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Sign-Up Topic - Info & Character Creation (includes sign-up sheet!)

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 02:22 PM

This is the sign-up thread, but that doesn't mean you're going to sign up here. This is just the information of how to make your character, as well as the sheet you will be using to sign up for the RP. Your sign-up itself will be posted in the individual topic for the campaign you're signing up for, or else it will go in the "General" sign-up thread, which is for people who just want to hop into the world and run around. Note that signing up specifically for a campaign doesn't restrict you from also just running around in the world without the campaign, nor does signing up in the general thread restrict you from later joining a campaign as that character.
Please make sure you read the rules and browse the FAQ thread for any questions you may have before signing up. Also please note the things I said in there about creative freedom.
Now, moving on, let's get to the fun part...
Character Creation
I've tried to simplify things as much as possible, but I'm just warning you, this RP runs on a structured ruleset (although it is not quite as number-based as Errant's). This is so that the game has some sense of randomization and chance, as well as making sure that no one gets favored over anyone else, you must play to your character's skills, and a variety of interesting situations will crop up.
The majority of this post is simply listing possibilities of things can play as, so I promise it's not as intimidating as it seems!
Links to a new and revised Nova Refuge wiki will be included in various topics throughout this board (and throughout this entire thread) when it is created. For now, please ask any questions regarding the world and the different species in the NR Q&A thread, or else just PM me. I'm always very happy to receive and answer any questions, so don't be shy!
I encourage you to pick a name that fits your species, but really you can use pretty much anything you please.
Human - Humans are, as usual, the standard species. They control a large section of Nova Refuge now, based out of their new homeworld Terra Nova. They do not receive any stat bonuses or penalties and excel in all areas. You may choose a particular nationality (Victorian, Xarkonian, Yavakarese, Zygbari), or a combination thereof. This may affect the way characters from other cultures/nations react to you, but will not affect your stats. Humans may be treated as short-lived and unintelligent by some races, but generally receive a decent amount of respect.
Achmer - Achmer are an aquatic species that cannot move about or breathe on land without the aid of a robotic suit. They receive considerable bonuses to all intelligence-based skills, but great penalties to physical and perceptive skills (however, they can move with great dexterity in the water). They are known for their cold, calculating intelligence, and they are often treated with respect but suspicion.
Mahlok - Mahlok are a terrestrial species that require warmth to survive. Their hide acts as natural armor against most types of weapons. They receive a bonus to armor and have the ability to create and manipulate fire from their bodies. They are generally regarded with great respect but extreme suspicion and even fear, and some tribes of Slashrim worship them like gods.
Sarran - Sarran are winged aliens that mostly resemble Humans. They receive bonuses to agility-based skills and perception. They are considered to be among the most beautiful of all species, particularly by Humans. They are often treated with respect and sometimes awe, though given that Sarran are not forthcoming with their secrets, not everyone will trust them immediately. Sarran have innate psionic powers that allow them to sense the emotions of others, and sometimes read their minds with physical contact.
Slashrim - The hulking, lizard-like Slashrim are among the mightiest of all species. They receive great bonuses to agility and/or strength, depending on their stage of growth (please specify your growth stage!), but may receive penalties to intelligence-based abilities. Slashrim are generally regarded as savages, though this assumption is sometimes incorrect.
Wrognoth - Wrognoth are a tall, hardy, and cunning mammalian species who are so rarely seen that Humans do not count them among the four primary sapient Natives. They receive great bonuses to agility and strength, and they have the sharpest senses of any species. Wrognoth do not often mingle with Humans or any other Natives, due to their nature and culture, and as such, they are often regarded with suspicion and fear.
For the time being, please see this thread for more info on the Wrognoth.
Your specialization is your general focus (think of it as your primary stat and/or set of stats), while your Skills are used to more specifically describe your character's unique abilities. The specializations can be found below:
Strength - Those who specialize in Strength focus on using their raw physical power to both fight and survive. You are better at using melee weapons of all types, and you may use larger and heavier weapons (melee or ranged) than other specializations. This is also the toughest specialization, so if raw survivability is your goal, you just found it.
Agility - Those who specialize in Agility focus on using their speed in combat. You are better at sneaking than other specializations, and you are faster on your feet, but you may not use the heaviest types of weapons. You are more likely to dodge attacks than other specializations, but if you do get hit, you cannot take the damage quite as well.
Intelligence - Those who specialize in Intelligence focus on using their brains to get themselves out of trouble. You are more observant than other specializations and therefore are more likely to notice ways to use the environment to your advantage. You have more general knowledge of the world than other specializations, and you are generally better at most skills. However, you are not quite as agile or tough as other specializations, and therefore are more prone to taking damage.

Your skills coexist with your Specialization to make up your character's abilities. Some skills are restricted according to Species and Specialization. Choose up to three. If there's something missing from this list that you want your character to be able to specialize in, feel free to mention it and you might just get it.
Skills List:


Which group you belong to, if any, will greatly effect your gameplay in a variety of ways (not all of which are mentioned here). Note any potential species restrictions on the factions. If you're uncertain about whether or not a faction would accept your character, don't hesitate to ask me about it. Also, if you choose not to pick a faction, that doesn't mean you can't join a faction later, in-game.
More factions will be added to the list in later patches and/or by request.
Faction List:

This is where you will specify your character's inventory. Try not to pick anything too advanced. You can have specialized equipment based on your character's faction, however. Also, if you have too much in your inventory, you might find yourself a little weighed down, so try to keep it reasonable.
This is where you write about your character's background, story, current profession, motivations... whatever you like, really. I will try to factor these into the final character sheets. But I don't need positively enormous bios, and I won't judge people by a bio-measuring contest. Just be sure to leave yourself a lot of room to expand during the RP itself.
However, please mention your nationality (especially for humans: Victorian, Xarkonian, etc), if you have not already mentioned it elsewhere, and I would prefer enough information to know how to set up particularly interesting situations for you. I'm also allowing for player-created questlines, which I'll discuss with you in PMs, so keep those in mind in case you want to RP out some kind of character arc with other players. Please don't withhold pertinent information.
Just copy-paste this into your post in either the thread for the campaign you're joining, or the general sign-up thread, and fill it out. If there is anything that you feel I left out or didn't address, feel free to bring it up.
Again, to sign up for Adrift, you must use the sign-up sheet provided here and the info in this topic. You can either sign up in the general sign-up thread or sign up for a specific campaign (an individual topic made by a DM, be that DM me or another forum member).


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