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Yesterday, 02:07 PM

On another note, please tell me we'll have another one of these contests?


I'm hoping to start the next one (possibly Sci-Fi minifigs?) really soon. Want to see if it will get more entries during the summer.

In Topic: Fantasy Minifig Contest: RESULTS!

27 May 2017 - 05:13 PM


You know, despite the relatively low number of entries, I think this was one of the hardest contests to judge that we've ever had here on SSLF. Wolfy and I agreed that we really liked pretty much all of the entries, so it was very hard to pick the standouts. This was reflected in the scores from each of the 3 judges (me, Wolfy, and Brickshipyard) - our ratings varied quite a lot from person to person, but all were pretty high, and the margin between the top 3 was VERY narrow. I was tempted to turn the scoring over to a forum poll and let the public decide. Maybe that's what I'll do for the next minifig contest.


Basically what I'm trying to say is: Thanks to all of you who entered; we really enjoyed all of your entries!  :D And to show my appreciation for your participation, you are ALL entitled to a 5% shop discount if you want one (plus free decals for all Wulfgard entries, as mentioned before). Just send me an email, or a PM here on the forums, and ask. Thanks again!


Now, without further ado, the results! The commentary is mine.


#1: Dalton Westmoore - Mage-Emperor Ildrius and Lord Elric Murdstone - 9/10


After drawing his own awesome rendition of Mage-Emperor Ildrius, Dalton commissioned some stickers based on it from me, and used them to create a fantastic minifig! With a great beard and (custom-painted) hair combo, it all came together quite nicely. A dark and mysterious vampire necromancer character named Lord Elric Murdstone completes the scene, bowing to the Mage-Emperor. All in all, fantastic job.


#3: Nightstalker - Kagaz Urgol and Blood Lord Illaren Skorn - 8.7 and 8.8


The runaway pick for the expected winner, I feel like Nightstalker deserves a gold medal regardless of his final scores, just for all of the amazing fantasy minifigs & vignettes he has posted here on the forums, in his various threads and Fantasy Funnies comics. Perhaps an honorary Gold Lego Brick medal? Either way, both of these entries were great, with Blood Lord Illaren Skorn scoring just slightly higher than Kagaz Urgol. Perhaps due to the Blood Knight's moody look, awesome cape, and vampiric blood-red armor. Great stories and lore for both as well!


#2: Ambad - Ranger and Minotaur - 8.7



I get the feeling Ambad's entries might have swept to the lead in a public poll thanks to their amazing presentation. Excellent photography and use of filters really makes these entries jump out. My favorite is the Minotaur, with good choice of parts, and with hints of a background story in his mis-matched horns. Now if only there were names and stories to go with them!  :P Either way, great purist 'figs.


#4: Thrawnie - Aithwenn Warrior - 8.3

Though he claims to have thrown it together at the last minute, Thrawnie's winged warrior was a hit with the judges! The dark colors and unique skin tone do make it stand out from the pack. You can tell she's from a truly ancient kingdom thanks to all the dust on her legs.  :P


#5: Maximus Corellio - Gemini - 8.2

I really enjoyed this entry - the first one we got in the contest. The minifigs - made with Brickforge accessories - are relatively simple but super effective, especially combined with the rich Wulfgard backstory about a lost Imperial Legion. Great job!


#6: Sephsekla - Garandros, the Fallen Venator - 7.7

Honestly, I feel like this entry should have scored higher! It was one of my personal favorites.The custom painting adds that extra personalized touch that I feel sets it apart from a lot of the other purist type entries. Plus I just think he looks really cool.


#7 (tied): DragonJedi's Janus Casperius and Sareth's Aelyn Valkieren - 7

DragonJedi's Janus Casperius was another personal fav - I appreciate going the extra bit to add custom stickers. Though he was a member of the Hidden, he looks like he would make a great Silent Messenger. Sareth's demonic Aelyn Valkieren tied in the scores, with his rich backstory and custom red-orange accents really adding to the effect of the final product.


#8: Lynaia Argentis, by Sareth - 5.5

A simple one but a good one with a lot of character. I'll have to read that story some time!


#9: Kane Groyland, by DragonJedi - 5

Although he came in last, I do like this guy's unique, simple armor design and color choices.


Thanks again to all the participants! Hope you'll join in again next time!

In Topic: Fantasy Minifig Contest: RESULTS!

25 May 2017 - 01:31 PM



When It's Done.™


Yeah, sorry, been sick with a summer cold. Ugh. But I'm mostly done with the post now. Should have it up tomorrow at the latest, I hope.



Edit: Still trying to get it done tonight, but I have to finish some orders to ship tomorrow, so results might come tomorrow morning.

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24 May 2017 - 07:06 PM


I got quite into Hearthstone for a while, and was excited about Duelyst until I realised it was pretty much a Hearthclone with a few differences, is Gwent different enough that it's worth a look into? Never played any Witcher games but the one thing I always hear is how addictive Gwent is!


I play Hearthstone too, and yeah, Gwent is pretty significantly different - certainly not a total knockoff, at least. There are 3 rows to each side of the board - melee, ranged, and siege - with certain cards that affect only certain rows. There is no mana tray - you can play any one card per turn. Cards have a single number representing their strength, instead of attack and health values. The objective is to have the highest total strength on your side of the board when the round ends. The winner is whoever wins 2 rounds (best of 3). There is no player/hero health. So, the objective usually ends up being: playing enough strong cards to force the other player to use up all their strong cards in order to beat you, but keeping enough strong cards in your hand to win the next round, even if you have to forfeit one round in order to win the next.


The standalone Gwent is a little bit more Hearthstone-y than the minigame in Witcher 3. It has more cards that deal direct damage to other cards when you play them, and you draw more cards at the beginning of each new round (in TW3 you don't draw any at all, unless you're playing the Northern Realms faction). Plus the cards have voice lines and stuff. But still certainly different enough to feel new.


Oh and you should also play The Witcher 3 sometime - it's probably my favorite game of the last 10 years or so. :lol:

In Topic: The Video Game News/Looming Shadow of E3 Thread

24 May 2017 - 01:07 PM


...and yet, it's still in beta. :| Just 'open beta' now, and on consoles. JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY