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Lydus Sticky-Fingers

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 07:29 PM

Lydus Sticky-Fingers



Full Name: Lydus Sticky-Fingers

Aliases: Rat, Slick, etc.


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Achaean)

Birthplace: Edrimark


Affinity: Earth

Deity: Olympians

Faction: Venator


Talents: Finesse Combat, Subtlety, Thievery, Venator Herbalism, Marksmanship



Strength: 3

Agility: 10

Constitution: 3

Perception: 9

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 4

Luck: 5


Appearance: A small man, Lydus is simply not pleasing to the eye. His scruffy face seems to be permanently afflicted by a five o’clock shadow, and his thin, wiry form is almost always hunched over. Fortunately, more often than not, he tends to have his Venator cloak on, keeping most of his body out of sight. His sharp facial features are equally obscured by his rough pitch-black beard - if it can be called such - and framed by his thick, ratty, shoulder-length hair of similar color... that is, when its not further decorated with grime, grease, and dirt.


For all this, his eyes seem to shine keenly with a deep cunning, the dark orbs peering out from beneath his thin eyebrows and soaking up every detail in his surroundings.


Inventory: Venator Pack

-1 deepsilver chain shirt

-1 set of leather armor

-1 set of simple clothing

-1 steel sickle

-1 crossbow

-20 crossbow bolts

-5 crossbow bolts

-1 silver dagger

-1 blue cloak

-1 silver Venator brooch

-1 silver ring with a sapphire set on it (deeefinitely not stolen from a fine-looking noble lady)

-Flint and tinder

-Potion supplies

-3 clean bandages

-2 healing ointment

-2 sense-enhancing potions

-1 strength-enhancing potion

-1 anti-lycanthropy potion

-Water and rations



From a young age, Lydus Sticky-Fingers was raised on the streets of fine Edrimark, struggling to survive by any means necessary. While he often claims loudly he was related to some nobility there, there is no proof of it… and far more evidence of him learning to steal to get along near the beginning of his life. He ended up growing up with a whole gang of similarly-aged boys, all working together to scrounge what they could and make ends meet. It seemed like a grand old time for a while, and they all grew fairly close…


But, as these things go, they went too far and caught too much attention. Their hideout was discovered, most of them were cornered… and by that time, they were old enough that Lydus got to watch many of his friends - his adopted family - get hanged for a lengthy list of crimes. He, at the time, figured he was lucky enough to escape.


These days, though, he occasionally wonders if it would’ve been better if he’d taken one of their places.


At any rate, seeing as the city was still on alert for fugitive members of the gang, Lydus decided to learn the valuable lesson of living to fight another day. Slipping out of the city by night, he stole a horse and made his way… elsewhere. He had no map or guide but the road to lead him along… all the way to Castle Greywatch. It was here, in the decrepit headquarters of the Empire’s monster hunters, that Sticky-Fingers found a new family, and a new way of life. Sort of.


He quickly caught onto the more slippery ways of the Venatori, showing a great proficiency for traps and ambushes, recalling old tricks from his past that seemed to work well enough on monsters… most of the time. Lydus can never forget the times his cleverness was subverted by the raw bestial cunning of some monsters; and the price his companions have paid for it.


However, Lydus feels the Venatori is really the only place he can be, and thus he’s stuck around. As quick as he is to exploit others and leave towns with more loot than was offered, Sticky-Fingers does his damnedest to watch out for the organization that’s given him some form of purpose.


Campaign History:







Lydus is rude, blunt, and a kleptomaniac. He isn’t exactly friend-making material, and he doesn’t make it apparent he wants to make friends, anyway. Puppets and goons, sure, but he’s below everyone else. That’s where it’s easiest to cut their purses…


However, deep down he’s scarred by watching many of his old playmates get hanged, and a few pals he made amongst the Venatori falling to vicious monsters. He has, for lack of a better term, survivor’s guilt. It has, at times, nearly driven him to better his ways… but by that point he’s drunk his sorrows under and gone back to picking pockets.


Currency: 20 gold coins, 35 silver coins, 35 copper coins


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Posted 25 May 2017 - 02:18 PM

Sounds like a seriously intense dude, Burgs. He's in, whenever you want to use him.


Starting currency is 20 gold coins, 35 silver coins, 35 copper coins. You get a small boost from most Venatori for being, well, an apparently adept thief. :P


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