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Fixing Things, Part 1

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 22 June 2009 · 3,433 views

While I was writing Warrior Born, I made many changes to Nova Refuge that were not reflected on the website. I have now begun the process of updating the website to be more in line with the contents of the book. Here are some of the changes:

- New banner! Note the new official logo, the passing starships, and the link to the upcoming website for Wylfgard, our new dark, low-magic medieval-fantasy world.
- In the Galaxy section, the Character pages have all been modified to match the book more closely, and birthdates have been added for all characters. These will match with the timeline found in the Story section, which was already accurate to the novel.
- There are also a few new characters and portraits. Check out the pages for Mars and Lisa Sharp, as well as the new characters Marius Orrick and Ryan Arkanian.
- The Natives section under Galaxy has been updated to be accurate to the novel, and new illustrations have been added for the Achmer and Sarran. The Skrakki and Draconians will be added at a later date.
- Many of the sections have been completely cleared and replaced with "coming soon." The content there WILL be filled back in, but what was currently there was not salvageable.
- The Fan Art section now links to the Gallery for fan art on SSLF. The Fan Fiction and Fan LEGO Creations pages will soon follow suit.

Here are some pages that still need changing:

- The Starmaps in the Galaxy section are still old and will probably undergo some changes later.
- The Technology section will also need some updating.
- The entire LEGO section has yet to be updated to match the novel, so nothing there should be regarded as accurate right now.

If you're interested, these are a few of the Nova Refuge projects I'm working on:

- New LEGO creations (slowly)
- A collectible card-game (no telling when that might be finished, however)
- An ending for the Takeover of Mordark LEGO comic series.
- New hand-drawn (not LEGO) comics like the previous Warbringer series, each based around a certain character from the novel, telling about their story before Warrior Born takes place. These will all be completed before I ever start posting them, so that updates will be regular and the comics will actually end rather than be left hanging in limbo like Warbringer. I would also like to update & complete Warbringer as part of this project.

Found a bug in the banner, the only links working for me are "Wylfgard", "Shop" and "Forums". Or was that on purpose? th_shiftyninja.gif
That's strange; the banner seems to work on the site itself, but not here on the blog/forums. We'll look into it.
I was just about to say that, but I was too busy clicking the buttons to make the funny sounds tongue.gif .

Anyway, extremely nice idea with the whole entire "actually finishing things before you begin to release them". Release them in small segments, I say, not like half the comic in one week. That way, it'll draw it out and it'll give everyone more time to ponder and discuss what might happen next, which is always fun.
Are those Xarkonian and Victorian Capital Ships?

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