imperial
Species: Human
Height: 6'6
Eye Color: Dark Hazel
Hair Color and Appearance: Dark brown always, short/middium length with a long poney tail from the back of the head.
Facial Appearance: a few scars, one scar down over right eye breaking the eyebrow, short beard with neck cleanly shaved (most of the time)
Physical Appearance: Scars visable on face (one over Right eye, another over the left tempal) as well as scars on back and left leg.
Clothing/Armor: http://s768.photobuc...lhemfantacy.jpg
Weapon(s): Imperial Made Broad Sword , Curved Dagger http://www.daggermar...-17___10.95.jpg
Personality: Strong willed, Just, Lawful
Alignment: The "Red Hawks", prior involvment with several Imperial Factions with out joining.
Fears: Spiders
Character History\Biography: Raised in a humble family of Royal Heritage, Will lead an exciting childhood, traveling different places, meeting new people. Will had seen alot in his youth, but in all the years he and his family traviled, he had never seen anyone killed by another person, espcialy for something as tribule as the coin in a person's pocket. Will's oldest brother and his mother were murdered in a small, eastern village, nothing was taken from them except their coin bags and any jewlery on theme. Uppon their homecomming with the rest of his family, or what was left, Will sought out to become an enfocer, a lawman as it were. He trained to use a sword, the laws of the land and of those surrounding. Over the corse of the next year, he saw corruption ammunge his ranks, and he saw so many crimes go unpunnished, or those who were inocent be harmed for other's actions. Will left, heading south and far away from the corruption, and sought out injustice where ever he found it. All the while, he learned many tecniques of survival, combat, and lost many of the social graces his family taught him. He has collected several followers, others of similar goals and skills whom he now travils with. They now call themselves the "Red Hawks", due impart that on their person they carry and whear several Scarlet Dove fethers, though where the 'Hawk' connection is still yet to be dusscussed other than a 'spur-of-the-momment' affair.

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#22 Fenris


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Posted 30 June 2010 - 10:36 PM

EDIT: My character(s) needs to be tidied up, so I'll post a remade version in the future.

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#23 Shawn Goldenhair

Shawn Goldenhair

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Posted 13 July 2010 - 04:52 AM

Full Name: Tivar Jare Arcaive
Aliases: n/a
Age: 24
Race: Human
Species: Imperial
Height: 5'11''
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark brown hair that goes a little beyond his shoulders.
Appearance: Average skin tone, no facial hair and somewhat thin eyebrows.
Physical Appearance: He is physical built but somewhat slender/slim.
Clothing/Armor: He usually wears a simple leather cuirass and boots into any battle/fight, he also wears brown leather gloves.
Weapon(s): A one-handed axe and a dagger.
Personality: Vintex is usually sarcastic and seems uncaring. He always thinks of everyone as untrustworthy until proven otherwise. He usually wears a sarcastic smile. At times, though, he can be very serious and sometimes extreme.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Fears: Vampires, ever having to live in Northrim.
Character History\Biography: working on it.

I don't know if you are allowed to post two characters or not but I always bring these to characters to games and such:

Full Name: Elliassa Jay Vendena
Aliases: Allie, "The Maiden of Battle"
Age: 22
Race: Human
Species: Imperial
Height: 5' 9''
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: A dirty-blonde color, hair goes down to her shoulders.
Appearance: Has normal human skin tone.
Physical Appearance: Physically built and keeps body fit.
Clothing/Armor: She wears chainmail armor with steel shoulder pads into battle along with chain gauntlets and steel boots.
Weapon(s): A broadsword and short-bow/arrows
Personality: Elliassa is very strict and somewhat cruel to her younger siblings whenever she sees them, but that is because she is very caring to friends/family. She hates Elves very much and whenever she sees one she try's to battle him/her in a duel, and always comes out a winner(hence why she's still alive). She is also very smart and is very good with stratagy and is a quick thinker.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Fears: Finding a man who could beat her in battle, Night Elves (More of a fear and hate), water.
Character History/Biography: In progress.

