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Zapman: Transferred

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Posted 25 May 2009 - 10:38 AM

PROLOGUE: Columbia City High School
“Welcome to Columbia City High School, Woods. The rules here are no different than any other school you’ve been to, so you should be fine here,” said Ms. Holmes, the school’s secretary, tapping away on her keyboard. She didn’t look up at Andrew, not even when she was done typing; she just turned her attention to a stack of file folders that lay next to her computer’s monitor. “Don’t toe the line, here; don’t even touch the line. Stay well away from the line and you’ll be just fine; got it, Woods?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Andrew Woods replied politely in a light British accent, though he found himself disliking this woman already. He pulled his class schedule out of his pocket and looked for his first class. “Before I go, could you tell me where -” he looked at his schedule again “- Mr. Hedges’ Pre-Calculus class is, please? It’s room two-twenty-two.”
Ms. Holmes sighed, annoyed, as though Andrew’s question was the most idiotic thing she’d ever heard.
“That’s on this floor; take a right when you leave this room and keep going that way until you find the room,” she replied and started chewing on her brown hair.
“Thank you for your help, ma’am. I’ll head to class, then.”
He turned around and headed for the door, but Ms. Holmes cleared her throat.
“I was asked by Dr. Peterson – that’s the principal, boy, in case you couldn’t make the time to read the staff list we sent to you – he asked me to tell you that just because you’re a super – er – because you’re unique, you won’t get any special privileges. You aren’t allowed to use your powers in the halls or anywhere on school property. Your teachers will treat you the same way they would treat any student, so don’t think you have any special pull with anyone. Got it?” Andrew was a bit surprised at how venomously she’d warned him; he got the feeling that she didn’t like superheroes all that much.
“Yes, ma’am,” he said again, not bothering to correct her about his powers; he just wanted to get to class and out of this room, right now. “I’ll make sure to be careful.”
“Yeah, that’s right you will,” she muttered and went back to her typing.
Andrew walked out of the office and headed right, like the secretary had told him; after a few minutes of walking down the hall, admiring the surprisingly clean blue and white tile, he found the room. He raised his hand to knock, but hesitated; he always hated hearing all the whispering and muttering when he came to a new school. He ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair, swallowed hard and knocked on the door. After a short pause, it opened slowly and a tall man in his early twenties opened the door. The man raised an eyebrow at Andrew; the two were practically eye-to-eye, though the older man was a bit taller.
“Yes?” asked the man in his smooth, deep voice. “Can I help you?”
“Yes, sir. I’m new here… am I right in thinking that this is Mr. Hedges’ Pre-Calculus class, or am I completely off?” he asked as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.
“No, no, you’ve found it. Come in, take a seat.” Andrew looked around for a free seat while Mr. Hedges looked over his attendance list, frowning.
“What did you say your name was?” Mr. Hedges asked, carefully examining the attendance list.
“I didn’t, sir. The name’s Andrew Woods.”
And so came the whispering and muttering that Andrew was so used to.
“…Woods? Isn’t that -?”
“- yeah! It is!”
“Move over, move over!”
“He’s already sitting down!”
“I bet he’s not even really Zapman…”
“…yeah, you’re right, he’s probably just got the same name.”
“- attention whore.”
Mr. Hedges coughed slightly to silence the class and then looked at Andrew, who had taken a seat near the back next to a brown haired student who hadn’t said anything when Andrew had walked in. Andrew reached into his bag and retrieved his binder and his Pre-Calculus textbook, opening the textbook to the page written on the white board at the head of the class.
“Please, Mr. Woods, take note that you will not be allowed to use your powers in class except in exceptional circumstances, and those aren’t exactly common,” Mr. Hedges said, and the muttering started again. “Everyone, please, I’m trying to teach a class, here. Back to work.”
Andrew was amazed at how well the class listened; practically every person in the class went back to their work, including the person sitting beside him. Andrew didn’t mind; he didn’t really want to do anything but introduce himself and then get to work.
“Hey,” he whispered, extending his hand to the man seated next to him.
“Hey. I’m Grayson. Grayson Black,” the man said, and shook Andrew’s hand.
“Nice to meet you, Grayson,” Andrew replied, then turned his attention back to his work.

