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It took me a good five minutes to even notice anything had changed going through SSLF. Then I was just, "Ah. Tis the day of April Fool's." Updated 02 Apr · 0 comments

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Top 5 RP Characters that I've Played: (Crispy's idea)
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Frank Porfavor - Darkwatcher's Series by Richard
Although only one Darkwatchers RP in my time has finished, I've played Frank faithfully through three of them. Frank was an alchemist, and quick with a sword or plan. He had a sarcastic attitude, and often a negative one. However, Frank was quick to put himself in harm's way for others. He was cursed at the end of the first one saving the leader of the party whose name escapes me.
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Terrence McEvans - Not Our Homefront by myself
I take the right to toot my own horn whenever I like it. McEvans was the troubled leader of the squad in my one successful roleplay. He led the group with no mercy, killing the Viet Cong he came across. Keeping a chain of dog tags on him with the names of every soldier he'd seen die, it was more often than not him who made the great plans of the team. Then he blew stuff up and died.
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Butterfingers - Gone With The Blastwave by Janitor101
DEAR GOD I wish that that RP had not died. That was one of the most entertaining times in my roleplaying career. Butterfingers was the leader of the squad, and was reknowned for his inability to hold anything. Not only was he leading the squad, he was the grenadier, which led to many a mishap involving his lack of grip.
Spot Reserved because I really don't have another favorite.
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Fred - Rise Series by Hawk
Fred... Fred is a gremlin in appearance and Clint Eastwood at heart. Also Christian Bale's batman. I created a creature of my imagination because that's what signing up for Rise is. I've never worked for or liked playing as much as I have Fred. Negative, miserable, short, determined, stubborn, I play Fred as the short guy nobody messes with after the first baseball bat incident. Also Rise was just an amazing roleplay with a great cast, and I feel Fred compliments the cast with a little bit of what they're feeling sometimes about inequality. Now I'm ranting philosophically. That's usually a bad thing.

RPs that I've been in that
Behind the Curtains
The Darkwatcher Chronicles: The Heart of light

Not My Homefront(DM)
Long Way From Home(DM)
Rise: Chapter 2: Fall

Rise: Chapter 3: Absolution

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