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#24 InfernoLord



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Posted 15 March 2011 - 07:14 AM

i'm not very good at this type of thing,but i'll try anyway

Full Name: Stewart Dragoris
Aliases: Inferno Lord,Inferno
Age: 22
Race: Human/Elf
Species: Imperial/Shadow Elf
Height: 6' 0''
Eye Color: Bright Green
Hair Color and Appearance: Deep Brown,looks like Cloud's hair from FFVII
Facial Appearance: Skin tone a little paler then regular humans,average facial features
Physical Appearance: Slender build with average muscles
Clothing/Armor: Black robe/trench coat over chainmail,wears a hood type thing that looks like this:Link
Weapon(s): Bow,Katana,Dual daggers
Personality: Appears gruff and uncaring at first,but once you get to know him,he can be kind.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Fears: Being eaten alive
Character History\Biography: working on it...

i need help with my character's history/biography,so if any of you would like to assist me,please send me a message. thank you!

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#25 saeber stabber

saeber stabber

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Posted 08 May 2011 - 06:43 AM

Full Name: Alnyssa
Aliases: That Monster , She Beast
Age: 23
Race: Lycanthrope
Species: Imperial {Werewolf(Great Wolf)}
Height: 5'11"(human), 8'5"(werewolf)
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color and Appearance: Long, wavy, black hair while in human form
Facial Appearance: Slender face, high cheekbones, full lips, and slender eyes
Physical Appearance: Slender, well muscled build
Clothing/ Armor: Whatever she can get her hands on after a shape-shifting
Weapons: Uses a wide variety of randomly found blades and bows, due to losing all posessions during a shift
Personality: Untrustful to most people, shy, ashamed of being unable to control herself during a shift, nice and friendly to those few she truly knows, only tries to defend herself, never harms others out of anything other than desperation of self defense
Alignment: Chaotic good
Fears: slavery, brutality, being exposed in public, the law capturing her
Character History/Backstory: Born to parents that were killed for birthing a lycanthrope, she was forced to escape her small, Imperial village due to Officials trying to kill her. She was sold into a small, hidden slave-trade after being found by pirates while hiding in a coastilne village. Finally, breaking free after five fears as a slave,she tried to settle in a village but was discovered and forced to kill three Imperial guards. She learned how to handle blades, bows, and hand to hand combat through sheer experience. She now travels as a nomad, trying to escape the Imperials who have her marked as a terrorist.

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#26 Teh Brutus

Teh Brutus

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Posted 27 June 2011 - 07:51 AM