Andrew didn’t want to be here in the cafeteria, surrounded by all these people. He didn’t want everyone to be so awed by him. He didn’t want everyone offering to help him out or get him something else to eat and he sure as hell didn’t want all of these girls throwing themselves at him; he couldn’t stand it when girls made idiots out of themselves like this. He just wanted to eat his lunch in peace, maybe sitting with a few friends; unfortunately, he didn’t have any real friends, yet. He didn’t like all of the attention. Still, that was what happened when a superhero went public – you never got another instant of peace.
“How many criminals do you think you’ve put in jail?” asked a grade ten boy, obviously trying to start a conversation without anyone else butting in.
“I don’t know. I don’t keep count, I just… put them away,” Andrew replied, scanning the cafeteria absentmindedly.
“That is so cool,” the boy replied, and Andrew finished his sub sandwich. “Could I… could we see your, uh… powers? Please?”
“Sorry, but no,” Andrew replied and stood up, glad to have an excuse not to call even more information to himself. “I’m not allowed to use them on school property.”
“But what if something big happened, here? Something… dangerous? You’d be allowed to use them then, right?” asked someone to Andrew’s right, and he nodded.
“Sure, I… guess so. Listen, I’ll be right back. Nature calls, you see.” He gathered the remainder of his things into a brown paper bag and dropped it carelessly into his satchel, then headed off down the hall. He could hear their excited muttering all the way to the bathroom and sighed quietly.
He looked around – when no one was looking (which took quite a while), he headed quickly into the girls’ bathroom instead of the boys’; sometimes, guys tried to pick fights with him, and they seemed to think that the bathroom was the best place to do it. He locked the door behind him and headed for a stall, but a voice from behind him made him jump.
“You don’t like the attention, do you?” asked a girl with copper-red hair tied back into a ponytail who was drying her hands. She smiled at him, slightly. “That’s why you’re in here, I hope.”
Andrew blushed slightly and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose; a nervous habit.
“Yes, yes, of course. I’m not a… no. Not a pervert. I just didn’t want to be followed… yeah. Sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it,” the girl replied, and laughed. “I know what it’s like. My dad is a public superhero, too; it can get pretty crappy sometimes.”
Andrew extended his hand with a chuckle.
“Andrew Woods,” he said, and she shook his hand; he was surprised at the strength of her grip.
“Josie Watercraft,” she replied. Andrew was stunned.
“Like… the Josie Watercraft? Your father… he used to be the Vice-President of the Superhero Council! I thought I recognized you.”
“Yeah, well… you’re pretty famous, yourself, Zapman.” She grinned. “Come on, we should talk about this out there. I’ll go first – if anyone sees us come out of the bathroom together, you will learn how bad gossip can really be.”
“If it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer to stay in here, away from all of those people.”
“Hey, don’t worry about them – come and eat with me. Sometimes I eat lunch with a guy I met in my Pre-Calculus class, his name’s Connor Marsters. I don’t think you know him – I’ll introduce you.”
“Alright, then, let’s go. If he hangs out with you, I assume he’s gotten over being star struck by superheroes. Like you said, though, you’d better go first; I couldn’t take much more attention.”
“I agree completely, Andrew,” Josie replied and laughed.
Five minutes later, Josie and Andrew were weaving their way through the tables, heading for a table near the back of the room. They arrived, looked around quickly, then sat down; Andrew hunched over, too. He was uncommonly tall, compared to the rest of the student body, and therefore found it rather difficult to be comfortable in most schools’ tiny chairs.
“Hey, Connor,” Josie said. “This is -”
“- Andrew Woods. I know. The whole school’s talking about you,” he replied, and then his eyebrows creased. “When exactly did you two meet?”
“In the bathroom,” Andrew replied, and the two laughed.
Connor cocked an eyebrow and opened his mouth to reply, then closed it, shaking his head.
“You know what? I don’t even think I want to know,” he said, returning his attention to his sandwich. “Well, I’ll be damned. I’m eating lunch with the two most popular people in the school and I doubt anyone even knows my name.”
“Shut up, Connor, you’re pretty popular, too. With the right crowd, at least,” Josie said with a wink. “Connor here is one hell of a pessimist, as I’m sure you can tell.”
Andrew chuckled, but he was cut off by a far off explosion and screams.
“Someone help, quick! There’s some maniac outside burning buildings!”
Connor looked to Andrew and Josie expectantly, but they were already up; Andrew was pulling on his gloves and mask. Josie went to go check out what was going on and Andrew stood up and walked calmly to the screaming girl, resting his hands on the grips of his GLOCK 19 pistols, which were in holsters at his sides.
“Hey, calm down. It’s okay, I’ll take care of it, alright? Tell me where he is.”
“Alright. Alright. Calming down…”
The two headed out of the cafeteria, down the hall and out the front doors. Andrew – Zapman, now – looked back for a moment and saw, to his horror, that everyone had followed them outside. He groaned loudly.
“Hey! Ah, Jesus… please, everybody, if you absolutely must watch, stay inside! You’ll be at least a little bit safer, there!” He turned to the girl who had been leading him. “Thank you; now, you should go inside, too. Stay safe, alright?”
She nodded and headed off without a word.
Zapman’s mouth was set in a grim line, his eyes focused on the small, flaming man whom was now surrounded by police.
“Great,” he muttered. “A powered criminal.”
The small, thin man was encased in a thick cocoon of flame, but thanks to the polarized, mirrored lenses in his mask, Zapman could tell that the man was wearing a hoodie and was armed with some sort of submachine gun, though he couldn’t tell what kind. He walked towards a yellow police line and disregarded it, nodding solemnly to the nearby officer who was keeping the crowd under control. He looked around quickly – Josie was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t worried for her, really – he knew she could hold her own – but he was curious as to where she’d gone and what she was doing.
“What’s the story, officers?” he asked quietly when he reached the nearest police officer, sure that, wherever Josie was, she was there for a reason.
“Sir,” the officer said, without looking back, “civilians aren’t allowed past the yellow tape. Please, step back.”
“I realize that civilians aren’t allowed past the yellow tape, officer,” Zapman replied, and walked in front of the officer. “That’s why it’s a very good thing that I’m not a civilian. How long has he been here?” Zapman jerked his head towards the flaming man.
The officer’s eyes widened.
“Zapman! I’m… I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t realise-”
“Don’t worry about it, officer. It’s not important. Now, a little background info on this guy, please?”
“He calls himself ‘Fireball’. Original, huh?” The officer laughed. “We’ve had a quite few problems with him, recently, and we think we know why; his ex-girlfriend came down to the station and told us that he was doing this because she broke up with him. Apparently he doesn’t even have any mental conditions, he’s just really, really overdramatic. Sounds a little far-fetched to me, though…”
Andrew smiled faintly.
“No, no, it’s very possible. Believe me, I’ve seen people do worse. Much worse.”
Then, without another word, he threw himself over the hood of the car and ran towards the pillar of flame as calm as could be. After all, it was just another day at the office for Zapman.

I'll post chapters as they are reviewed.


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