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Wulfgard Rules, FAQ, and Lore Archive

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Posted 01 April 2008 - 03:06 AM

General Rules

I. All rules from the CoC (Code of Conduct) still apply in this board.
II. This board is only for discussing matters related to Wulfgard and the novel series The Legend of the Five. If you dislike LotF and\or Wulfgard, do not discuss it. While general flaming and bashing of Wulfgard will not be tolerated anywhere on this forum, that rule applies doubly within this board.

Fan Fiction and Fan Art Rules

I. All rules from the ODB (Old Drawing Board) also apply in this board.
II. Remember that none of your writings are canon material, and therefore warrant no pinned topic.
III. While fan-fictions are welcome, they should be well researched to ensure maximum accuracy.
IV. Since the The Legend of the Five series has not been published, it is highly recommended that, if you want to include any characters (especially major characters, such as Tom Drake) from the series, you set your fan-fiction before the first novel in the LotF series in order to avoid any conflicts with the storyline of the series itself. Even without including any characters from the series, this is recommended anyway, until the novel is published.
V. Also, remember that Wulfgard is the name of the world, and The Legend of the Five is the name of the series of novels that Iím writing. So, when you name your fan-fictions, unless you have another prefix-title of your own, the only one you should use is Wulfgard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How is "Wulfgard" pronounced?
A: "WOLF-guard"

Q: What is The Legend of the Five?
A: The Legend of the Five is a series of novels I am writing. It is set in the fantasy realm that Justin\Scorp and I are co-creating (with some help from Ryan too) - that realm being, of course, Wulfgard. The Legend of the Five will be the sort of 'primary series' of Wulfgard, although there will be many other stories, books, comics, etc. based in this setting. I first started making the series around 2001 or so, and I've been working on it ever since.

Q: Is Wulfgard the name of the world in Legend of the Five?
A: In a way. The name "Wulfgard" is the title of the setting as a whole, so everything set there is prefixed with "Wulfgard." The full title of the Legend of the Five series, for example, will be Wulfgard: The Legend of the Five.

In the setting itself, the world is called different things by the different people that dwell there. All of them commonly refer to it as quite simply "the mortal realm" or "the world." Westerners (Imperials) sometimes call it earth, the Northerners ('barbarians') often call it Midgard, the Southerners often call it Kemetya, and the Easterners usually refer to it as Otokochi.
The ancient, nearly forgotten name of the mortal realm is Wulfgard. This name was used by the ancient race known as the shifters, but now only a few beings still exist who call it such. Chief among these are the Five themselves.

However, all of these names refer only to the mortal realm - there are also other realms of existence with their own names.

Q: What are the gods\pantheons of gods?
A: There are many different gods, mostly based on those from ancient mythology. The Northerners worship the old Norse gods, such as Odin, Loki, Thor, Freyja, and many more. The Imperials worship Greek and Roman gods, such as Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, and Vulcan (the Greek and Roman names are used interchangeably), and the Southerners worship Egyptian gods like Osiris, Isis, etc.

Q: Is there a map of Wulfgard anywhere?
A: Yes, it can be found on the official site under the Locations & Lore section.

Q: Does Wulfgard have an official website?
A: Yes. It is

Q: When will the first installment of The Legend of the Five series be completed and published?
A: I'm afraid I have no idea at the moment. I don't like to give dates until I know I have at least a chance of achieving my release date goals.

Q: Just how rare is magic in Wulfgard?
A: Very rare. Very few humans are gifted with the ability to use magic at all, whereas magical races such as elves and dwarves are born with the ability, although not all are equally powerful and some choose not to train their magical abilities to their full potential. Enchanted weapons and items are also very rare, and all magic is held in awe (and\or with great suspicion or fear) by the majority of the human population.

Q: Is there any sort of cure for Lycanthropy?
A: No. No type of cure has yet been discovered.

Q: Can Elves and Dwarves become werewolves?
A: No, only humans can become werewolves.

Q: Does Wulfgard have any steampunk elements?
A: No.

Q: Are there any kind of gunpowder firearms in Wulfgard (flintlocks, muskets, or anything of the sort)?
A: No.

This topic may be edited as more FAQ questions come up and\or as more rules are created.


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Posted 30 June 2010 - 12:59 AM

ALL WULFGARD LORE HAS NOW BEEN TRANSFERRED TO THE WEBSITE! Most of it can be found in these sections:





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