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New user tags!

Nova Refuge

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 07:26 PM

New user tags have been added of various factions to select for your profile! Here are each of the new Nova Refuge tags and some information about them:

Posted Image - The Black Network is a galaxy-wide crime syndicate that controls most of the high-level criminal activity in Human Space from the shadows. Their shadowy tendrils even stretch into Native space, and they seem to know everything about everyone. Their ranks are named after Black chess-pieces.
Posted Image - A band of rebel Sarran who broke away from Harmony during the Xenocide War in order to fight Humanity using what some might label 'terrorist actions.' They earned their name from their original leader, a rare black-winged Sarran. One of his sons still leads the Blackwings.
Posted Image - Those Slashrim who rebel against the power of Helexith to become freelance raiders are labeled "Ravagers" by the Mahlok. Thought to be savage and uncontrollable, many Ravagers have nevertheless flocked to the banner of the revolutionary Slashrim leader Vasha Greeshakk.
Posted Image - An ostracized school of Achmer that is no longer part of the High Council of Harmony, the Red School is composed of exiles from many different schools. They are revolutionary thinkers, willing to take great risks and push or break intergalactic laws in order to make scientific breakthroughs.
Posted Image - A multi-species diplomatic organization formed to protect the HUB System founded by the Achmer, the Hub Authority protects neutral space and makes sure that all species are treated equally there. Members are known for being harsh but fair, and utterly unbiased toward their own individual species.
Posted Image - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, a highly intellectual aquatic race that relies on their advanced technology to live outside the sea and interact with the other races.
Posted Image - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Mahlok are a humanoid people known for their power over fire and their warlike nature, constantly seeking to conquer more of Nova Refuge.
Posted Image - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Sarran are a humanoid people known for their grace, psionic abilities, and their coldly aloof disregard for the welfare of other species.
Posted Image - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Skrakki are an insectoid race that has been plaguing the galaxy for centuries, spreading from planet to planet, decimating entire systems.
Posted Image - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Slashrim are a savage race known for their brutality and unending growth - they are always growing larger, gaining more claws, teeth, and horns. Most serve Helexith, indoctrinated through the Mahlok's corruption of their religion, but some have broken free.

There are also some new Wulfgard tags! Be sure to check them out.


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Posted 14 July 2012 - 08:47 PM

I always liked the slashrim ever since this. :P

Oh no, it's Sauron! Act natural!

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