Full Name: Alaveran Sutosh
Aliases: "Foreigner" or "Squint" to strangers.
Age: 22
Race: Human
Species: Easterner
Height: 6'2 and 225 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color and Appearance: Jet black hair kept short.
Facial Appearance: His eyes have a slight slant, making some call him "squint", though they aren't sharp or almond shaped. He has sideburn stubble as well as mustache and goatee stubble, though he keeps shaved as often as possible. His eyebrows are long, and slightly thick. His forehead is a little heavy, flattening his eye brows out some.
Physical Appearance: As a former nobleman, he has somewhat paler skin, though since he is an Easterner, it is still a gold, honey-colored pigment. He is mostly muscled in his legs, particularly in his calves and quadriceps. His upper body strength isn't quite as muscled, and sports some fat befitting his time as a nobleman. His triceps are noticeably sculpted though.
Clothing/Armor: His typical clothing consists of leather boots and leather pants with a length of fine Elven rope as a belt. He has a loose, long-sleeved white shirt kept tucked in, and a pair of thick, fingerless soft-leather gloves. Over this is his armor, which consists of an iron 8-in-1 pattern chainmail vest, a pair of iron Imperial guardsman's vambraces that cover up his entire forearms, and a pair of elaborately-engraved shinguards which he most likely took from his family's estate. Atop his head is a Brodie-style iron helmet.
Weapon(s): His weapon of choice is the Sutoshan shard spear. Each family member of the Sutoshan family is given a shard of meteor metal when he/she becomes old enough to hold land. Alaveran fashioned his piece into a finely made voulge-guisarme with a 6-foot shaft of green-stained hardwood.
Personality: Under normal social conditions, Alaveran is a happy individual who enjoys a good time. His humor is usually dry or sarcastic. He is soft-spoken, and a follower rather than a leader. He is peaceful and open-minded, and tries to make friends when he can.
Alignment: Neutral good
Fears: He fears the uncertainty of life after death, if there is such one; Alaveran has little knowledge of what true religion is. He also fears for the friends he leaves behind, fearing for their safety usually, as he usually makes them on dangerous ventures and missions.
Character History\Biography: Alaveran Sutosh was born into the Tribe of Sutosh, a human Easterner minor noble family. Growing up without much difficulty, Alaveran spent most of his time reading, being tutored, and partying with the other nobleman's children. However, he was always a bit distant from the other noble's children; he had an outwardly caring heart, and concern for immediate needs. This was opposed to the thoughts of the typical Easterner nobleman, who was normally concerned for the future of his domain, and ensuring personal wealth. This was evident when Alaveran passed by the beggar families in the streets, to whom he always passed a gold coin to those who were truly desperate. As time went by, Alaveran came of age, and he became a land-owning nobleman with full responsibilities and power befitting his family's minor status. One day, he found through a trusted source that a neighboring noble was paying large amounts of coin for the capture of any kitsune in nearby lands. Information also came up that this noble was also a slave-owner, an act that Alaveran vehemently opposed. Uncaring for the local law, Alaveran raised a small, untrained, but well-equipped militia to attack the noble's estate. Despite his lack of military experience, Alaveran launched the attack himself during broad daylight. During the attack, he freed a number slaves, most of whom were easterners and crocodile beastmen. However, Alaveran also let the noble and his family go out of mercy, an act which cost him dearly. During the night, while he and his militia were tending to the feeding and treatment of the slaves, the noble he had freed launched a counter-attack with government soldiers to recapture his estate. Alaveran was warned of this early by, of all things, a kitsune. She also thanked him for his kindness, and encouraged him to escape with his life and his men's lives still intact. But he refused to leave the estate until the noble his pike. The militia was steadfast, and a small number of slaves refused to leave their savior's side. The battle was fierce, with many brave, but reckless militia falling at the hands of the well trained soldiers of the noble. Alaveran eventually found the noble watching the battle from afar, and ordered a volley of arrows on his position, killing the noble once and for all. The estate was about to be overrun, however, and Alaveran's men convinced him to escape. Those captured during the attack by the soldiers were impeisoned indefinetly. Alaveran took ship and fled the land, eventually reaching the Imperial port of Illikon and finding a friend in Jael Faldwyn, a half dwarf half elf girl. With his title unrecognized in a foreign land, Alaveran now finds himself as a wandering adventurer, keeping an eye out for his hide.

This next one will probably never make it into an RP, due to how much of a stretch she is. :P

Full Name: Jael Faldwyn
Aliases: None, she insists on being called by her first name.
Age: 20
Race: Her father was a sea elf, and her mother was a sea dwarf.
Species: Mixed, as stated above.
Height: 5'4
Eye Color: Very dark green.
Hair Color and Appearance: Brown hair kept shoulder length. She keeps it in a ponytail occassionally.
Facial Appearance: Her face is clearly feminine, which she takes from her elven side. Her facial structure is generally of dwarven symmetry, being rounder, though her jaw and chin feature an elf's sharp angles.
Physical Appearance: She has the willowy frame of her sea elf father, though she is a diminuitive 5'4. Upon this frame is the muscled, well-chiseled bulk of a dwarf, though she is not nearly as heavy set as her dwarven kin. Her ears are the same size of a dwarf's, though they come to a noticeable point marking her elven heritage. Altogether, she perfectly combines the physical features of her elf and dwarf parents.
Clothing/Armor: Primarily seal skin clothing, with seal fur boots, gloves, and coat. For armor, parts of her outfit is reinforced with shark skin, mostly on her arms, legs, back, and torso.
Weapon(s): She carries a shark tooth sword as her primary weapon (along with a bag of shark teeth to replace lost ones). She also keeps a hardened sea turtle shell as a shield.
Personality: Jael keeps a positive attitude at all times, though this doesn't mean she exhibits exuberance all the time. She often tries to alleviate dire situations with sarcasm or humor, though she isn't all that funny. She
Alignment: Neutral good
Fears:  Living on or near the water most of her life, her greatest fear are sharks. Besides that, she is rather carefree or bold to most other thoughts.
Character History\Biography: Being half dwarf, and half elf, her parents meeting is the beginning of Jael's story. Her father was a sea-elven trader who sold goods on behalf of his people to the sea dwarves. While doing so one day, a great storm separated him from his merchant ship; his ship was usurped from by another elven crewman, who convinced his fellows their captain was drowned, and left him for dead. The next day, The shipwrecked elf washed upon the shore of a nearby island. He was found by his future wife, a sea dwarf who housed him and nursed him back to health. Eventually, they fell in love; however, it was not to be a welcome one. Rumors spread of Elven pirates prowling the sea dwarves' shipping lanes. With the recent arrival of this shipwrecked sea elf, suspicion was cast on the two. The elf decided to escape the dwarven community, but his dwarven sweetheart refused to leave his side. They lived a relatively nomadic lives as fishermen and shore foragers. Eventually, they bore their first child, Jael. Jael was a swift learner in everything her parents taught her, learning skills such as fishing, foraging, sailing, and maintaining seafaring equipment. Avoiding, and sometimes fighting, pirates also became known to her. In time, her parents also bore a son, named Darryn, whom she also cared for growing up. As time went by, Jael's wanderlust grew, and she eventually left her parents to seek her fortune. She sailed to tbe exotic lands to the south, eventually finding a great land of much different people. Unfortunately, her ship became stranded on a reef, forcing her to escape with her belongings inland. She found work as a market guard, hoping to soon raise enough money to return to Imperial lands. Though the pay was low, she earned much of her combat experience fighting organized thugs and other dangerous lowlives. Eventually, she amassed the money to pay the fare to return to the Empire. On her return home, she found a steadfast friend in Alaveran Sutosh, an exiled nobleman. Jael now lives the life of an adventurer, though she returns to Illikon occassionally to visit her family at the docks.

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#27 JarkosofTroy



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Posted 15 September 2011 - 06:56 AM

EDIT: I am showing what I have so far of one of my characters, Jarken Flutius.
Full Name: Jarken Flutius
Aliases: N/A
Age: 41
Race: Human
Species: Imperial
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color and Appearance: Raven black, messy, thick, coarse, and it goes to the nape of his neck.
Facial Appearance: Goatee stubble, scar under his lower lip (hinthintJasonGracehinthint), high cheekbones
Physical Appearance: Decently muscular, tanned and weather-worn skin
Clothing/Armor: Leather boots, wool pants, a length of rough rope as a belt, a white cloth shirt, a black wool cloak, and a hauberk of chainmail.
Weapons: Jarken has a steel long sword hung at his right hip, a yew longbow he keeps on his back, and a quiver of about 30 arrows hung at his left hip.
Personality: Jarken is usually merry around people, but always cautious, and when traveling alone, he is silent. He often tries to talk out of things.
Alignment Chaotic Good
Fears: Magic, lycanthropes, and spiders.
Character History/Biography: WIP

#28 EVA 54

EVA 54

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 01:42 AM

Still working out the whys and wherefores.

Full Name: Evanel (A-van-ul) Basco Dolphon
Aliases: "Evan" to people he likes
Age: 22
Race: Imperial
Species: Human
Height: 6'1
Eye Color: Dark green
Hair Color and Appearance: Black, insanely long- slightly lower than shoulder length, keeps it under control with a bandana
Facial Appearance: Clean shaven, very few scars. A burnmark over his left eyebrow from a haphazard spell
Physical Appearance: Fairly skinny, due to time away from home and not eating. A light tan over his skin.
Clothing/Armor: Wears a white shirt with a dark blue coat and light brown pants. He wears a bandana with his hair, to keep it out of his eyes.
Weapon(s): Evanel carries a staff with him to perform spells and defend himself. He also carries a small dagger.
Personality: Evanel is usually a cheerful soul, despite a life of isolation. He acts kindly towards other people and is very trusting. He has a deep fear of lycanthropes in general because of his history with them. He is easily distracted by food, mainly fish. Usually, he talks quite a lot, even when there's no-one around, but mention anything about lycanthropes and he'll clam up faster than... an actual clam. He has a keen eye for business and can usually negotiate a good deal.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Fears: Being turned into a Lycanthrope, being turned into a Vampire, transfiguration of his person in general, in any shape or form.
Character History\Biography: Evanel grew up in Deltalund. He was the son of a fisherman, his mother had left shortly after he was born, and his brother was a hunter. Evanel was raised mostly on land, though he got to sometimes go with his father on his fishing journeys. When he was 15, his brother returned from a hunt, carrying a dead wolf with him, bragging that he had to kill a werewolf to get at it. Evanel's brother and his friends ate the wolf, along with his father. Evanel didn't, because he was out buying fresh fish. A few days later, his mother turned up.

