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The Holy Tuna

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About Me

For other Internet IDs, my MOC and other scroll to the bottom.

Real name:

Codename: StarFire-Dragon
Faction: Xarkon
Position: Enomeg super-soldier
Specialisation: Infiltration
Birthdate: 314 PA
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Preferred Weapon: Heavily Customised "Dragonfire" Blazer Burst Rifle, Dual "Quickstrike" Blazer precision pistols , Enomeg "StarTalon" hand blades.
Preferred Vehicle: Personal prototype Fafnir Aerospace fighter

[under reconstruction]

[under reconstruction]

Build Name: "Dragonhide"

[under reconstruction]

Click here to go to my MOC.
Also, I am The Holy Tuna to Brickarms, Brickforge, Rooster Teeth, Flikr and Xbox Live users.
Thank Squirrel for my avatar, he's the best!
Credit to Dr Noob for his gun creator, I recommend trying it out. No, I demand you try it out.
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    War is here, guns 'a' blazing,
    Loss of life, bullets raining,
    Peace through war, blood staining,
    Chaos brews, tactics failing,
    Soldiers fall, just out of training,
    The ultimate war is raging.

    Shots fly, past the eye,
    Enemy down, how hard they try,
    But battle rages, with no end neigh,
    Machines of death plague the sky,
    "MAN DOWN!", aloud they cry,
    The ultimate war is raging.

    The ultimate soldier, best of the best,
    The perfect weapon, above the rest,
    The weak fall, the strong prevail,
    The inocent suffer, the blood will trail,
    The battle scars, the lives lost,
    "Victory, whatever the cost!"
    The price of war, of all the rest,
    In cold blood, the soldiers rest,
    The ultimate war is raging.

    The last alive, the best of the best,
    To win the war, to pass the test,
    The ultimate soldiers, work nevever done,
    The perfect weapons, second to none,
    The flawless team, working as one,
    The ultimate war is raging.

    "'Til death do you serve, forever you fight",
    They are the reason you fear the night,
    As they are perfection, never to flaw,
    As they are soldiers, down to the core,
    As they are the weapon to win the war,
    As the ultimate war is raging.

    But battle-torn, where chaos will thrive,
    With sole survivors, left to die,
    Right out of training, their first try,
    The taste of war, they cannot deny,
    Brings thrill in battle, from petet to war,
    For eternity, it will be the law,
    As history is written by the victor,
    The battle scars will start to blister,
    As plots grow, most sinister,
    The battle thrives, forever on,
    For the victor can do no wrong,
    The battle continues, heart racing,
    The ultimate war, forever raging.

    "The Ultimate War"--The Holy Tuna

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