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Twin Peaks: Wraaaapped in plaaaastic

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 09:48 PM

On the eve of the new third season coming out, I thought I'd make a thread to discuss everyone's favourite David Lynch TV show about a sweet little Pacific Midwestern town where the High School is filled with gorgeous 20-somethings, Asian women occasionally get turned into drawer handles, and Ray Wise chews so much scenery it's a wonder they didn't put him to work in the sawmill. As a bandsaw.


It's here that I would usually put a trailer for the new show, but as far as I know there actually isn't one. They haven't released so much as a moment of footage from the new season so far, with under 24 hours to go until the premiere. So how about a quick Twin Peaks recap to get you up to speed?



Got it? Hah, no you don't. But don't worry, you wouldn't really get it even if you'd watched the entire series and the movie, because that's just the kind of show Twin Peaks is. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a huge fan of the show, nor any of David Lynch's body of work, really, but I watched it a few years ago and... well, it's one of those things that sticks with you. One doesn't simply get Twin Peaks, but one can watch it and enjoy the atmosphere and the characters. And then eventually it'll get super weird and you won't have any idea what's going on, but even that is kind of nice in its own way. And then maybe Laura Palmer will start screaming that scream again, and staring right at the camera with her eyes open too wide and it'll be the nightmares again for you that night. One takes the good with the bad.

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