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Kingdom Hearts: In The Dark

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Posted 25 May 2009 - 10:15 AM

Kalii sliced the closest heartless with his long, coal black wingblade, Nevermore. His vibrant green eyes darted around, scanning the urban battlefield for the nearest threat.
Kalii had come to Traverse Town with his friend, Gelmir Ancalimë, because of their airship, the Dawn Breaker; it had been seriously damaged by a Heartless’ Gummi Ship on their way from Agrabah to the Deep Jungle. Kalii had tried his best to outmaneuver the Heartless, but to no avail; there had just been too many of them. Nevertheless, the Dawn Breaker had been in good enough shape for them to make their way to Traverse Town… where they’d found this mess.
A small Heartless with long, red claws and a helmet came at Kalii, but, before it could make contact, a gold and white cross shaped keyblade crashed down upon its head; the creature deteriorated swiftly into the night as its stolen heart soared to the heavens, free from the darkness. The wielder of this particular keyblade was Gelmir Ancalimë himself, a strong hearted teenager with a passion for fighting the Heartless. He fixed the collar of his jacket and rested his keyblade on his shoulder, casually.
“Pay attention!” Kalii barked, and slammed his wingblade into a Heartless that was in midair.
“We’ll be fine, Kalii,” Gelmir replied, using Thunder to electrocute a nearby group of Soldiers and Shadows. “Relax.”
“So - we come to Traverse Town to fix our ship and we end up getting bombarded by another swarm of Heartless,” Gelmir sighed as the Heartless drew away, preparing for another attack. “It’s like they never go away.”
“Tell me about it. Still, if it wasn‘t for your keyblade,” Kalii pointed out, keeping his eyes on the biggest and most dangerous Heartless, “we wouldn’t even be in this mess. At least, not this deep in it.”
“Hey, I don’t go blaming this on your weapons, you know,” Gelmir replied, and headed up the stairs towards the group of Heartless, catching them off-guard. The smaller Heartless, the Shadows, scrambled to get away.
“Just watch your back, okay?” Kalii replied, seriously. “If either of us gets caught by the Heartless…”
A bell had begun to ring around the entire town, interrupting Kalii. The blare of the bell had worked its way around all of Traverse Town, alerting its inhabitants. Gelmir examined his surroundings, and quickly realized what was out of place.
“The Heartless…” he pointed out slowly, “the Heartless… aren’t moving.”
Kalii had noticed it too. Every one of them appeared to be frozen in time, like the bell had some sort of ritualistic effect on them. Gelmir and Kalii had exchanged wary glances, keeping on their guard, and the Shadows shortly began to move again. They started to sink into the floor and crawl away from where the two warriors were standing, and Gelmir raised an eyebrow.
“Maybe they’re finally afraid of us?” Gelmir asked sarcastically.
“That bell was the one we saw in the square,” Kalii remarked as it chimed for the last time. “My guess is that’s where they’re headed.”
“So, the Heartless are actually leaving us alone… and you want to go after them?” Gelmir asked, looking astonished.
“Well, can you think of anything better to do until we can get out of here?”
“No, I guess not. Hah, the square it is then,” Gelmir agreed, practically skipping toward the square in excitement for another battle.
When they reached the large, wooden double doors, they pressed up against them, weapons at the ready.
“You ready, Gelmir?” Kalii asked, checking how many potions he had. “Cause, you know, if you wanna back out, I could do this on my own…”
“Just make sure I don’t have to save your butt too many times, pal,” Gelmir shot back.
Kalii grinned and nodded and Gelmir did the same. The pair smashed the doors open, stormed into the square, and – no one was there. It was completely barren.
“What the…?”
The pair walked towards the clock tower warily, watching the shadows. Gelmir’s eyes flicked around, scanning the rooftops. Kalii stopped, suddenly, and put his wingblade away; Gelmir ran right into him.
“There’s nothing here, Gelmir. They must have left -”
The two friends spun around to face the door – and found it had been slammed shut by a pair of Large Bodies.
“We can take them, right?” Kalii asked, rhetorically. Before Gelmir could reply, though, hordes of Shadows and Soldiers flooded into the square around the friends.
“Oh, come on…” muttered Gelmir. “Well, let’s get this over with, then.”
Before the Heartless could react, the two friends burst into action completely obliterating the closest Heartless with amazing speed. The rest of the creatures screeched and swarmed over the friends.
Kalii slashed and kicked anything in his path, pushing through the sea of Heartless. As he neared the gates, he called out for Gelmir, but found himself soaring through the air in the opposite direction, towards the clock tower. He hit the ground hard and rolled back to his feet, wincing as he swung his wingblades in a last ditch defense.
Gelmir, on the other hand, was having a bit more luck. He was slashing through Heartless left and right, not even taking a single hit. Gelmir leaped onto a nearby ledge and stood between the Hotel doors when it happened. He slammed his keyblade into the ground, sending out a small shockwave that made the nearby Heartless stumble and then swung the keyblade in an uppercut motion, causing all the nearby Heartless to soar through the air, defeated.
‘I’d better rejoin with Kalii,’ Gelmir thought as red highlights appeared on his clothes and his second keyblade, Follow the Darkness, appeared in his other hand. ‘Hm… Valor Drive.’
Then, without warning, he charged into the dark mass of Heartless, cutting a path towards where he had last seen Kalii. He smashed both keyblades into the top of a Large Body’s head, causing it to disappear and give Gelmir a clear view of Kalii – and his peril.
“…h-help… me… please…” he gasped, being pummeled by a large group of Soldiers. Gelmir ran to him, as fast as he could, but he was too late – a Soldier’s claws sank into Kalii’s chest. He gasped and began twitching, and Gelmir became infuriated.
“Kalii! Don’t – give – up!” he cried, smashing a Heartless with each word. Finally, he reached the Soldier altering Kalii – and smashed both keyblades into its head. He grabbed Kalii around the chest, destroyed the nearest Heartless and then leaped into the double doors. He stabbed one of his Keyblades into the door and hung there, relatively safe.
Kalii moaned, his eyes still closed, and Gelmir dropped down, yanked open the door just enough to slide through, tossed Kalii through and leaped in after him. He slammed the door shut and locked it, then turned to Kalii.
“Kalii… are you alright?” Gelmir asked, un-stoppered one of Kalii’s potions and poured it down Kalii’s throat. “Say something, man!”
Instead of speaking, though, Kalii opened his eyes – and they were completely black, black as coals. He sat up and looked at Gelmir quizzically.
“Come on, Kalii, we’ve got to get you to Merlin, quickly. He’ll know what happened, and what to do about it.”
“…why? Why does it matter?” Kalii asked, tonelessly.
“Because… you’re my friend. Aren’t you glad you’re okay?”
“…I… know I should be, but… I’m not,” he said in the same toneless voice. “…in fact… I don’t feel… anything.”

Kalii sat across the room, studying a large book very intently. Gelmir and Merlin, on the other hand, were speaking in low, quiet voices to each other.
“So… Merlin. What’s wrong with him?” Gelmir asked, pacing.
“Well… you know how Heartless are created, yes?”
“Well; this is purely speculation, but… I believe that the Soldier that attacked Kalii was attempting to make a Heartless out of him. When a Heartless turns someone into a Heartless, they absorb their victim’s heart. But, when you destroyed the Heartless, I believe that you released the Heartless’ heart… and the bit of Kalii’s heart that it had absorbed. That’s why he doesn’t seem to care about anything – because he can’t. His emotions, his feelings… they’ve been taken from him.”
“So… what’s going to happen, then? Will he stay like this, or go back to normal over time, or…?”
“… become a Heartless? Honestly, I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that that Heartless did something to him, and it has never been done to anyone before. But… there is one person that might be able to help.” Merlin stood up and took a photograph from his desk. He pointed at a small, black and white mouse-like person. “This is Mickey. If anyone can help Kalii, it’s him. Still… he could be hard to find. Mickey has always been… restless. I doubt you’ll find him at Disney Castle, but it doesn’t hurt to check, right?”
“Yeah, I guess – wait, Disney Castle? You mean KING Mickey?”
“Well, yes. There aren’t too many people named Mickey running around, now, are there?” Merlin replied with a chuckle.
“Er… I guess… not. Anyways, how can we go to Disney Castle? We only have an airship, not a spaceship.”
Kalii stood up and walked over to the pair, the book he had been reading wide open. He silently pointed at the title of a section: Gummi Ships.
“Ah, yes! Of course! Gummi Ships are a sensational way to travel between worlds. Go and see Cid, he knows more about them than I do. And, boys,” he said as they got up to leave, “good luck.”
“Thanks, Merlin, but we both know that luck doesn’t exist,” Gelmir replied with a wink and walked out. Kalii nodded, then followed.
“So, we’re looking for Cid,” said Gelmir as they walked out of Merlin’s house and began hopping across the stones towards the door. “Where d’you think he’ll be?”
“…courtyard?” Kalii replied, making the final jump and heading for the door.
“Yeah, maybe…quite likely, actually. So, uh… are you feeling alright?”
Kalii didn’t say another word the whole way to the courtyard.
Once they arrived, Gelmir suggested that Kalii go and get himself a Hi-Potion at the shop while Gelmir searched for Cid; Kalii agreed.
“I’ll see you in a few minutes, alright, Kalii?”
“…yeah. Sure… few minutes,” Kalii replied, already heading towards the shop.
“Poor guy,” Gelmir mumbled, beginning his search for Cid.
Gelmir searched everywhere he could think of – the shops, the synthesis shop, and the vacant house – but could find Cid anywhere. After about an hour of fruitless searching, Gelmir said goodbye to the moogle he had asked for directions (“Cid, kupo? I thought he was in the synthesis shop, kupo.”) and headed back to where he’d left Kalii.
“So,” came a gruff, southern voice, “y’all want to head fer Disney Castle?”
“…yes,” replied Kalii’s drone-like voice. “…as soon as possible.”
Gelmir rounded the corner and spotted Kalii sitting at a table speaking with Cid. Gelmir walked over, joined them and dropped his head into his hands.
“I see you found Cid,” he said dully.
“This is yer friend, right? What was his name…? Gelmir, right?”
“Yeah, that’s me,” Gelmir replied and lifted his face out of his hands. “I’ll assume that Kalii filled you in about our little problem?”
