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Hollí Emberleaf

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Posted 05 July 2017 - 09:16 AM

Hollí Emberleaf


Full Name: Hollí Emberleaf

Aliases: None


Sex: Female

Race: Wood-Elf

Birthplace: Forest north of Shadowvale, Achæan Empire


Affinity: Fire

Deity: Artemis, Skadi

Magic: Gifted

Faction: Venatori


Talents: Finesse Combat, Marksmanship, Acrobatics, Monster Lore, Elven Woodworking



Strength: 3

Agility: 9 (7 + 2)

Constitution: 3 (4 - 1)

Perception: 9

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 9

Luck: 2



Standing all of 4'8'' tall, with a slender, elfin build, Hollí is cute as a button. She has long, fiery auburn hair, and large, expressive green eyes. Her skin is fair, though perhaps slightly darker than the average for her kind. A narrow line of freckles runs across the bridge of her nose and beneath her eyes, giving her a slightly spectacled look.


A large tattoo—a mix of plant and flame motifs—done in teal ink, covers much of her body: starting on her back, flowing up the back of her neck, pouring down over her shoulders, and spiraling down her arms, with a few small tendrils curling around onto her chest and abdomen.


Aside from her blue Venator's cloak, she wears a thin, short-sleeved shirt, and pants—both of the same shade. Over the shirt, she wears a flexible leather cuirass; and over that she wears a sleeveless shirt of deepsilver chainmail. She wears leather boots and gloves, and leather vambraces and greaves protect her forearms and shins.


She carries an Elven longbow, sized for her height; she wears her quiver on her left hip. She also carries a spear that's about 8 inches longer than she is tall; she sharpened the edges of the long point so that she can make light cutting attacks in addition to thrusts; the butt of the shaft is capped with a steel ferrule, making a decent bludgeoning instrument, and allowing the weapon to conveniently double as a walking stick. In addition, she carries a silver dagger, plus a small knife that she mostly just uses for wood-carving.



(Venator Pack)

   • Clothing

   • Blue cloak

   • SIlver Venator brooch

   • Leather armor (cuirass, vambraces, greaves)

   • Deepsilver chainmail shirt

   • Steel spear

   • Elven bow, w/ 20 iron arrows and 5 silver arrows

   • Silver dagger

   • Flint and tinder

   • 3 clean bandages

   • 2 healing ointment

   • 2 sense-enhancing potions

   • 1 strength-enhancing potion

   • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion

   • Water and rations

   • A few small woodworking tools (small knife, files, chisel)

   • Oil and rags (for fire arrows)

   • Wood occarina



Born in the Achæan Empire, in the forest north of Shadowvale, Hollí's early life was typical of her kind. She hunted, she reveled, and she generally enjoyed life. Despite her blithe attitude towards life, she was a good person at heart, and considered doing something to help people—possibly becoming a Longstrider—but never seemed able to work up sufficient motivation.
That might never have changed, had she not, while hunting one night, caught a glimpse of a creature, like none she had ever seen before, flying above the treetops. She had been hunting with a friend, but they had split up to pursue game separately. Twenty-three at the time, curious, and confident in her skills as a hunter, she followed the creature, continuing even after she lost sight of it. She found it—or rather, the transformed elf it proved to be—crouched over her friend, teeth sunk deep into the other girl's neck, drinking her blood. She had never even heard the scream. Unable to repress a gasp at the sight, she unwittingly attracted the vampire's attention. She recognized the man—a loner that had been seen around the forest from time to time. At once, he transformed and attacked her.
Most people would have died there—and she very nearly did—but she had been born with the Gift of magic; with a blast of magical fire she knocked the vampire back and injured it, buying herself some time to flee—taking off through the tree-tops. But the vampire—desperate to keep its secret, or just angry—pursued.
The flames also had another, entirely unintentional effect: attracting the attention of the group of Venatori who had been hunting the blood-drinker.
Hollí loosed many arrows at the vampire as she fled, but in her panic and flight few of them hit—and those that did did not seem to impede or dissuade the bloodthirsty creature. Eventually, her pursuer caught her, knocking her from her perch to crash onto a much lower branch—injuring her and leaving her dangling helplessly. The monster-hunters arrived just in the nick of time, killing the vampire just as it's bat-like form landed on the branch and was about to rip out her throat. After hearing her story—which left out her magic, of course—one of the Venators complimented her on surviving as long as she had, and then they left, their work complete.
But she could not so easily get over the events of that night. An avid huntress, the thought of something so monstrous, something she knew nothing about and could scarcely fight, bothered her deeply… as did the fact that she had been unable to save her friend—had been able to  do nothing but turn and flee, when confronted by her killer. And so before long she made a decision: she followed the hunters back to Castle Greywatch, and there joined the Venatori order.
Having been a Venator for almost thirty-eight years now, she is quite experienced. Although something of a divisive figure amongst the order due to her typically playful and immature attitude, she is nevertheless a dedicated and competent monster-hunter.


Campaign History:







Many people mistake Hollí for a child at first glance. Whether or not that impression is shattered the moment she opens her mouth really depends on her mood. For she is, above all else, mercurial: she's about as tame and predictable as an active volcano; her personality capable of shifting between bubbly child, cynical world-weary smart-ass, serious and dedicated Venator, and more—with such speed as to risk giving onlookers whiplash. Although 'vivacious, playful, and childish' is the most common. 


Hollí is sort of the annoying kid sister of the Venatori order—despite the fact that she's actually 61 years old. She's one of those people who always seems to have a surfeit of energy, and seems incapable of remaining still for even an instant—making some who don't know her wonder how she ever manages to stay quiet on a hunt. She's also got a serious teasing streak, and loves subverting the expectations that people tend to form based on her incredibly youthful appearance and behavior—although she also loves pulling rank, as it were, with her age on people younger than her.


Generally easy-going—verging on blithe—it takes quite a bit to get her riled up, and her temper is a rare sight (thankfully, given her magical Gift, which she must keep hidden)—but when it does get going, it's a wonder to behold. Snarky comebacks—typically delivered with a feigned childlike innocence—are far more common.


Currency: 20 Gold, 35 Silver, 25 Copper


HP: 15/15


"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 06:19 AM

Yep, sounds good! Starting currency is 20 gold, 35 silver, 25 copper.


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