Evanel, his father and brother listened to how she had been living rough the past few years, moving from place to place and feeding on what they could. Evanel and his family accepted her without question. She lived with them for about a month, until one night, when Evanel returned to his house, he found his father and brother dead, with a werewolf standing over them. The werewolf then turned on Evanel, who was completely afraid. In this time of stress, Evanel's gift activated, and Evanel sent the werewolf blasting through the wall with a burst of magic. As Evanel attemped to strike the werewolf again, the sun rose, and the werewolf changed back into (can you guess yet?) his mother. Distressed, Evanel left Deltalund.

Evanel travelled for many months down south to the Imperial City, where he hoped he could find a better life. Unfortunately, in his first month of living there, he revealed his magic, which he had been attempting to control. He was forced to leave during the night to escape the Inquisition. Evanel headed for Midshire, where he found shelter with an old woman, who also happened to have the gift. She taught Evanel several spells and helped him to control his magic. Two years later, Evanel left, but not before the old woman gave him her book of spells because, according to her, he was a "forgetful old thing". Evanel began to travel into the mountains, where he met another wizard, who gave him a staff and dagger, as well as some food. He then began to travel North, until he reached Eloh. He considered travelling to Deltalund, to see how things had changed, but decided against it.

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#29 the dawnguard

the dawnguard


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Posted 06 June 2012 - 04:41 PM

name: Bosco
age: 34
race: dwarf
species: mountain dwarf
eye colour: brown
hair colour and appearance:brown and a big bushy beard!!
facial appearance: many scars
armour: noble born dwarfish armour
weapons:a HUGE double sided axe, several throwing axes and a large crossbow
personality: quiet, acts vicious, shy and friendly
fears: GIANT SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
character history: a dwarf prince that was exiled for killing another dwarf prince since he was harassing Bosco`s sister he is now trying to raise his profile to be back in his clan.

#30 mistreant



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Posted 30 June 2012 - 08:57 PM

Name: Ulf Eriksson
Aliases: John fletcher the 3rd, Gus, Fred the blacksmith,
Age: 29
Race: Northerner
Species: Human
Height: 6 feet, 1/2 inches
Eye color: one eye is green, other is brown
Hair color and appearance: black, tossled, he keeps it tied with a small pony tail
Facial appearance: clean shaven, a sc
ar on his cheek.
Physical appearance: lean, but at the same time muscled from his work in black smithing, swordsmanship, and archery.
Clothing/armor: wears a traveling cloak over scale armor, has a scarf covering his lower face because he is wanted by imperials and inquisitors.
Weapons: silver-plated iron sword, with runes inscribed on it to strengthen and sharpen it, bow and arrows, seax, and large hunting knife
Personality: cheerfull, always happy, but usually grim when on a mission for the Council of Magi.
Fears: being turned into a ghoul or vampire, being used in a soulstone, being Buried alive.
Character History: He was born to a family of wizards but he is a non-wizard. From his wizard father, he learned black smithing, swordmanship, and archery, along with runes and some forms of holy magic. When he became 26 he began doing odd jobs for the council of magi even though he was a non-wizard, and began doing various odd jobs, like killing/capturing wizards practicing demonic magic, finding child mages, and other errands for the council. However, when he is not on a mission for the council, he has gotten himself into quite a few misadventures, from being forced to join a Viking crew to having to escape prison on the island of Knossos in the south western wilds.

Still working on it

EDIT: changed name because I didn't like the old one.

