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Percula Saffron

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 10:04 AM




Percula Saffron



Full Name: Percula Saffron

Aliases: ‘Perky’


Sex: Female

Race: Pixie

Birthplace: Rognosst Swamp


Affinity: Frost

Deity: Various foliage- and animal-related nature spirits

Magic: Gifted

Faction: None


Talents: Arcane Lore, Acrobatics, Herbalism, Subtlety, Thievery



Strength: 3 - 2 = 1

Agility: 10 + 6 = 16

Constitution: 3 - 2 = 1

Perception: 4 + 1 = 5

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 10 + 4 = 14

Luck: 4


Appearance: Only a couple inches in height, Percula often uses her magic to appear as a yellow ‘will o’ wisp’. Only around those that she trusts or at least considers friends will she drop that guise and show her rather petite, fragile real shape. In this undisguised form, her blonde hair can clearly be seen flowing like so much spun gold, her green eyes flash with mischief, and her somewhat pale complexion compliments both of those features. That, and her pale green dress, which looks almost like it's been made out of rose petals.



-Fae bag

-Fae clothing

-Tiny gold circlet, gifted to her by Marcus Capulet after her deeds in Veritshire

-Various shiny things she has collected, sort of like currency (refer to currency for value)

-Miniature potion bottles and small samples of alchemical ingredients (definitely not stolen from Caiden's stash, whaaaat...)

-Several other items - mostly potions (a few namely of the size-changing variety; 2 growing and 2 shrinking concoctions, specifically) - that Caiden hauls around for her


Biography: Percula Saffron was born in a small pixie village in Rognosst Swamp. Like most pixies her family and friends were isolationists and kept all other sentient beings away from their town, be they beastfolk or human travelers. Growing up in this peaceful environment, Percula found she was… different from the others. She didn’t enjoy the same things, and often went about pulling off breakneck stunts and playing tricks on the others with her magic. That said, she found herself pretty much friendless as the others wanted no part in her shenanigans after the first few incidents, and soon Saffron began to wander away from the village, taking interest in other beings who wandered by.


It wasn’t long before she ended up trying to make contact with one such creature.


A young human adventurer, Virgo, was trying to take a shortcut through Rognosst one day. That in itself exemplified his youth and general inexperience. In fact, it was sheer luck he’d made it that far into the swamp without running into anything that had managed to kill him. Perhaps he had been legitimately missed, or the predators of the swamp were simply waiting for his guard to fall… whichever way it was, none would have suspected that Percula would not only approach this human, but speak to him.


Naturally, Virgo was completely enthralled by the little will o’ wisp that spoke to him, and he followed Percula without question. Fortunately for him, she decided to not abuse her sudden dominance over the human, and instead guided him toward where she was fairly sure the edge of the swamp was, talking with him along the way. She learned a fair deal about humans from Virgo, of the Empire and its conflicts with other creatures, and Virgo learned a little about his companion in return. Whether for better or worse, though, he never got to take this knowledge home.


A swamp troll ambushed them, and while Percula could easily evade it, her friend was not so fortunate. That, and he was foolish and decided he could take a troll out all on his own. Saffron left him for dead, rather reluctantly, though what she heard as she fled left her in no doubt of his fate.


Saddening as it was, it was this that led Percula to seriously consider leaving the swamp. She didn’t think other humans would act or react very differently around and to her, in comparison to Virgo, so she saw no harm in it. Packing what few belongings she had, she took off, zipping through the forest as fast as her wings could take her. Days passed of flying through the wilderness, somehow avoiding all contact with humans and most other creatures as she headed almost straight west, right through the forest of shadows. Thanks to her wings, that wasn’t a very big problem at all, but having to fly for days on end with little rest, no company, and very few places to find shelter became a huge problem she’d never faced before.


Maybe a week since Percula Saffron left Rognosst Swamp, worn down by the rigors of her journey across relatively open country, she ran into the knight Tom Drake and his party of (mostly) human friends, and since then has journey with the group as far south as Kemhet, and is still gallivanting through the Empire, namely with her newfound lover, Caiden Voros.


(TL;DR: curious pixie meets a human explorer, learning something about their culture before she’s forced to leave him to die at a monster’s hands. Leaves home to investigate humans more, meeting Tom Drake, Caiden Voros, and others. She joins them on various adventures [refer to campaign history] and continues to stick by Caiden to this day)


Campaign History:

-Free-roam from the very beginning of Errant ("Team Drake," later "Team Caiden"), including quests such as "The Beast of Illikon" and "The Mansion Mystery"

-Veritshire: The Changing of the Guard

-Chasing Shadows



-Perhaps the strongest and most obvious relationship Percula has is with Caiden Voros, her lover.

-She is on friendly terms with Marcus Capulet, Kye Vakurseth, and Tom Drake - though she’s reluctant to admit as much in that last case.

-Through no one’s fault but her own, she’s on shaky ground with Neitha Ardet.

-She views Agethar Twin-Axe as a good source of laughter, but little else.

-Percula will never, ever be friends with Albertus Lysander. Ever.



While tamed by her experience with such notable (mostly) humans as Caiden Voros and Tom Drake, Percula still retains a strong mischievous streak, courtesy of her childhood and fae nature. Fortunately for friends of Caiden, she (usually) also considers them her friends, and in any case is typically too busy either being occupied by her lover in one way or another or planning vengeance against Caid’s various enemies… not that it’s usually more than a slight pain in the arse. Perky usually doesn’t go for killing unless she loses her temper or someone really makes themselves a nuisance to herself or Caid - such as persons like Albertus Lysander.


While her love for Caiden is arguably her greatest strength and tie to morality, it’s also one of her greater weaknesses; Percula is, without a doubt, most frightened by the thought of losing Caiden… one way or another. It’s hardly a secret to those who know her well (essentially just Caiden, really) that his curse keeps her up at night, sometimes, even if she tries to find positive sides to it. Despite her attempts to find a silver lining to Caid’s current predicament, Perky’s dedicated herself to either trying to outright cure her lover or at the very least help him control his otherworldly taint.


Currency: 90 gold, 40 copper


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Posted 19 May 2017 - 04:00 PM

Looks great, as always, Burgs. For Perky's currency, she's going to get a bit of a boost since you've stuck with her so long and she's done so much - one of her shinies is incredibly valuable. :P 90 gold, 40 copper (no silver since, well, it would burn her)


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