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In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2021: Super Exclusive Show?

27 July 2021 - 10:19 AM



Final floor done!




And here's the entire thing together! Not going to lie, might need to less the number of studs connecting to each floor! It's kind of a pain to attach everything. And yes, part of the roof fell in. It will be recovered next year haha!


That's another project down. Minus some loose items that will go in for BFVA2022, and a decal for the place, everything is done!


As for this tavern's name. I decided to name it the Gilded Axe! It's a nod at Seph's Rusty Axe Tavern, and it's even run by the same three. Just like the idea of a group of characters that maintain a tavern. Anywho, that is actually all for now. Thanks for tuning in! 


Until next project!

- Nick


In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2021: Super Exclusive Show?

26 July 2021 - 07:13 AM



2nd floor is done!


Took a bit, but this floor does have the highest amount of details.


One floor left to go then I'm all done!


Stay tuned!

- Nick


In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2021: Super Exclusive Show?

22 July 2021 - 09:38 AM



Final order got in a while back, but I finally have the time to start!


Here's the roof!


I'll be building from top to bottom. Stay tuned for more!


- Nick


In Topic: Nerd Stuff for Nerds

08 July 2021 - 01:13 PM



And yet another fig of Kasumi from DOA! If only the outfit was the white/red/pink one. Still love this fig though!


No, I'm not dead! I'm just waiting on too many things to get here (like one final LEGO order and display cabinets).


- Nick

In Topic: Scorp's Art & Writing

05 July 2021 - 02:23 PM



OC's Orion and Kyora Talon by Saber-Scorpion.