“Which one? Son, you’re in problems up to yer eyeballs! But, still… I can help ya with one of ‘em. I happen to have a Gummi Ship prepared for travel. On’y thing is… well, Gummi Ships aren’t exactly cheap, ya know? I’m gonna need some sort of fee to make sure you won’t run off with my ship or get it blown up or something.”
“…how much?” asked Kalii.
“I’d say about… ten thousand munny.”
“What?” cried Gelmir, eyes wide. “How are we gonna get ten thousand munny in time for – oh… wait… never mind. I have the munny right here. Defeating Heartless pays pretty good, eh, Kalii?”
“…sure does.”
Gelmir tossed a sack of munny to Cid as Kalii yawned widely. Cid opened up the sack, looked through it quickly and then stood up.
“Come with me,” he said. The three of them got up from the table and walked out the main double doors into the hangar. They walked past only two ships – their own and an odd, crab shaped ship – on their way to Cid’s Gummi Ship. They passed through a door marked ‘RESTRICTED’ and took a right – into Cid’s workshop.
Gummi parts were strewn all over and half finished projects were everywhere, littering the floor. Blueprints were scattered everywhere, but Cid seemed to know what he was looking for; he scanned the room a few times, then strode purposefully to a paper covered desk and snatched something out of one of the open drawers. He read the paper quickly, then tossed it to the side.
“Alright, boys, I’m gonna show you how to drive the thing, cause I don’t want you kids getting’ into trouble.”
“…kids?” Kalii asked, an eyebrow raised. “…we are not children. We need not be patronized.”
“Alright, alright, fine. Let’s get you two to Disney Castle, already.”
The three of them walked out of Cid’s workshop through a side door into Cid’s personal hangar, and Gelmir stopped in awe.
The Gummi Ship was roughly twice the size of their old ship and was easily a hundred times more colorful. A rotating cannon was attached under each wing and a massive light was attached to the front of the ship.
“It’s awesome!” cried Gelmir.
“…odd looking,” added Kalii.
“Jump in, you two. I hope you guys find what you’re looking for. Mostly, though, I hope you guys don’t wreck my ship!” said Cid as he walked out. “Oh, and have fun with this thing. I put a very powerful engine into her, hehehe…”
Gelmir and Kalii climbed into their new ship and sat down in the pilot and co-pilot seats, preparing for take off.
“…hey, Kalii. Cid said that this is a Gummi Ship, right?”
“Then… do you think it’s edible?”
“…I don’t know. You’d have to ask Cid.”
“Well, if it is, Cid won’t let me eat his ship, right? I may as well just try it.”
“…go for it.”
Gelmir took a small chunk out of the floor, hesitated for a moment, then popped it into his mouth and swallowed it.
“Gah!” he coughed, eyes watering. “That’s disgusting!”
“…well, you’re not dead, so it must be edible,” replied Kalii.
“Still, it’s definitely not Gummi, that’s for sure. Let’s hurry up and get to Disney Castle before I get sick.”
Gelmir strapped himself into his seat and the pair initiated the launch sequence. Five minutes later, they were soaring through space, searching for their destination.

No, this is not the end of chapter one, and, yes you can expect revisions.


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I LOVE Kingdom Hearts!!!!!!!!!! Great story dude! Can't wait for the rest!
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This'll be great! KH and KHII FTW! (enough abbreviations, right?) I want some illustrations of the keyblades biggrin.gif
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