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Yesterday, 12:21 AM

I was all ready to love Deadpool 2, but then it went and pulled a really dumb stunt in the first ten minutes that totally put me off, and for the rest of the movie I was just sort of... eh, whatever, bruh. I mean, I still enjoyed it, and it's still a fun time with some good laughs, but in terms of tone I don't really think they got it. I'm OK with it being 100% dumb all the time, but it isn't; it tries to be serious sometimes, too, and every time it did I couldn't help but think "Oh no baby what is you doing?".


But, yeah, action's good, jokes are mostly funny, lots of good stuff in there. Domino stole the show for me. I've been just a liiittle bit completely in love with Zazie Beetz since seeing her on Atlanta (did you see that one where she speaks fluent German? Oh my gaaaaaawd), and she's great in this movie. I'd honestly rather have a Domino 2 than a Deadpool 3; her powers are way more fun to watch and it's so refreshing to see a superhero who's just kind of fun and happy-go-lucky without needing to shout a meme into the camera every time they're on screen like a certain red and black fellow who may or may not be the main character of this movie.


OK here's some spoiler-y bits:




EDIT - I just realised I forgot to talk about a bunch of different stuff I watched ages ago, so lemme just run through these bad boys quickly before they leak out of my useless brain forever:


Search Party: It's a show about vapid New York millennials, one of whom (played by Maebe from Arrested Development) takes it upon herself to search for a missing person she kinda sorta knew from college. It starts off as a comedy but pretty quickly turns into a black comedy, and then the second season kind of drops the comedy to become an almost uncomfortably tense thriller. It's pretty good. I should mention that I blasted through both seasons in like three days, just leaving it on in the background and focusing in when my lizard brain detected it getting juicy, and that approach tends to smooth over any problems that might be there, so I don't know if it's amazing or anything, but I liked it.


The Night Manager: Tom Hiddleston's audition reel for James Bond, basically. He's a former hotel night manager, recruited by MI6 to infiltrate the entourage of Hugh Laurie, a famous humanitarian who secretly runs a huge evil gun-running empire supplying all manner of terrorism-enabling weaponry to bad guys. It's decent, but nothing to write home about, really, and I don't think Hiddleston has what it takes to be Bond. He's too... I don't know, reedy? Dorky? A couple of times in this series people will throw things to him, and he catches them like a huge nerd who has to concentrate super hard to catch things, not like a cool spy who can do that kind of thing effortlessly, y'know? James Bond catches things casually in one hand, not by panicking and clutching them against his chest with both hands. Try harder, Hiddleston.


Atlanta: k, I know it's passe to bring up Donald Glover being an artistic genius who can do everything at this point, but he is a really cool guy who makes good stuff. Season 1 of Atlanta is a great show about a guy struggling to manage his cousin's fledgling rap career, and then Season 2 is that... but also sometimes they'll just do a totally random episode about a single character that has nothing to do with anything else, and it's still great! It reminded me of Louis CK's show, where he started off with kind of a standard "watch Louis get dunked on by life" thing and then steadily went off the deep end into avant-garde rubbish as the seasons went on, except where Louis CK's show ended up unwatchable, Donald Glover's show just gets better. Also, Donald Glover didn't turn out to be a pervert :P


Happy Valley: I LOVE THIS SHOW! I saw a recommendation that likened it to Broadchurch, which is what drew me to it in the first place, but I think this might actually be even better than Broadchurch was. Happy Valley is an English cop show set in Halifax, which is oop North where people just "go pub" instead of "go to the pub", about a uniformed Sergeant in her 50s named Catherine Cawood who is the most put-upon character I've ever seen. She's burdened with raising the nightmare son of her daughter who was raped and hanged herself, while simultaneously trying to rescue a local girl who's been kidnapped by none other than the recently-paroled animal who raped her daughter and fathered said nightmare son. She's the kind of person who unconsciously makes everyone else's problems her own, trying to help wherever she can, and she's just a fantastically-written character; heavily-flawed (heavily), but also fiercely clever, dogged, and played by an absolutely amazing actress named Sarah Lancashire. I watched the whole two seasons of the show with my Mum, who's the most voracious consumer of BBC cop dramas you'll ever meet, and we couldn't get enough of this thing. It's the kind of show that's just so intense that you almost regret even starting it, because you know you aren't going to be able to think about anything else until it's done. There are two six-episode seasons at the moment, and they're excellent, and hopefully there'll be a third at some point in the future. Ooh it's good.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Eeeeeeh... I can see why Frances McDormand got the Oscar for this movie, since she's fantastic in it, but it's a really long, meandering movie that just sort of ends after a while and leaves you thinking... OK, I guess? It's fine, I suppose. It's the kind of thing you enjoy while you're watching it because the performances are good, but at the back of your mind you're thinking "OK, but what's next?", and then you get to the end and you find out that that's all there was. 


The Handmaid's Tale: This show is really good, but it's terribly depressing and I always feel like I want to stop watching it because I can't take it. The last episode I watched had Peggie from Mad Men just about to escape her nightmare life of being raped until she can pop out a baby for her assigned governor of the barbaric religious theocracy that was once known as America by flying over the border in a light plane, until the powers that be basically pull her back to Earth by the plane's tail fin, and I haven't seen an episode since because I just can't take it.

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22 May 2018 - 03:09 AM

Megaton announcement for SSLF's hundreds upon hundreds of Yakuza fans: they're remastering Yakuzas 3, 4 and 5 for the PS4, with higher resolution and framerate. They aren't full remakes like Kiwami and Kiwami 2, but considering 3, 4 and 5 were PS3 games to begin with and are much more modern and playable, I think just bumping them up to 1080p and 60FPS will do just fine. And hopefully they won't take too long to bring out in English, since the original games are already localised. After this you'll be able to play the entire mainline Yakuza series on PS4: 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 3HD, 4HD, 5HD and 6.


EDIT - Microsoft's E3 show is going to be two hours long this year:




And Microsoft doesn't have any VR or Amiibo stuff to pad out that time with, so hopefully it'll be games games games. I'm ready, boyeeeeeeeee


EDIT - Sunset Overdrive, which I think might actually be the last remaining Xbox One exclusive that doesn't have a PC port... has been rated for PC in Korea. Which is great because I want to play that bad boy!


And Nintendo has filed a trademark for some new Nintendo 64 related thing, so I think we can lock in an N64 Classic for later this year.


EDIT - And there's a Battlefield V now:


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21 May 2018 - 07:20 PM

BEEP. BEEP. It's your regularly scheduled JOHN WICK 3 NEWS UPDATE!


Today we learn that, joining Keanu Reeves and friends in John Wick 3 will be:


Halle Berry

Anjelica Huston

Mark Dacascos

Yayan Ruhian (bad guy from The Raid 1)

Cecep Arif Rahman (bad guy from The Raid 2)

Tiger Chen (main guy from Man of Tai Chi, little sunglasses dude from the chateau fight in Matrix Reloaded)

Jason Mantzoukas (ZOOKS!)


You guys who isn't in this movie? And, followup question, give me one reason why this won't be the best movie ever made. Oh, you can't? Yeah, I thought so.

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21 May 2018 - 03:54 AM

I've been playing Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin, a.k.a. Yakuza Ishin, a.k.a. that one Yakuza spinoff set in samurai sword Japan that came out early in the PS4's lifespan and was never translated into English, a.k.a. just watch this trailer and tell me it doesn't look sick:



So the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio makes a lot of these games, and they're all set in the same city with the same characters rolling in and out, and I think every now and then they get a bit sick of it and have to do something different. So far we've had two sword-and-sandal spinoffs, one zombie spinoff, and one Fist of the North Star spinoff, and even two PSP games with a different character that I don't think ever saw the light of day outside Japan. The one we're looking at here is the second samurai sword game, set in around about 1860 by our Western calendar, during a time that the Japanese call Ishin and we Westerners call the Meiji Restoration. Long story short, Japan is switching over from the Feudal system with Shogunates and swords and stuff to the Imperial system with a new capital city and guns. The game is mostly set in Kyoto, Japan's old capital city in the last few years before they switch capitals and rename Edo as Tokyo, and we're playing as a fellow named Ryoma Sakamoto (who I understand is actually a real figure from history, but I don't want to read up on him too much for fear of spoiling this game's story for myself).


But before you get the impression that this is some sober, fact-checked take on real Japanese history, just know that I've spent the last ten hours tracking an actual Ninja who broke into my home town's castle and killed my Dad with an incredibly powerful secret martial arts style. I made friends with the proprietor of an udon restaurant who was so taken with my skills playing his udon-selling minigame that he asked me to run a second branch of his franchise for him. A man who'd fished every day for years but never once caught anything asked me to give him some of my fish so he could convince his wife to let him keep fishing every day. The teacher at a local dancing academy was so taken by the grace and prowess I showed while violently assaulting the ruffians trying to mug her that she invited me to dance on stage. Oh, and one time I was at a bathhouse when some guy stole my clothes and I had to chase him through the city in a loincloth, and THAT ISN'T EVEN THE NAKEDEST I'VE BEEN IN THIS GAME:




I guess I always mentally wrote this game off as something smaller in scale than your typical Yakuza, since they never bothered selling it in the West and I'd always heard it was 'just' a spinoff, but I was super wrong because this game is huge and every bit as wonderfully silly as all the other Yakuzas. I don't think there's any series out there that can so expertly flit back and forth between pure absurdity and genuinely good dramatic moments. One minute you're infiltrating the powerful, corrupt secret police force of the day to take down their murderous captains from within, and the other you'll be bluffing your way through a class at the local school teaching the kids which country is which on a primitive globe of the world after their teacher flags you down begging for help because he's never so much as seen a map before. You have four different fighting styles, but they all run the gamut from perfectly mo-cap'd, period-appropriate sword techniques to kicking a guy into the air and shooting him three times before he hits the ground again. If you do a context-sensitive special move near a body of water you just pick a dude up like a sack of potatoes and throw him straight in. It's the best.


The cool thing about these Yakuza spinoffs is that they keep the same cast of characters we know and love from the regular Yakuzas, but they 'recast' them as different people. Eagle-eyed regular readers of my overlong posts about Yakuza games might notice series regular Kiryu in that gif up there, fighting Ryuji Gohda (main villain of Yakuza 2). In fact, it's actually Kiryu's voice actor and Kiryu's face, but recast as Ryoma Sakamoto. Likewise, Ryuji is playing a different guy, and practically every character in this game is a reimagined version of a series mainstay. Some of them are more or less the same person as always, but often they'll be playing a different take on their usual character, and it's a lot of fun to see who's 'playing' who. It's something I don't think I've ever seen in any other game; not just a voice actor playing a different character, but a voice actor playing a character who is playing a different character. I like it a lot.


So I'm trying to go off and join the Shinsengumi, but the game just opened up a huge new section of Kyoto to explore and there are a million things I need to do and people I need to talk to before I move on with the main story. God I love these games.


I've also been playing Zero Time Dilemma, the third in the series of Zero Escape games after 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. This time it's less visual novel than just a series of cutscenes with terrible low-budget 3D models and animation, but it is at least good Japanese practice for me. I've heard nothing but bad things about this game, and it's hard not to let that kind of reception get to you when you go into a game. You're always thinking, "Is this the bad part? That wasn't so bad; when's it going to get really bad?", and it colours every moment of the experience. I don't think this game has been all that bad so far... buuuut I just hit a twist so ridiculous that I think I might understand what people are talking about. I'm right near the end, though, so I'm going to finish it before I go into any detail. Maybe it gets worse!

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14 May 2018 - 08:22 AM

Rage 2 is real, and it looks like Sunset Overdrive and Mad Max had a baby. Or, like, if Borderlands was good. Apparently gameplay is coming tomorrow, but for now enjoy this nonsense. It comes to us from Bethesda and Avalanche Studios (the Just Cause duders):



Also there's a new rumour going around that Retro Studios, aka those guys what made Metroid Prime and have been dead silent for the last four years or so, have been working on a Star Fox Racing game named Star Fox Grand Prix. It started with a the darkest nether region of the Internet which shall not be named leak, which would otherwise sink a rumour before it went anywhere, only this time a couple of Eurogamer editors say that this matches up with behind-the-scenes things that have been a'stirrin'.




EDIT - Rage 2's lookin' pretty good: