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Minfig Contest- Garandros: The Fallen Venator

Wulfgard Custom Minifig

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 11:43 PM

The Venator code states that once a man is half beast is no longer a man.He is dead.




A talented Venator, Garandros believes this more than most. When the woman he loved was afflicted with lycanthropy he could not bring himself to strike the killing blow. The hundreds killed in the local villages over the next few days are a burden he carries to this day. Eventually he found his love again in wolf form, and the two fought tooth and nail.


Having done the deed and made things right, Garandros passed out. Chewed up, bitten and bloody, he welcomed the end. But the end did not come.


Cursed by the very thing he swore to fight, Garandros considers himself a dead man. He welcomes death but is far too skilled to go quietly. Instead he uses the skills granted to him by his curse to fight the monsters of the world in an even more reckless and dangerous manner.


Garandros is under no illusions. He is a monster himself and returning to Castle Greywatch is no longer an option. Better to make his own way until he can welcome death as a friend.

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