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Rules of the Art & Writing Board

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 01:48 AM

Rules & Guidelines of the Art & Writing Board



- NO PLAGIARISM: Do NOT plagiarize the works of others. In other words, do not steal writing, artwork, music, or any other creative work that was made by a person other than yourself and then try to take credit for it.



- REGARDING MATURE CONTENT: In terms of "mature" content, themes, and language, all writing & artwork should be kept within a "PG-13 rating", as much as possible. Strictly R-rated material is not permitted on SSLF (for more specific rules regarding curse words, see this post in the SSLF code of conduct). For clarification, the MPAA defines the PG-13 rating as the following:


Basically what this means is: exercise some self-restraint, all things in moderation. You may include some drug use as long as it's not outwardly promoted, violence as long as it's not downright sadistic, sex as long as it's implicit rather than explicit, and cursing as long as it's mild, infrequent, and/or censored. After all, remember that this is a website that pays for itself primarily by selling Lego toys, mostly to children. We appreciate you helping keep SSLF at least moderately clean.

If you are not sure whether something you have written is too explicit, please PM the questionable passages to a mod or admin (especially myself or Saber-Scorpion), so we can OK it before you post it.

Here are some suggestions for censoring language in stories:




- PROOFREAD: This is more of a guideline than a rule, but please put enough effort into your writing to use decent grammar and spelling, and write more than a few clearly spaced paragraphs of content. Remember to proofread your story at least once. No, you are not going to be graded on it, and your topic will not be deleted for a few simple mistakes. But stories with separate paragraphs, quotation marks for dialogue, and good spelling/grammar are much easier for your readers to enjoy!



- COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED: Again, this is more of a guideline, but artists and writers really appreciate getting feedback! Simply "Liking" a post is always appreciated, but leaving a reply is even better. When replying to someone's creations, be polite. You may give constructive criticism, of course, but try to include some encouraging remarks; don't just tear someone's work to shreds. Finally, try not to comment only on the technical aspects of the art or writing. Artists and writers especially appreciate comments on the overall aesthetic appeal of their drawings, on their characters and personalities, on the content of their stories, etc. - not just "how well" they were written or drawn.



With all that in mind, write and draw well, and have fun!


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Posted 28 March 2017 - 07:17 AM


This is not a Rule, just a suggestion, but you may wish to tag your topics with either "Art" or "Writing" or both, possibly as the "Prefix" tag. I've heard from some members that they would like to be able to differentiate the two at a glance, since the art and writing boards were merged again.




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