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FAQ, Rules, and General Info - What is Errant and how does it work? (READ ME FIRST!)

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Posted 24 January 2015 - 09:50 AM

DISCLAIMER: The events in this RPG are to be considered absolutely non-canon to the stories of Wulfgard. In fact, certain quests and events will directly contradict the main storyline and other storylines. This will both avoid any potential spoilers and give players the opportunity to influence the world, and its characters, in ways they never could during a truly canon RPG.
Nothing in this RPG should be considered true to the official novels, comics, and other stories of Wulfgard.
Welcome to Errant, a Persistent World Wulfgard RPG. This is a way people can enjoy interacting with other players, running quests, playing multiple storylines, and exploring their characters. It's meant to be casual and relaxed. You can participate in my campaigns, take part in world events, make your own campaign and DM it yourself, become a part of a large setting full of mystery and adventure, make friends and enemies of your fellow players, and even work alongside NPCs to achieve your goals.
Since this RPG takes place in Wulfgard, you are encouraged (but not strictly required) to brush up on certain aspects of Wulfgard lore (the wiki is the best place to do so) before diving in.
Note that this RP sometimes plays relatively loose with the lore, and Wulfgard lore is very classical fantasy anyway, so don't worry yourself about it too much. Just think of it as medieval dark fantasy.
Regardless, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me and ask. I'm always happy to answer. For more info on all of that and how Errant relates to Wulfgard and why I made this RPG, see my final comments in this post.


Now, moving on...



1. Follow the rules of SSLF (of course).


2. Follow the curse word rules of SSLF.


3. Respect and obey your RP admin (that's me). What I say goes, no matter what it is.


4. What happens IC stays IC. Player characters and NPCs alike will inevitably conflict, but this should by no means ever be taken as an indication of spite among players (and conflict is, in fact, often very fun). This is a game. Don't make things personal. The same goes for holding grudges against characters if/when you meet them in other media. What happens in Errant stays in Errant (especially since, as mentioned, Errant runs on its own, separate canon, anyway).


5. Always take at least one action or say one line of dialogue in your post. Your posts should be interacting with the world, other player(s), or NPC(s). You and your fellow players are the driving forces of this RPG. Your posts should contribute in at least a small way. Standing in the corner and thinking about everything that happened but taking absolutely no actions and/or saying no dialogue in your post is contributing nothing to the RPG.


6. Do not be afraid to take risks and make bold moves. Rocking the boat is always a good time. If you play a more reserved character, that's fine, but if you play a more chaotic character, then don't be afraid to do whatever your character would do in any given situation. I don't penalize players for doing any degree of unexpected things. I often enjoy it, and it'll make for more interesting situations for both myself and other players.


7. This RPG is set in the medieval fantasy world of Wulfgard. You must adhere to the rules of the setting.


Rules may be updated as the RPG goes along and more issues arise. I'll always point this out this in future patch notes, if it occurs.

(note: I know this section is intimidating. If you've ever RPed before, you probably know most things this section is going to tell you, so there's no need to read through all of it and take notes. However, if you have a specific question on how Errant works, it's almost certainly answered here somewhere, so just look around for it)
So how does it work?
Firstly, each zone topic in the IC board is a zone/area in the RPG world, not a separate RPG. Players can come and go through zones as they please. They will move through topics as a player would move through zones in a game world. New topics will be created for zones as players travel to them.
This is to keep players from having to check one large, cluttered topic and specifically search for posts relevant to their character. Simply know which zone you are in (I'll make sure everyone knows this), and you can check that topic exclusively for updates and interactions related to your character.
However, each player - when entering a new zone - should read my starting post for that thread. It will provide the player with a sense of what the zone looks like in general. Further details relevant to the player's specific surroundings will be provided in posts directed at them, however, as they move through the game world. Improved descriptions may be added in future patches.
What do I have to do to make things happen?
You must interact with the world and the people in it. I cannot stress enough how important it is for players to take actions. If you don't take an action, nothing will happen. Errant is a reactive RP. You must tell me what you're doing (attacking, speaking, looking around, etc.), or else nothing is going to happen and you will never advance anywhere. If you don't post, I don't post replying to you.
The only times that something might happen without you reacting is when your group moves on to a new location or some such. However, your character will be doing nothing and taking no actions; they will just be along for the ride, silent and useless. So don't be silent or useless to your fellow players or NPCs - always take an action, no matter how minor it is!
What is a persistent world?


A persistent world is an RPG term used by players of the video game Neverwinter Nights. A persistent world is a RPG server in which the players' actions remain constant. That is to say, whatever you do in Errant will not disappear over time. A persistent world is a world is precisely that - elements persist over time, actions you take and actions others take. It also persists without you even when you are not there.


How do I sign up?


Errant is heavily based around characters - namely, player characters, and occasionally important NPCs. Therefore, creating your character should be a fun and important experience, as you want to make a character you will stick with and develop over the course of your time in the persistent world.


This is why the Character Creation board exists - it's dedicated entirely to the characters of Errant. So, to sign up, visit this board - if you're still confused, be sure to head to this info topic first for some simplified instructions, and it will take you down the right path to creating your character. If you're having trouble coming up with a character, you can also drop by this thread. Have fun, and see you in the world!


Which topics are OOC (Out of Character) and which are IC (In Character)?


There are three subforums, one is IC (the Persistent World forum) and two are OOC (this forum and the Character Creation forum).


How do I sign up for a campaign with the character I have posted in the Character Creation forum?


Simply reply to the campaign thread saying that you want to use that character - please don't re-post their entire character sheet, though! All you need to do is link to the character's topic in the Character Creation board. The same applies to if you are signing up to free-roam in Errant.


How do I make my own campaign?


Go ahead and make it! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to PM me. All you do to make your own campaign is make a sign-up topic for your campaign (that means your RP). You will be the DM of your campaign, obviously. You should direct your players to the Character Sheet thread in the Character Creation board so that they can make their characters. Please be sure to specify what races are and aren't allowed in your campaign, if you want those restrictions.


Can I control multiple characters?


Yes, you can.


How do NPC companions work?


NPC companions work just like having another player around, except they are a NPC controlled by me. The majority of NPC companions have their own stories and conflicts (many even have unique quests), and just like any other character, the more you interact with them, the more you'll get to know them. If they trust you enough, they might even put their life on the line for your sake - or they might try to kill you, if you make them mad enough and turn your back on them. Essentially, as I said, it's just like interacting with any other player. This isn't like some video games, where they'll follow you no matter what you do.


You never know which NPCs might be available as companions. You also never know what they might have in store for you. Be sure to check the NPC Companion List topic (in the Character Creation board) for info on NPCs that are already a part of existing player groups.


How do quests work?


Quests (ones that I run, anyway) are unmarked and unannounced; you have to go looking for them yourself, if you aren't already on a campaign. There is no journal system, either. But, rest assured, quests are out there just waiting for you to find them. There are a wide variety of quests in various genres, including (but not limited to)... mystery, action/adventure, dungeon romping (a mix of the former categories and in general a very dangerous but exciting undertaking), romance (I'm not kidding here), survival, and much more.


Can I level up?


No. However, you can earn new talents. There is no level up system in Errant - your initial stats are your eternal stats, but you might just gain new abilities. Also, your character may gain prestige in certain areas and/or with certain people or groups, and you may also acquire better gear - and more gold, with which you can buy many things, including a new horse or even a house (for more details on these, see the various threads in the Character Creation forum). You may also undergo certain unusual changes in the game world, such as if you end up contracting lycanthropy, vampirism, or acquire some form of magic (be it demonic, divine, spiritual, or something else).


So I can go anywhere I want?


Yes. Errant is a completely open world in which you are able (and encouraged) to explore.


When can I expect a DM post?


I have no set schedule for DM posts, though for certain campaigns, I will try to lay out and specify a schedule for major updates. I will generally post more actively and respond to the NPC conversations players are holding, as well as their actions, etc. I post very actively when I can, especially if someone is speaking to an NPC companion. I don't like to leave anyone hanging in any scenario if I can possibly help it for long (plus I enjoy NPC interactions immensely).


However, when I do not have time to DM post, everyone is encouraged to interact with each other and entertain themselves in the meantime. Players interacting with each other is the heart and soul of any character-driven roleplaying game, and character development cannot happen without interacting with players, NPCs, and the world around you.


I'll always do my best to keep Errant as active as possible and prevent anyone from having to wait, but sometimes life happens. When it does, all I can do is ask for everyone's patience.


Am I obligated to post during a certain timeframe?


While I certainly encourage frequent posting and my favorite players are active players, I am not requiring anyone to strictly adhere to any posting time rules. This is a casual RP for fun. If you have to go somewhere and will be unable to post, please do let me know, but I will not kill your character or penalize you in any way while you are unable to post.


Also, if you are going to be inactive for an extended period of time, again, let me know and your character will essentially go into stasis. If you are gone for several weeks or a month or more, when you are interested in participating again, just let me know and I can arrange to have your existing character join an active player group (or else you can sign up as a new character, if that's what you want to do).


Is there a limit on how often I can post?


Absolutely not. In fact, I encourage you to post fast and frequently if you are interacting with another player or even responding to fast and frequent DM posts. Don't keep anyone waiting just because you feel like you're "spamming" the topic. A lot of people haven't noticed, but SSLF doesn't even have a "no spam" rule anymore.


However, please note that when you take an action, you should wait for me to tell you the result of that action before taking another one. However, you can still continue any potential conversations while waiting for me to reply.


You are not going to be penalized in any way for rapid-fire posting with another player just to have another conversation. As long as the other person has responded, respond to them as often as you like. Back-and-forth conversations are one of the most awkward things to do in a forum RP, but I love those, and I love seeing players do those in RPGs. So, by all means, if you're both online and posting actively in the thread, just keep right on at it.


How many actions can I take in my reply?


This depends entirely on the situation. In most any case, take just one action per post. To be more specific:

  • If you are in a combat situation, take only one action against an enemy. You cannot kill everything around you. This is a structured RPG that runs on rules.
  • If you are in a conversation, talk as much as you please and another player/NPC will try to respond to each relevant part. However, if you get too carried away and make your character ramble on (although this can be perfectly justified under some circumstances, like explaining his/her past to another character or something), the flow of the conversation could be lost, so I encourage shorter conversation posts so that other people can participate more readily.
  • If you are exploring a zone, specify where exactly your character is going so I can describe what you find. For instance, if you are in a city and want to find a tavern, simply say that your character set off in search of a tavern.
  • If you are investigating a crime scene or participating in some other quest event, you also should generally just take one action.

Just post naturally. In general, you can tell when you should and shouldn't take a lot of actions in your post. Always be as specific as possible so that I know just what your character is doing/looking at/looking for, so that I can respond accordingly. However, you always have more chances to reply, so don't sweat it if you have a lot of things you want to do. Just do them in separate posts. It's more fun that way, too.


What might result in a permanent player character death?


Disobeying the rules or getting yourself into a very, very bad situation (hopefully the latter will not happen often, and it is easily preventable by you). This is a casual RP, as I've mentioned, and I don't agree with permanently killing anyone's character. I appreciate the simple fact that you took the time and interest to sign up for this RP, and I'm not going to punish you for it unless you cause trouble for me by disobeying the rules. Only under certain very unique circumstances could you possibly die permanently through player actions - I'd try to keep you alive, but if you just do something really, really stupid that you know you shouldn't do, there's not a whole lot I can do to help you. However, if you flagrantly disobey the rules and then continue to do so even after I warn you to stop, your character will face perma-death and you will be banned from participating in the RPG.


For more details, see this thread.



DISCLAIMER: The events in this RPG are to be considered absolutely non-canon to the stories of Wulfgard. In fact, certain quests and events will directly contradict the main storyline and other storylines. This will both avoid any potential spoilers and give players the opportunity to influence the world, and its characters, in ways they never could during a truly canon RPG.

Nothing in this RPG should be considered true to the official novels, comics, and other stories of Wulfgard.


A few closing comments...


Let me tell you a story. I would not be here today, writing this RP - and I might not even be working on Wulfgard to the same degree - if it was not for that RP server, the Village of Creation (VoC), AKA The Nameless Land, in Neverwinter Nights. It was a huge influence on my life, and it still is today. I still have a lot of my old characters and stories from that server, and the friends I made there helped inspire me to continue writing.


Role-playing means a lot to me - more than it should and certainly far more than I can tell you. It's helped shape who I am and who I want to be. Roleplaying, to me, is one of the most fun things a person can do. It offers fun and relaxation, it offers inspiration, it offers character exploration, it offers friendship, it offers a community of others like you who share your interests, and it offers so much more.


So please, come into Errant with a plan to be relaxed and have fun. Don't use this RP as a basis to judge Wulfgard and its characters and plots (you should read the novels, comics, and the stories on the site to do that). This RP simply can't be used for that purpose, as the RP isn't intended for that purpose to begin with. The true heart of Wulfgard is its stories and characters written by me and Scorp.


Likewise, you also shouldn't judge this RP based on the fact that it's set in Wulfgard.


In the end, I'd like for this RPG to be used for entertainment and relaxation, and for inspiration and character/idea exploration. So let's have some fun!


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