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Araven Karial

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Posted 06 April 2018 - 09:51 AM

I couldnt really get into any of the ideas about the celestial-kin, so maybe at a later point Ilol try them again. Heres someone new in the meantime.

Full Name: Araven Karial
Aliases: The Woodsman

Sex: Male
Race: Achaean
Birthplace: Pikeston

Affinity: Earth
Deity: Hermes
Faction: Venatori

Education (Common)
Monster Lore
Martial Combat

Strength: 7
Agility: 5
Constitution: 5
Perception: 5
Intelligence: 8
Spirit: 7
Luck: 5

Araven stands roughly six feet tall, weighing around one hundred and fifty pounds. Atop his head sits a mess of auburn hair, often tied out of his eyes. His lower face is covered by a clean-cut beard, and his grey eyes, while once bright and full of laughter, are hardened. His hands have assorted amounts of scar tissue, gifts from years of woodworking.
(Art is coming)

1 deepsilver chain shirt
* 1 set of leather armor
* 1 set of simple clothing
* 1 steel-headed axe
* 1 crossbow
* 20 iron-headed crossbow bolts
* 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts
* 1 silver dagger
* 1 blue cloak
* 1 silver Venator brooch
* Flint and tinder
* Potion supplies
* 3 clean bandages
* 2 healing ointment
* 2 sense-enhancing potions
* 1 strength-enhancing potion
* 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
* Water and rations

Araven Karial was born on the outskirts of Pikeston to a peasant family, one of three sons. He learned at his fathers side the arts of woorworking and carving, taking to it far better than his brothers. Over the years, he became an accomplished craftsman, overshadowing even the immense skill of his father. He eventually took over a large portion the wood shop , becoming one of the predominant woodworker in Pikeston while one of his brothers managed the business and money end.

On a trip to gather more lumber for projects, that brother had the idea to venture deeper into the Forest of Shadows to search for more exotic wood to use. Armed with naught but an axe and a package of food. Araven warned him of the dangers, but the brother was a foolhardy individual with delusions of grandeur. Araven fully expected him to return the next day a little worse for wear. Only, he didnt return the next day, or the day after that. Full of worry, Araven set out after him.

Araven spent the full day searching before he found him, or rather, found his remains. His body had been torn apart, with pieces missing and others gnawed on. In the trees surrounding him, Araven could see shapes move through the shadows, but he could not find the killer of his brother. He gathered his brothers corpse and brought his body back, giving him proper rites and burial. Only a creature of darkness could have done this, he knew.

Aravens mother had told him stories of the Venatori, the renowned monster hunters of the Empire. Handing over the wood shop to the other brother, Araven left home with intent to join them and exact vengeance on the monsters of the world.

His brother, who now owns the shop.
Krystia Ravenswift, his hunting partner.

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 04:45 PM

Sounds fantastic. You're in. ;)


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