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Agethar Twin-axe

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#1 Dalton Westmoore

Dalton Westmoore

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 02:19 PM



Full Name: Agethar "Twin-axe" Svensson

Aliases: N/A


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Northrim)

Birthplace: Fornorst Village, Northrim


Affinity: Frost

Deity: Odin

Faction: Venator


Talents: Martial Combat, Marksmanship, Woodworking, and Survivalism



Strength: 8

Agility: 8

Constitution: 6

Perception: 4

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 5

Luck: 5








Venator Cape and Cloak

(2x) Iron Axes

Silver Dagger


(30x) Crossbow Bolts (15 Silver, 15 normal)

Plate and leather Armor


Pouch full over assorted coinage


Other PossessionsMaugrimm - His Venatorily trained Bloodhound




Agethar was born into a large family in a small village named Fornorst. The village is built next to a large lake, which is under a powerful curse: Long ago, when Agethar’s Grandfather was a boy, a Necromancer put the city under a curse that its own dead would try to destroy it. At first the Villagers laughed at this, but soon discovered that it was true: every fortnight, the Dead who have been given a Viking’s Burial in the Lake rise up and attack the Village, trying to destroy it. The Wall was built to keep them out, and Fornorst Village has rarely ever raided the Empire, or other clans for that matter, ever since.


Agethar left at age 16 to train to become skilled in the art of warfare. One night, while traveling through a wooded place near Castle Greywatch, he was attacked by a strange beast, and barely survived. A group of Venators found him the next morning, along with the beast he had slain, and took him back to Castle Greywatch. There his wounds were tended, and liking the idea of slaying evil creatures, he joined the Venators in the endless hunt against fell beasts and dreaded things. During his time training, he found a Bloodhound pup and raised it like it was a child. They share a strong bond, and he calls the dog Maugrimm.


Ever since he became a fully fledged Venator, Agethar’s life has gotten more complicated. His meeting with the Werewolf Tom Drake and his band of friends and misfits has made him question his order’s code more than anything else ever has. After helping to put down a rebellion in the southern town called Vertishire, Agethar has returned to Castle Greywatch for his latest assignment. 


However, the Venator would find himself and many others on a quest: to retrieve and ancient sword Dainslief from the cursed, Dwarven city of Dimmlundar. The group would eventually complete their quest, though not without great cost, and return the sword to its rightful owner. After completing their mission, Agethar and fellow Venator Caiden Voros returned to Castle Greywatch, heeding an unusual summons from Brennus, a pesuedo-leader of the Venatory... 


Campaign History:

- The Mansion Mystery

- Veritshire: The Changing of the Guard

- Jagged Edge Free-roam Campaign

- Delving too Deep



- Searching for Dwarven Venator Krilda Felskith, who he has a deep affection for.

- On friendly terms with Caiden, Marcus, Kye, Neitha, Nefer, and Katja.

- Complicated relationship with Tom Drake: he's friends with Drake, but has sworn vengeance against his Werewolf form.

- On shaky ground with Bale Spellwinde.


Currency: 40 gold, 35 silver, 45 copper

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#2 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 25 May 2017 - 02:25 PM

Campaign History:

- Free-roam from the very beginning of Errant ("Team Drake," later "Team Caiden"), including quests such as "The Beast of Illikon" and "The Mansion Mystery"

- Veritshire: The Changing of the Guard

- Jagged Edge Free-roam Campaign

Agethar wasn't actually around since the very beginning of Errant, nor was he in Illikon for the quest involving Tom's lycanthropy. He only joined around the time of the mansion.


Otherwise, sounds good, of course. Although, as I said, I may actually officially disavow that Jagged Edge free-roam... Only other note: could you separate Maugrimm somehow, to highlight the fact that he is a pet instead of just something in Agethar's inventory? (like the way I did on Caid's sheet, for his house, for instance)


Starting currency is 40 gold, 35 silver, 45 copper. You get a boost for playing as him for a while.


#3 Dalton Westmoore

Dalton Westmoore

    That was Dramatic

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Posted 30 May 2017 - 11:06 AM

There, finally edited this.


Also, Agethar has money again. Yay! :D

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