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Warcraft: Gentle Light

22 March 2016 - 02:25 PM

I'm slowly trying to get back into RPing in World of Warcraft and I was inspired to make a story about my new Priest. Thought I'd share.


Warcraft: Gentle Light
Chapter 1
If felt soft. 
She opened her eyes to a gentle light, like the moon, beaming down on her. The wood under her body felt old and rotted, yet somehow still just as hard as the day it was first cut. The grey stone around her had words written on it that she couldn't quite make out through the light shining in her eyes. The blinding, awful, gentle, comforting light. She looked up to see its source to see a ghostly angel, clad in steel armor. The angelic ghost stared at her, and spoke in a voice both alluring and commanding.
"Arise Kahleen. Serve as a tool for our vengeance."
Kahleen? Ahh. Yes. That was her name. Kahleen stood, and looked down at herself. She saw a tattered white robe, and a black tabard with a golden symbol she could no longer recognize on it. Then she looked at her hands. Her skin had grown pale and thin, almost green. Her bones were visible in some places. It was truly unusual, she thought, to have your bones sticking out of your skin. She found it difficult to move more, and looked back up at the angel. The moonlight began to shine from the angel once more as Kahleen began to feel stronger. She stretched, hearing her protruding bones pop as she did so. When the light finally faded, she could see the land around her. A graveyard, next to a tiny crypt. Kahleen looked at the gravestone behind her. It didn't even have her name on it. She was going to be buried in a grave that didn't even belong to her, but given all the other open coffins, she was not the only one who hadn't had their burial finished.
The ghostly angel spoke again. "Now you are Forsaken." With that, the angel flapped her wings harder, and flew into the air, leaving Kahleen behind. Without the comforting glow of her savior, or the soft beating of her wings, Kahleen was left alone in the graveyard, hearing only soft moans in the distance. She walked out of her simple wooden coffin and began to approach the moaning. Before she could get to the fence of the graveyard, however, she heard a harsher, raspy voice behind her.
"I wouldn't go any further towards that sound."
She turned around to see a hunched over man in shining white and gold armor, glowing white crystals affixed to various points around him. On his back was an ornate glowing crystal axe. He was sitting down on a gravestone overseeing an empty hole in the ground that was never filled. Kahleen could see that he too had bones visible, but, unlike her in her withered robe, he hid his behind his pristine armor.
"You can go back to the grave if you'd like. It's more peaceful. The Banshee Queen won't demand anything of those who wish to remain dead." 
Kahleen shook her head. She wanted to experience this life. She had just woken up, after all. Everything seemed so new to her. 
He looked up as she remained silent. "Can you speak? You never said a word to that Val'kyr either."
The woman thought for a moment as she tilted her head at the man in armor. She had to think for a moment. After a long awkward pause, she finally responded.
"Good." The armored man stood up, except, he seemed to cringe as he did so. He looked pained as he walked over to Kahleen and eyed her up and down. He let out a hacking cough before he spoke again. "My name is Sir Luke of the Light. I am a member of the Argent Crusade. We are currently occupying this land. Do you know where you are?" Kahleen shook her head, but Luke lowered his helmet, as if glaring. "Keep using your words. Remembering how to speak will be good for you."
Kahleen paused, and then spoke again. "No, I do not."
The knight nodded. "You are in the Western Plaguelands. You were going to be buried here, but, it would seem that wasn't the case." The moaning in the distance grew louder, as if its source was slowly approaching. Kahleen turned her head towards it, but Luke coughed again, which caught her attention more, and her head snapped back. "That is the Scourge. Undead with no intelligence. They are not like you or me. They were disgusting pieces of filth that must be destroyed."
"Can't they be saved?"
"...Saved? Even you and I aren't saved. They can only be destroyed." Kahleen turned her head again to see several rotting, shambling corpses at the wooden fence of the graveyard. One smashed it open and began charging forth at the pair. Luke did not hesitate. His crystalline axe seemed to let of a harmonious ringing sound as he pulled it off of his back, and suddenly the knight shouted out as if in pain. He ran fourth at the walking corpses and spent no time thinking as he cut them down. Perhaps he was a more elegant warrior at times, but now, he didn't seem to need focus. The undead seemed a minor threat. That was, of course, until one snuck up behind him and began biting into his less protected neck. Luke dropped his axe and tried to throw the ghoul off of him, but failed to do so as he fell onto his knees, letting out more sounds of pain.
Kahleen ran forward, and when she was only a few feet away, held her palms up and began focusing. A bright, shimmering yellow light burst forth from her hands and smote the ghoul, dropping it lifeless to the ground. Kahleen let out a scream of pain herself as she held her wrist, wondering why her hand felt like it was on fire. She had not remembered how she knew how to cast the spell. She had channeled it out of reflex. Luke was currently on his knees, wheezing and coughing in pain. Kahleen was confused by this. She had not heard somebody breathing before, let alone so loudly. Kahleen approached and put a hand to his neck. She grit her teeth as she casted another spell and Luke let out a pained yell once more.
She pulled her hand away as Luke let out a very subtle and painful chuckle. "So... you're a priest? You still have connection to the Holy Light then? Impressive. I wondered why your corpse seemed so well preserved." Luke stood up and cringed as he picked up his axe again and put in on his back. "Tell me, do you know what that white star on your tabard means?"
"I don't know what anything means right now. Why did you yell when I healed you?"
Luke coughed again as he tried to sigh. "The Holy Light does not appreciate our existence. It can heal our wounds, but it causes more pain to the victim of its mercy that wasn't meant for the likes of us." Luke approached Kahleen again. "Tell me. What do you wish to do with your new life? Will you serve the Holy Light as you once did, whether you remember or not?"
Kahleen looked down at her hands and shook her head. "You're in pain. I want to stop that. That's what I want to do."
"To be undead is to suffer, Kahleen. That is our lot in our hideous existence."
Her head shot up to the knight in shock. She backed away slowly. "No." She shook her head as she repeated herself. "No... No! Nobody should suffer. And... and I don't feel hideous either!"
Luke had heard enough. He quickly walked over to her, faster than she could back away, and grabbed her by the cloth of her tabard. With a sudden pull, she heard the cloth rip from her body, leaving her only in her tattered robe as she fell to the ground. Luke looked away from her. "Go west. The Banshee Queen will find something for you. But you, pitiful creature, do not deserve to wear this once holy cloth." 
Luke started walking away. Kahleen laid down in the dirt where she was. As soon as he was just a dot in the distance, she crawled back onto her feet and started running in the opposite direction. She didn't feel tired after running for a long time. She didn't feel much of anything at all as her body ran. She saw abandoned buildings, banners with the symbol that Sir Luke wore, some more shambling Scourge she ran past. Eventually the ground below her grew damp as she found herself next to a lake and collapsed onto her knees. She didn't collapse because she was tired... but... for some reason she felt as if she should have been.
Kahleen crawled over to the water to finally look at herself. Her body seemed decently enough preserved, probably due to something done to her body before she was almost buried. Still, her eyes were gone, replaced instead with a soft yellow glow. Some skin on her face had rotted away, leaving rotting flesh exposed where she saw maggots crawling around. Her discolored hair was short and seemed to stay neatly in place, having grown brittle. Kahleen held her hand to her face, and a yellow glow overtook her entire body. She let out a bloodcurdling scream as her body finally felt something again, but this time it was as if her entire body was getting incinerated from the inside out. But she kept the spell channeling. When she couldn't take any more she looked back down at her reflection. Where there was rot, there was now only exposed flesh. The maggots were gone. In fact, the exposed flesh on her cheeks almost made it look like she was blushing. She finally saw her soft, preserved features for the first time. Kahleen smiled.
"No... I don't feel hideous at all."