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Just like with everything else in my life, I'm late on this again!










Little tidbits to keep in mind!

- Don't worry about drawing the massive sheathe for Stormblade! 

- Stormblade's Sword should be pulsing with some unholy looking energy.

- Stormblade should also be a solid foot taller than Wolf (really difficult to show that with LEGO lol).

- No need to worry about the power blast effect in Wolf's left hand.

- Wolf's left arm is made entirely of magic, and should look glowy!


If you decided to draw this, have fun!

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27 September 2018 - 05:28 PM

Because I couldn't wait, I'm going to go ahead and jump into the next part of army building:


Setting Unit Types


Alright, you've got a leader, banner/colors (or both), a home, an army size, and divisions within the army. It's time to pull everything together!


Now, before you go setting units, let's talk about Army Themes. An army theme is a broad description of your army. It should be something rather simple, no greater than a sentence.



- The Black Falcons are an army of knights and soldiers.

- The Forest Elves are an army of foresters and scouts.

- The Arcane Collective is an army of mages and sorcerers.


The theme will ultimately dictate what your regular units will be. If you decided to go with the Black Falcons example, your regular units should consist of more knight like figures. It a group of mages appeared as regular units, that would just be weird!


Once the theme is set, it's time to to decide what unit types your regulars will have. I'll go ahead and reuse the Black Falcons from the last post.


Black Falcon Army
* = Special Units
Soft-Cap: 20
Theme: The Black Falcons are an army of knights and soldiers.
- 4 Units to Swordsmen
- 4 Units to Spearmen
- 4 Units to Crossbowmen
- 4 Units to Type D*
- 4 Units to Type E*
As stated earlier, the regular units represent the theme which was set earlier. Which now brings us to the really cool part of army building: Special Units!
Special units allow you to add flavor to your army. So, what makes them so special? That's simple! They aren't bound by the army theme. Basically, special units can be anything! It could even be elite units of your regulars! Please note, these units do not count as uniques! While they can be unique figures, they aren't one of a kind. 
Black Falcon Army
* = Special Units
Soft-Cap: 20
Theme: The Black Falcons are an army of knights and soldiers.
- 4 Units to Swordsmen
- 4 Units to Spearmen
- 4 Units to Crossbowmen
- 4 Units to Mages
- 4 Units to Heavy Cavalry


Special units are there to allow you to counter weakness, expand on strength, and add flavor to an otherwise generic army.


So, let me go ahead and follow the example!


The Army of Bara-Gol
* = Special Units
Theme: The Bara-Gol Orcs are an army of fierce warriors.
Soft-Cap: 200
- 25 Units of Axemen
- 25 Units of Two-Handed Axemen (Orc Armsmen)
- 25 Units of Archers 
- 25 Units of Swordsmen
- 25 Units of Dual-Wielders (Orc Maulers)
- 25 Units of Spearmen
- 10 Units of Elite Cavalry (Blood Lords)
- 10 Units of Hunters
- 10 Units of Cavalry (Warg Cavalry)
- 10 Units of Shaman
- 10 Units of Rogues (Stalkers)
And there we go! Again, at this point, you shouldn't have any figs (or very little if you do have some). Which brings us to an end for this section.
Next, we will begin to discuss acquiring weaponry for your units!

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27 September 2018 - 04:20 PM

Hello and welcome back!


For today's update, let's talk about something I call, "The Numbers Game."


The Number's Game consists of the following set of tasks:


1) Creating a "soft-cap" for your army.

2) Dividing the "soft-cap" to create unit divisions.


Let's walk through these two little tasks then!


Creating a "soft-cap"


- First off, let's define "soft-cap." A soft-cap is the number that you are looking to hit for your base army, but it can be greater than the number set. Typically, this number represents the entirety of a standing army. This includes regular units and special forces, but does not include unique figures, or other figures (units piloting vehicles, siege weapon crews, other creatures, etc.). The idea for a soft-cap is that this is where you'll ideally want to get your army at. However, you might decide to go above the number at a different time. As general advice, this should be an achievable number, based off of the availability of resources. However, if you do need a good starting number I would personally recommend going with 15 or 25 units for starters. That gives you enough room for some creativity, but it isn't outrageously huge!


Dividing the soft-cap


- Once the soft-cap is set, it's time to begin divvying up the army! This step is pretty fun, because you get to decide what units you want to create, and how many you want to create! This step should factor in your regular units and special units. Remember, uniques, pilots, and crews are not added into this number.


So, now that those have been explained, here's what it looks like!




Black Falcon Army


* = Special Units


Soft-Cap: 20

- 4 Units to Type A

- 4 Units to Type B

- 4 Units to Type C

- 4 Units to Type D*

- 4 Units to Type E*


Keep in mind, your army does not need to remain even! It could look like:


Soft-Cap: 20

- 8 Units to Type A

- 4 Units to Type B

- 4 Units to Type C

- 2 Units to Type D*

- 2 Units to Type E*


In the end, it really is up to you to decide how many of a certain unit type you'll want! This number can be adjusted as you're building the army, but for starters, you should pick a number and stick with it.


That's all there is to it! It's deciding on a size number and splitting it up for different units!


Since I've described it, let me go ahead and do this!



The Army of Bara-Gol


* = Special Units


Soft-Cap: 200

- 25 Units of Type A

- 25 Units of Type B

- 25 Units of Type C

- 25 Units of Type D

- 25 Units of Type E

- 25 Units of Type F

- 10 Units of Type G*

- 10 Units of Type H*

- 10 Units of Type I*

- 10 Units of Type J*

- 10 Units of Type K*


And blamo! My next army is now divided up!


Oh, and at this point, you shouldn't be accumulating any minifgs yet! Don't worry, we're getting closer, but there is still another step of planning that needs to be dealt with!


And that my friends, is setting unit types!

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25 September 2018 - 02:13 PM

Over 400 and counting...





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21 September 2018 - 06:05 PM











Name: Analise Caro

Champion Name: Druid

Affiliation: Champion of Light




Here we go again! Let's start with the parts! Cloth bits are from CapeMadness and the waistcloth is from Arealight Customs. Everything else is from TLG. Not much else to really say. She's quite a simple figure!


Druid is one of the many denizens of the Champion's Realm. Hailing from the Mystic Forest, she was raised to have great respect for the forest. Her mother, raised her in a nearby swamp, where she tended to the land, seeking to study a potential darkness within. Eventually, her mother disappeared, leaving only her journal behind, requesting that Analise finish the work she began. Although curious to follow her mother, Analise stayed behind, investigating the swamp. Over time, she further grew in nature magic, allowing her to use the land around her.


Analise is very compassionate, often choosing to help even the littlest of beings. Much like her mother, Druid is quite intelligent, and has a knack for both magical and nature study.




Name: Argus Skal
Champion Name: Gale
Affiliation: Champion of Light
Similar to the last figure, the cloth is from CapeMadness, the vambraces and sword are from Arealight Customs. Everything else is good ol' TLG!
Gale is the last of his race. Long ago, he and his people chose not to surrender to the Aldaari Empire, which was a very powerful empire of elves. Well, the Emperor didn't like that, so he sent Stormblade (see several posts ago) to eradicate the tribe of wind warriors. Argus was but a young man when the Prince began the systematic slaughter of his people. In the end, he was spared, simply because the Prince hoped he would return one day to put up a worthy challenge. To further cement this, Stormblade burned his body. Argus survived, choosing to don his people's armor, hoping to one day slay the Prince.
Gale commands wind magic and wields an Aldaari Warblade, which he scavenged from the battlefield. His suit contains all of the necessary materials needed to ease his pain and further enhance his magic. Wind magic can be used as both projectiles and an enhancements. This includes gliding, hurling wind blasts, and much more. 
Name: Okami Talon
Champion Name: Wolf
Affiliation: Champion of Light




I don't know how many iterations I've gone through for this guy's design. Cloth bits are from CapeMadness, torso decals are from Saber-Scorpion, the katana is from BrickWarriors, and the fingerless glove is from EclipseGrafx. Everything is else is from TLG.


And so the Talon family continues! His father is Orion Talon, and his mother is Kyora Mitsuna (Nightshade). If you're wondering why he has a glowy arm, that's because he was born with a magic arm. This was caused by an intense amount of magic exposure his mother went through when someone flew a space ship she was on through a magic storm (more on that at a later date). The white hair will also be explained at a later date; just know that it wasn't initially like that. The variant of him that you're seeing right now is him following the destruction of Legion. Like many of my main characters (and trust me, this is by far one of my favorite characters), I can't really spoil too much about him, at least not here. 


His powers basically consists of a combination of both his parent's powers. Most of his sword techniques he learned from both his uncle and another infamous individual. He typically hides his true potential by never fighting with everything he's got. You really have to work to get him to come at you with everything he's got. Speaking of which, he rather laid back and quite friendly. 


Oh, and for whatever reason, he's commonly referred to as, "Blue".


That's all for now!


Can't say too much yet, but hey hope you liked the figs!