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Lego DeLorean Time-Machine, AND MORE!

09 June 2013 - 03:50 AM

So, basically this is me, finally getting around to taking pictures of, and uploading my DeLorean time machine, along with some concepts of design, crude humor, other vehicles, mini-figs, some older stuff that doesn't physically exist anymore that i have pictures of blah blah blah...


this will be the first of THREE phases. EXCITING.





This is my friend, the DeLorean DMC-12. Its beautiful with its standard gull wing doors, and its smooth 80's style, but wait, whats this?




Its hovering! In a stunt so magnificent the car has a hover conversion. Also note, the jury rigged lighting in the background, and i failed to mention it earlier i apologize for the awful, grainy quality of the photos.


As a question I'm sure is to be asked, at least not aloud, how are the gull wing doors the way they are? whether or not you wanna know, here it is! the concept behind the infamous gull wing! Note it wouldn't be sturdy enough without my patented(not really) Roof tile!


Here are the gull wings on a bigger car8991434419_49bb75d3f5_n.jpg





Now about that "AND MORE!" mentioned in the title, basically the vehicle that really ran the tests for the hover conversion concept and has been through several, and i mean SEVERAL, stages of R-n'D! The Combat jeep V-5 


Basically a little history here, this vehicle is on of the most versatile, vehicles ever built!


A retractable tailgate and plenty of room to fire rocket launchers from.


Plenty of turret space and enough storage for those long journeys deep into the Siberian wastelands.


And that hover conversion concept i was babbling about previously... here are my demo -figs showing off the underside, next to the removed wheels revealing their construction.8992604166_2f8efff68f_n.jpg

Aside from taking the wheels off of stuff they also enjoy standing in-front of the sleek black exterior and wielding rocket launchers, Oh demo-figs, you're silly! 


I'm apologizing again for the lame quality of my pictures, if somebody wants to give me tips on using my camera right, that would be appreciated, also if it helps you teach me i'm using a Nikon Coolpix S3000.

UnbrokenCaboose on flickr not to be arrogant, just stuff i didn't wanna put up, for relevance. :)

Constructive Criticism Welcome. Thanks.