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#1 El Taco

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Posted 06 April 2018 - 09:48 AM




Full Name: Sivan of the Blackrock (As a bastard, Sivan has no surname)

Aliases: Bearded One, Bearded Bastard, Bastard Boy,


Sex: M

Race: Man/Dwarf (Northern/Mountain)

Birthplace: Blackrock Foothills


Affinity: Fire

Deity: No preference

Faction: Venatori


Talents: Venator Herbalism, Monster Lore, Diplomacy, Brawler, Multilingual (Dwarven, Southron, Beastfolk)



Strength: 8

Agility: 4

Constitution: 7

Perception: 5

Intelligence: 9

Spirit: 5

Luck: 4


Appearance: As a half dwarf having lived among humans for so long, Sivan has gotten used to presenting as little more than a slightly short (not even that noticeably, his dwarf mother was unusually tall. He is taller than his partner, Asti) Imperial man, with a thick red beard and bald head. Though his father was a north-blooded man living as an imperial, Sivan presents little in the way of intense northern heritage. His eyes are an unremarkable blue, his broad and framed by his enormous dwarven shoulders. Partial to loose-fitting tunics and tough farmers pants when not in armour, Sivan looks very much like a human in his twenties, though the elongated life of a dwarf has put twice that many years under his belt. His face and bald head are marked with a few notable scars, but most have healed kindly. 



Venator Pack

  • 1 deepsilver chain shirt
  • 1 set of leather armor
  • 1 set of simple clothing
  • 1 steel gladius
  • 1 crossbow
  • 20 crossbow bolts
  • 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts
  • 1 silver dagger
  • 1 blue cloak
  • 1 silver Venator brooch
  • Flint and tinder
  • Potion supplies
  • 3 clean bandages
  • 2 healing ointment
  • 2 sense-enhancing potions
  • 1 strength-enhancing potion
  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
  • Water and rations
  • 1 heavy wooden shield
  • 1 large horse-drawn kart (shared with Asti)
  • 1 extra bag of herbal supplies for creating medicine/etc. in the wild


Animal Companion: Sivan began using a double-mule-drawn cart with his partner Asti long ago. The two mules don’t belong to either Venator in particular, though the larger one, Saffron, is better suited to carrying the heavier Sivan in the case that the mules must be ridden. Asti rides the smaller one, Tumeric. Both were named by Asti.



Biography: Sivan was born to his Dwarven mother in the Blackrock foothills. A natural fighter from birth, Sivan honed his abilities in tunnel scraps with chaos races and beastfolk early in life, however as a bastard boy, there was little future for Sivan in the noble clan halls that his best friends most frequently spent their time in. Eventually, he decided to leave home. His time spent travelling with a travelling elite group of dwarven warriors through unclaimed territory in the Northland brought him into communication with a pair of Venatori, who over the course of a few months persuaded Sivan to join them whilst travelling with him. After having completed a number of missions with several different teams, Sivan established a rotational posting near the Southwestern Wilds, hunting with Venators whose partners were injured or ill. It is there that he met, recruited, mentored and partnered with Asti Yadana.


Personality: A foil to his partner's otherworldly strangeness, Sivan is an every-man in many ways. Well traveled, even considering his years, Sivan's travels have given him a broad perspective on culture and values. Sivan does not actively worship, having peacefully acknowledged but personally rescinded following the gods nearly a decade again following what seemed to Sivan to be an unreasonable degree of indifference on the part of most pantheons. As a result of his personal lack of spirituality and broad experience abroad, Sivan's method to killing is very efficient and methodical. He carries relatively little prejudice for a half dwarf, though he is known to hold a personal grudge. Sivan's ability to negotiate and peacefully speak even with parties he doesn't personally respect is notable, and his vast knowledge of potions, herbalist, monsters and language are all resources he offers anyone he thinks will use them responsibly. 


Campaign History: None so far


Relationships: None so far


Currency: -

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#2 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 11 May 2018 - 04:48 PM

Sivan sounds great, too. Though I feel the need to point out that, technically, the Venatori would never allow any of their number to go solo. Part of their ancient code is that no Venator hunts alone. They hunt in pairs or not at all - that's the rules (and Venatori can be reprimanded for attempting to hunt solo).


Sivan is in as well. :D


#3 El Taco

El Taco

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Posted 13 May 2018 - 08:50 PM

kk, I'll work something else in there.

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