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[NPC] Caiden Voros

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Caiden Voros

Full Name: Caiden Voros (pronounced: KAY-den V/O/R-/o/s)
Aliases: Caid (pronounced: KAYD), Blue-Eye, Cyclops, Redfield
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Achaean)
Birthplace: Redfield, Achaean Empire
Affinity: Magma
Deity: Apollo
Faction: Venatori
Talents: Martial Combat, Marksmanship, Survival, Acrobatics, Intimidation, [some] Education (Common Imperial), Venator Herbalism, Monster Lore
(NPC, attributes hidden)
Caiden Voros stands tall, with shoulders so broad he looks like he'd barely fit through many doorways and, people like to say, muscular arms as thick as tree trunks. But he does not look like a huge brute or thug: he still has an attractive, defined build of strong but lean muscle, despite being larger than any ordinary human. His lightly stubbled face is chiseled and strikingly handsome, and his dark eyebrows always manage to have a certain disciplined look - as does his one, deep blue eye, as his left eye is covered by a black eyepatch. He has many scars on his body of bite marks and slash wounds from monsters' claws (including vampire bite marks on his neck, and a huge werewolf bite on his abdomen), but most are covered by his armor.
  • Leather armor
  • Deepsilver chain vest
  • Blue cloak
  • Silver Venator brooch
  • Eyepatch
  • 3 clean bandages
  • 2 healing ointments
  • 3 sense-enhancing potions
  • 1 strength potion
  • 3 anti-curse potions (self use only)
  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
  • Potion supplies
  • Flint and tinder
  • Crossbow
  • Bolts (steel)
  • 5 bolts (silver)
  • Dagger (silver)
  • Broadsword (steel)
OTHER POSSESSIONS: A bay stallion, a Medium House in Redfield
Biography: One of the only survivors of a mage-induced undead apocalypse on his home city of Redfield, Caiden is a driven member of the Venatori who is willing to die for his belief in aiding and protecting others. Caiden himself is a former member of the Red Legion of Lake Demon, but he was cast out for his tendency to disobey orders... namely his inability to put military advantage over protecting the lives of innocents. After that, Caiden became a Venator, based on their noble goals. He was partnered with Gwen Vergil, and the two quickly became close friends. He has since gained a reputation as an incredibly skilled monster hunter, earning him the name "The Red Lion" due to his heritage, former service in the Red Legion, and his bravery and cunning on the hunt. Many also take it to be a reference to a manticore, the symbol of Lake Demon.
Other than this very vague information, Caiden remains obviously reluctant to divulge anything about his past, including specifics regarding the incident in Redfield, as well as anything about his late Venator partner. He has mentioned that he lost her during a hunt when they were ambushed by a werewolf, but little else.
Biography not yet fully unlocked.
Campaign History:
  • Free-roam from the very beginning of Errant ("Team Drake," later "Team Caiden"), including quests such as "The Beast of Illikon" and "The Mansion Mystery"
  • Veritshire: The Changing of the Guard
  • Chasing Shadows



  • Percula Saffron (lover)
  • Plexaura Voros (close sibling)
  • Marcus Capulet (close friend)
  • Neitha Ardet (close friend)
  • Tom Drake (close friend)
  • Kye (close friend)
  • Stevan Randal (close friend)
  • Ben Blackburn (close friend)
  • Rosette Saffron (friend)
  • Sarael Raia (friend)
  • Agethar (friend)
Currency: 10 gold coins, 12 silver coins, 40 copper coins


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