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Yesterday, 06:11 PM

Great to hear from you, Dagoth! Thanks for dropping by to share your art - I always enjoy seeing it. I especially like your moody landscapes and strange characters. Love the Adobe designs too. Though, it seems one of the images didn't load properly for some reason - the unused one where you mentioned Worms...

In Topic: Animal Crossing New Horizons Yo!

Yesterday, 02:34 PM

Holy crud, is that who I think it is??


Whenever I think I'll never see some old forum member again it's like


Anyway I don't have a Nintendo but that's indeed a pretty cool helmet.

In Topic: Scorp's Art & Writing

15 March 2020 - 05:00 PM

Thanks! Yeah, Nightstalker requested that Kayla be a bit muscular. ;) TBQH I'm really pleased with the way these two turned out.


Of course, my style is mostly "old school American comic books," so my characters do tend to be pretty fit and idealized. :P

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10 March 2020 - 11:28 AM




Yo Justin, what's the latest status on Saber's Edge? And what about the possible future continuation of Warbringer?


Saber's Edge is in progress again now, after a period of low inspiration and discouragement. That's all I can say for the moment. If I hit a major milestone, I'll post about it on my Patreon first and here later. But hey, I'm writing it again - that's something!


As for Warbringer, no, it's probably dead.


Is "Omolgeth" and "Omolgvum" Mahlok or Mahlo-Slashrim? If it's the former, is it then Old Mahlok or more modern Mahlok?


They are Mahlok. Old Mahlok. The Slashrim did not have space travel, and very limited astronomy, and so did not name planets.


Mahlo-Slashrim is a mixed language created by the Mahlok in order to communicate with the Slashrim and unite them under the Helexith banner. It contains many Mahlok words and some Slashrim words - mostly the common ones that were in use across the many warring Slashrim tribes. It uses the Mahlok alphabet since the Slashrim had no written language.

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06 March 2020 - 12:32 PM


Raiden, Baraka, Kenshi - Mortal Kombat by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr



Custom Uruk-hai and Haradrim by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr



Series 2 Devil Slayer by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr



Jarael and Zayne Carrick by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr



LEGO Witcher Geralt, Ursine Armor by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr