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Wulfgard Kickstarter LIVE - Help us Publish our Comic and Novel!

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 29 March 2015 · 616 views

We've just launched our first Kickstarter project!: https://www.kickstar...comic-and-novel

Please consider contributing to help me and my brother publish our first comic and novel set in the dark fantasy world of Wulfgard! Much more info c...

Webcomic Update - Kickstarter Coming Soon

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 23 March 2015 · 486 views

The comics page skin has finally been fixed! "Saber-Scorpion's Lair Webcomics" is now (at least for the moment) "Wulfgard: Into the North  and Other Webcomics" : http://comics.saber-scorpion.com/
The comic posted yesterday is the cover art for Into the North , which I hope to soon publish as a physical graphic novel with fundin...

Updated Stories page & Persistent World RPG now has its own board

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 31 January 2015 · 627 views

The Stories page on the Wulfgard site has been updated and improved with the most recent stories, all accompanied by artwork and a small plot description. The two new stories are Hunted and Potential Energy. Be sure to check them out!
Also, the previously experimental persistent world RPG, Errant, now has its own board , a subforum of the G4. This...

New Short Story & Choose Your Own Path Game

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 30 August 2014 · 783 views

I just posted my latest Wulfgard short story, "Hunted."  Comments are always appreciated!
Also, the Wulfgard Choose Your Path game has started again!  Be sure to check the rules in the thread before you start participating.

New Wiki, Contest, Drawings, and Comic

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 22 May 2014 · 590 views

Yay, an update! Here's what's new:
First of all, the Wulfgard Design a Monster Contest has started! Go here for details. Hope you decide to enter!
The Wulfgard Wiki has moved to a new official location at http://www.wulfgard.net/wiki !
A bunch of new Wulfgard drawings here in my sketchbook topic .
And finally, believe it or not, another page in the Wulf...

World-Building: The Desert Dwarves

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 22 June 2012 · 2,142 views
As you probably know by now, Wulfgard is built upon a foundation of real-world mythologies, all mixed together and combined. One of the most fun parts of studying mythology and coming up with this combined-mythology lore is when some especially good combinations reveal themselves.

For example, in Egyptian mythology, we find this...

New story - The Dragon's Wrath

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 19 April 2012 · 1,601 views

The Dragon's Wrath

Here's the latest Wulfgard story (with artwork by Scorp)! It focuses on some of the main characters of The Legend of the Five. Please note that the events referring to the "mage cult" in Illikon are the subject of another story that is...

Official Wikia, Facebook page, and TV Tropes page

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 02 April 2012 · 1,021 views
Wulfgard now has its own official Wikia, Facebook page, and TV Tropes page!

The Wikia is still a work in progress, but there's lots of all-new information there that currently can't be found anywhere on the site, as well as old information that's been edited to fit...

LotF book 1 rough draft COMPLETED, Adventure or Nothing RP sign-ups end soon!

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 10 August 2011 · 894 views

I've finally finished the rough draft of the first book in The Legend of the Five series! It still has quite a ways to go before publication, but this is just letting you know that its release is drawing ever closer.

This is just a friendly reminder that Scorp and I are going to host a Wulfgard RP together called Adventure or Nothing. It...

Discussion of the next official Wulfgard RP

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 19 March 2011 · 609 views

Click here to go to a discussion of what the next official Wulfgard RP (what you would like for it to focus on, etc.)! Details can be found in the topic.

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