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Korvarl Silvershield

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Korvarl Silvershield



Full Name: Korvarl Silvershield

Aliases: The Sharp Hammer


Sex: Male

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Birthplace: Dvergar Gate (well, thereabouts, anyway)


Affinity: Lightning

Deity: Tyr

Faction: Formerly Iron Gauntlet, now none


Talents: Dwarven Blacksmithing, Martial Combat, Intimidation, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Dwarven)



Strength: 9

Agility: 5 - 1 = 4

Constitution: 7 + 2 = 9

Perception: 5

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 5

Luck: 3


Appearance: Short and stout, even amongst other dwarves, when Korvarl’s body is revealed from under its armor one can easily make out his heavily-muscled build. However, despite looking like nothing more than a common bruiser or mercenary, it’s impossible to ignore the glint of intelligence in his sharp eyes.


Inventory: Fortune Hunter

  • 1 full set of padded clothing/armor (gambeson, pants, and skull cap)

  • 1 full set of steel plate mail

  • 1 iron tower shield

  • 1 full set of simple clothing

  • 1 brown traveling cloak

  • 1 iron hand ax

  • 1 torch

  • 1 small knife

  • 1 map of the area around the Dvergar Gate

  • 1 clean bandage

  • Flint and tinder

  • Water and rations


Korvarl Silvershield was a steadfast and trusty dwarf since he could hold an axe, serving his family and friends faithfully for a good century at the Dvergar Gate. However, he was finally nudged into becoming one of the Iron Gauntlet’s Enforcers; an easy enough task with his nigh-spotless track record. However, as an Enforcer he was rarely doing any guarding. To test his loyalty and abilities, he was in charge of disrupting Dwarven business on the surface of Midgard that refused to obey the Iron Gauntlet’s commandments.


At first, Korvarl went about his duties with gusto, proud of his work in keeping law and order. However, sharp as he was, the dwarf soon noticed the negative effect his orders were having on the lives of others. Having believed for a long time his work - his purpose in life, even - was to protect and guide others to make their existences easier, the relatively young Silvershield soon realized his orders were contradicting everything he believed in.


Thus, he turned against the Iron Gauntlet - not publicly, of course - and began to help those that broke their laws. Conveniently allowing them to escape whenever he was sent to quash a humble blacksmith’s business and preventing the discovery of others when he could. However, for all his hard work, it was only inevitable the Gauntlet began to find holes in their operations, pocketbooks… and in Korvarl’s actions. His fate was finally set in stone when he was caught in the act of planning another rogue dwarf’s escape.


Dragged back to the Dvergar Gate in chains, he was publicly judged, dishonored before his guild and clan, and hurled out into the wilds of Northrim. Banished from his home, Korvarl Silvershield refused found himself at a loss with all that he knew taken from him. His lack of ties to anyone in the Iron Gauntlet meant he could no longer help ‘rogue’ dwarves nearly as well as before, and his newly-shaved beard left him with no respect amongst his kin.


Feeling distinctly empty and hopeless, he’s wandered westward in hope of some way to either regain his former status to more effectively help others… or perhaps find a new path.


Campaign History:




Clan Silvershield (Disgraced)

The Iron Gauntlet (Disgraced)



Stubborn, stern, and very much an intermediate, Korvarl has spent a great deal of his life guiding and guarding others. Even his brief stint as an Enforcer of the Iron Gauntlet couldn’t change this in him, though it did encourage him to get a little more emotionally-invested in people. One could see this as a weakness, though, as it has led to his heart bleeding ever since he was banished from his clan and kicked out of the Gauntlet.


Currency: 25 gold, 40 silver, 35 copper


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Posted 03 June 2017 - 10:14 AM

Sounds awesome, Burgs.


Starting coin is 25 gold, 40 silver, 35 copper.


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