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#31 Bobafettmaniac


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 04:55 AM

Full Name: Phaedus Argantyes
Aliases: N/A
Age: 35
Race: Achean
Species: Human
Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color and Appearance:
Phaedus Argantyes

Facial Appearance: bearded, a few minor scars, nothing too hollywoodish
Physical Appearance: Tall, sorrowful, but competent. Medium build.
Clothing/Armor: in the picture, he wears studded leather armor and a greenish cape.
Weapon(s): Yew bow, gladius.
Personality: Sad, haunted by the death of his beloved family.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Fears: Loss of loved ones
Character History\Biography: Phaedus Argantyes was a raised in a farm about a two days ride from Illikon.
When he was 17, he joined the Achean Legion and served his time. During that time, he met his future wife, and decided that it was time to get out and make a peaceful life. Living on a secluded shoreline, Phaedus peacefully raised his family. Raiders changed all that. Phaedus left to go hunting in the nearby woods as he usually would do, but he noticed that something or someone had scared all the game animals out of the woods. He returned home the next morning to find his wife dead in a pool of her own blood, and his children charred and buried in the ashes of his burnt home. He hunted down and annihilated the band of villains but he has been haunted by the loss of his family, and is thus very protective of the few friends that he has. After dealing with his enemies, he heard a call go out for some adventurers and is currently involved in a party that works for a man by the name of Ralthus.

You can read more about his backstory in the Illikon Schola section.

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Thanks to Burngirl for the Sig.

#32 wartortleguy


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 11:31 AM

Full Name: Ulfgurd Iron-fist
Aliases: not sure what this is :P
Species:I guess Man?
Height:6' 2"
Eye Color:A storm color with a sky blue tint
Hair Color and Appearance:
Dirty-blonde hair that drapes to his shoulders

Facial Appearance:
His nose is wide, possibly the result of a break. A scar down his left eye. Dirt caked to his face. The scruff of a beard dusts his chin, adding a shadow to his neck and an ounce of depth to his stern facial expression

Physical Appearance: Ulfgurd is not a hulking man as he is quite nimble from a lifetime of tundra scaling. That being said, his body is more thin than muscular meaning his legs are somewhat stronger than his arms. His stance is looming and domineering which gives him a presence when he enters a room.

Clothing/Armor: Ulfgurd wears shirt made of linens under his leather tunic. The tunic is stitched with the pelt scraps of the animals he's hunted. On his wrists are leather straps stitched with scruffs of fur. Same with his boots. At one time he wore iron plates on his boots, but he longer does as it impaired his speed and stealth attributes.
Weapon(s): His main weapons of choice is the crude oak branch bow that he made when he was younger. Using a quiver of arrows he fashioned himself, Ulfgurd hunts for his daily meal. When confronted by roadside thieves, he has a small knife but ultimately ends up picking up that discarded weapons of the fallen bandits to fight off the rest.

Personality: Ulfgurd is quite by nature. Not speaking for the first five years of his life naturally made him accustomed to scouting and being nimble. However, he wears a stern expression which reflects his lifetime of woodland and tundra survival. Yet he always tries to abide by whatever laws are in the towns and settlements that he often find his way to.
Alignment:He is lawful by nature, he always puts others before himself.
Fears:While a life of constant survival has made him as solid as stone, his greatest fear is wolves.

Character History\Biography:Ulfgurd's tale begins when he was a child. He did not speak for the first five years of his life and because of that, his family was run out of their village. His mother and father would travel from village to village until they would be killed in the woods by wolves. Ulfgurd would be traumatized by this incident leading to him speaking and his fear of wolves. After this experience, Ulfgurd wandered into a small village and was taken by a blacksmith. It was here that Ulfgurd received the title of Iron-fist, it was also in this village that he learn basic fletching and bow-making. Ulfgurd would then spend that next 19 years surviving off the land, moving from village to village. And that, my friends, is where the story Ulfgurd Iron-fist picks up and continues.

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#33 Guest_witchking86_*

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 11:00 PM

Full Name: Pollux Faran
Aliases: The Witch- King
Species: Half elf, half orc.
Height: 5'00'
Eye Color: White to gray.
Hair Color and Appearance: Dark- brown, disheveled as if stressed.
Facial Appearance: Pale, almost grey skin.
Physical Appearance: slim built,
Clothing/Armor: A simple black tunic and a brown cloak.
Weapon(s): Longbow, shortsword, big knife.
Personality: Stressed.
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Fears: Death, the magic keeping him alive.
Character History\Biography: Abandoned at age six, he is know as Witch- King for his elven heritage, yet possesing the magic of a wizard.

