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New Website Design, and New Products!

Posted by Sleighbell-Scorpion, 25 February 2017 · 2,405 views
SSL Update, Shop, Stickers and 3 more...
Finally, the new website design (that matches the overhauled forums) is live! I've been working on this for almost six months. You can check it out simply by heading to our home page at http://saber-scorpion.com  !
Please note that it's still under some construction! There may be a few odd quirks and errors, and if you find any of these, then...

But Who Watches the Watchers?

Posted by Sleighbell-Scorpion, 11 February 2017 · 1,018 views
LEGO, Custom Minifigs, decals and 1 more...
A couple of new Watcher minifigs have been added to the shop! The Watcher Assassin and Cowboy, which can be seen below. By popular demand, there is also now a smaller (and improved!) Classic Dark Lords decal set in the Space Wars section.
New Minifgs in the Assorted Sci-Fi Section:

New Decals and Minifigs, plus Wulfgard and Nova Refuge stuff!

Posted by Sleighbell-Scorpion, 08 January 2017 · 1,733 views
LEGO, SSL Updates, decals and 10 more...
The first update of 2017! Today we've got new decals in the Space Wars, Fantasy, Post-Apoc, and Misc (anime) sections of the Shop - plus some things for those of you interested in Nova Refuge and Wulfgard - and a few updates to the LEGO Creations gallery! Check it all out below:
Shop Updates
These Space Wars updates were made some time ag...

One of our biggest Shop updates EVER!

Posted by Sleighbell-Scorpion, 17 November 2016 · 1,505 views
LEGO, minifigs, custom minifigs and 12 more...
Wowee, have we got a big one today! Updates in almost every section of the Saber-Scorpion's Lair Shop! New minifigs, new decals, and new weapons and armor, just in time for the holiday season! Check them all out in detail below...
In the Adventurers section:

Lots More Decals & Minifigs - Plus, Zombie Month Begins!

Posted by Sleighbell-Scorpion, 01 October 2016 · 1,441 views
LEGO, SSL Update, Decals and 9 more...
New decal packs and custom minifigs in almost every category of the Shop this weekend! Plus, every order in the month of October gets free ZOMBIE decals! That's right, Zombie Month is back from the dead! More details below...
New in the Assorted Sci-Fi section:

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