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The Lair Shop Update: Q4 2020

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 24 November 2020 · 27,000 views

Copy-pasting the original news post on the main website:
I really need to make news posts here more often! Maybe I could at least start making quarterly news posts? At any rate, for more frequent updates, be sure to follow me on social media, using the icon buttons on the front page or at the bottom of the website! Like, share, and subscribe! I appreciate it.
Now, on to the new stuff! Here is everything I’ve added since the last news post. Check ’em out!

New Minifigures:
– Limited Edition: Vhaidra and Nikodemos
– Anime Adventurer Red Royal
– Fantasy Warcaster Paladin Lords
– Fantasy Comical Skeleton Knight
– Fantasy Dark Spirits Blood Hunter
– Fantasy Elder Series 4 Imperial Guard
– Historic Spanish Assassin
– Espionage Custom Desert Soldiers
– Space Wars Dark Conqueror

New Stickers:
– Space Wars Dark Skull-Lords
– Space Wars Clone Dropship Face
– Space Wars High Temple of Light Pack
– Space Wars Headhunter Mauler Clan
– Space Wars Unleashed Pack 3
– Sci-Fi Predatory Alien Skullhunters
– Steampunk Infinite Revolutionaries
– Fantasy Dark Stag Knights
– Espionage Series 2 Russian Soldiers
– Wulfgard Imperial Tabards & Shields

Updated with New Stickers Now Included:
– Space Wars Steel Headhunter (now with Iron and Steel versions!)
– Space Wars Fallen Light Order Pack (now includes third character!)
– Superhero Alien Boy-10 Collection (now with even more aliens!)
– Historic Assassins Packs (new assassin, the Spaniard!)
– Post-Apoc Nuclear Power Suits (new colors & designs added!)

New Weapons & Accessories:
– BrickWarriors Naginata
– Brickarms Combat PDW
– Brickarms Flintlock Musket
– Brickarms AKM Russian Assault Rifle
– Brickarms E-11D Blaster with Magazine
– Brickarms SE-14r Light Blaster

– Wulfgard: The Hunt Never Ends, written by my sister Maegan and illustrated by me!
Okay, I think that’s everything. Phew! That’s all for now! Have a great holiday season!

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