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#34 Klaykid


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Posted 08 June 2013 - 09:29 AM

Full Name: Tyrrik Orssic
Aliases: The Judge, Judge Orssic, Judge
Age: 36
Race: Human
Species: Imperial
Height: 6'3 (~190cm)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color and Appearance:

Tyrrik's hair is dark brown at medium length in which it reaches his shoulders. He ties his hair up with a length of white string leaving a bit hanging off at the back of his head (almost like a ponytail). It is normally given a slicked back appearance and shines in the sun as if it were greased and polished. When his hair is not tied up, it appears ragged with split ends.
Facial Appearance:

Tyrrik's face is well shaped with a slender and straight nose that compliments his lips which are neither full or slim. His prominent ears are very notable as, at times, it gives him the appearance of a monkey. The most notable feature about Tyrrik is his right eye which is constantly covered by a brown leather eye patch. Tyrrik's eye is not missing, but rendered useless as it has been burned. Parts of the right side of his face make it appear as if his skin were like melting wax dripping from the candle. His useless eye is white with the lens is exposed and has turned into a cataract. He has a neatly trimmed mustache and a goatee to match. His sideburns reach his jawline.
Physical Appearance:

[Typical Appearance]

Tyrrik stands with the composure you would expect of a well disciplined soldier. His skin tone is that of peanut butter or a light caramel. Without his armour, Tyrrik's body is well maintained and has little hair. What hair he does have is centred on his chest and stomach. Hair on his arms and legs are dark in colour but thin in width and short in length. His body has as many scars as any warrior of his experience has from slashes, but none from any magical elements save from his left arm.


From his left elbow down his skin has the texture and appearance of bark from a pine tree. The skin on his arm is as hard as steel but very rigid making it difficult for him to move his wrist and fingers. His nails have fashioned themselves into short jagged claws. Whenever he moves his wrist or fingers after a long period of disuse, sounds like snapping branches are heard.


See "Sadaka" for more information.

The first layer of Tyrrik's clothing is a set of thin white cotton jackets followed by a red silk jacket. On top of that is a set of light dark coloured leather armour. The sache draped over his shoulders is coloured red with a yellow interior signifying Tyrrik to be an enforcer of the law. His sleeves are always rolled up to the elbow revealing both of his forearms. His left arm is always wrapped up in a durable white gauze/cotton wrap with a small trail hanging off of the knot. He wears metal gloves on both hands, red in colour.


A belt is wrapped around his waist and tightened leaving a rather long trail off of the knot like his left arm. His pants are baggy and tied just below the knee. Light metal greaves protect his shins with a matching pair of metal plates set upon his thighs. Dark coloured and worn leather boots come up mid calf.

  • A katana shaped blade which he regularly uses.
  • A kukri strapped to the small of his back with the handle facing the right side.
  • Sadaka


Sadaka is the name of the sword cursed with the soul of a sanguine demon. A silver blade made with a steel core, the weapon is used against the supernatural as well as against the Shifter species. Using the blade harms the user slowly causing their body to turn into 'corruption'. With continual use, the corruption will reach the heart. At that point the afflicted will fall into a coma as their body rapidly transforms into corruption. In seven days the victim's body will be petrified. There currently is no cure for the corruption.

Tyrrik is a man who truly believes in law and order and he sees anarchism as a source of pure chaos. He believes in order, structure, regulation, and strict definition of the law. Because of this, concepts of good or evil have no meaning as long as order is maintained. Tyrrik will uphold the law without question and believes that whenever something is done, it must be done within the confines of the law. As of his beliefs with law and order, Tyrrik considers that the group should come before the individual and that doing things for the greater good is the duty of any citizen of their respective nation. Therefore, personal gain is acceptable as long as it does not interfere with law and order.


Tyrrik is an honourable person and will always tell the truth. As a result, he always keeps his word and never violates any contracts that bind him. He respects both his superiors and his subordinates. Respect must be given to those who hold proper and legitimate authority whether or not they have good moral standing. Tyrrik fights with honour and shall never use means of war outside the bounds of legality. In other words, if it is legal he will do it from poisons to ordered assassinations. He will never betray friends, family, and the law that binds him. He values self-discipline and honour.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Fears: Tyrrik fears demons and creatures of the 'otherworld' such as spirits and malicious ghosts.
Character History\Biography:

Tyrrik Orssic was born in Caltha to a smithy father and a baker mother. When he was very young, his home was invaded by an unknown creature which ate the guts of his mother and father, but the infant was spared for an unknown reason. Whether this was done on purpose or accident will remain a mystery. When the authorities discovered the torn apart home, they found Tyrrik under a neat pile of wood. Without any other family members, Tyrrik was given up to the authority. There, Tyrrik was raised with ideals of loyalty to ones government, duty to your people but above all duty to the law, and the concepts of honour and respect.


At eight years of age Tyrrik  trained with instructors, learning the swordsman arts, and becoming drilled on the laws of the world and the laws of the village. As a child he was very shy, preferring to stick by himself and not bother others. This has led to Tyrrik becoming a reserved person, and although he prefers to work in groups, he stays by himself in times of leisure. Growing up, Tyrrik has no concept of affection for another person and cannot understand what it means to belong to someone else. Some can say that without the love of parental figures, he has grown into a cold person.


Graduating, at twelve years of age, Tyrrik quickly became a valuable addition to Caltha following the law to the letter and obeying all commands given to him as long as they are valid and legal.


At the age of eighteen, Tyrrik was given an assignment to investigate a string of murders around the village and the outskirts. While searching for clues in a deep cavern, Tyrrik came across a sanguine demon in combat against a magi. The battle grew in intensity as the peace keeper helplessly watched the sanguine gain control. The entire cavern shook as the two powers exchanged blows rocking the ground underneath Tyrrik's feet. In a bit of desperation, the magi cast a spell which would bind the demon to an object, but alas, the sanguine struck the killing blow spilling the magi's guts all over the ground.


In fear induced action, Tyrrik grabbed the sword from the magi's corpse and drove it deep into the sanguine's chest. The demon howled into the night as its essence was absorbed into the blade. The sword shook intensely casting an ominous glow until the sanguine disappeared into the blade completely. Tyrrik stood in horror as he stared at the blade.


Immediately Tyrrik reported the event to his superiors. At first they ordered the blade to be given to the governor as a prize, displaying that even monsters can be slain, then they noticed that Tyrrik's fingers began to turn... into bark. They contained the blade while Tyrrik was sent to the apothecary and the priest. It was there that the apothecary revealed that Tyrrik was infected with the corruption. The Peacekeeper Corps authority ordered Tyrrik to find a way to destroy the blade, saying that it was Tyrrik's responsibility to his village and to natural order that he alone go about this trek.


For a time, Tyrrik continued to enforce the law around his village, reading journals and hearing stories of how to eliminate demons. At the age of twenty-one he met a traveling scholar who told him of a fabled mountain where "the waters turn red in the moonlight, burning hotter than the magma from the crust of the ground, able to extinguish any material in this known realm." With that in mind, Tyrrik set forth into the world searching for this fabled mountain, and perhaps, a cure for the corruption.


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Name: Peter Wolvesmane
Role: Ranger
Gender: male
Race: Human
Affinity: Frost
Deity: Hermes
Faction: neutral
Talents: acrobatics being a ranger he must be fit,survival skills,talented with a short blade
Traits: drop dead gorgeous
Education: Northrim
Combat: Noble combat
Subterfuge: Subtlety

Luck: 7

Appearance: a young man with mysterious hazel eyes quite hairy arms with a light dark brown beard and a tanned skin tone who is quite handsome (to say the least)

Biography: he barely ever knew his real parents. he grew up living under the name Peter Wolvesmane and being raised by his grandmother. He ran away at age 19 in search of answers but fallen under hard times he was forced to keep odd jobs to keep Alive
after coming home to his grandmother she told him that a vampire called Wolfslayer who kills people under his family name and drank they blood

Ever since he learned this he has been searching for him everywhere.....


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