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#487717 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 28 June 2018 - 12:22 PM

Dalton I'm gonna be straight with ya. I think you need to re-read what I wrote a couple times, because yeah. It's pretty much directed exactly at the type of person who'd have your response. You do not own Star Wars. It does not belong to you, nor did it ever. Sit. Use the force. Think.


You only control your own feelings. You love the OT, maybe the prequels, maybe even the ST and standalones. Great! I never want to take that away from you. I want you to enjoy Star Wars as much as you can, because the more light and love and enjoyment we have in the world the better. 


What I don't want is for you (and your allies) to act like diversity (yes, even for its own sake) is somehow anything but a virtue. Having a cast of characters that everyone can see themselves in is important. Just look at you, you had Luke, Anakin, Han, and a plethora of other characters from the past eternity of fiction. 


What does the girl at Target with the backpack have? Her dad liked Star Wars when he was a kid but never read the books, maybe he played lightsabers and princesses in his back yard as a kid just like I did, and I assume you did. I want that for his daughter. I want that for the kid who only ever sees his ethnic group portrayed in villainous roles. I want the kid to know that having purple hair can be totally normal for people in charge. I want kids to look at Rey and know that if they have a good heart and try their hardest they can succeed in doing the right thing. I want kids to look at Poe and realize that they can't always be the hero of the story. Sometimes the thing you think is right will get you into trouble, and that yes. Sometimes it is better to sit down and let women speak. It's okay. It's hard to hear, that you're not the chosen one. But here's the thing, you were. Those movies still exist. You want to watch Obi Wan? You've got 6 movies of Obi Wan plus however many seasons of Clone Wars. You wanna know more about Boba Fett? Read one of the dozens of EU novels about how cool and badass he is. I used to and I loved it. That never went away. You have 40 years of material catered directly to your demographic. Enjoy it, but let the rest of us play too okay?


I'm not mad at you, I just wish you weren't mad at us.


(inb4 "im not mad")

#487710 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 28 June 2018 - 04:39 AM

I don't want a Bobo Fett or Obi Wan movie. I want a new script with new ideas filled with new characters facing new problems and learning new lessons. If all Star Wars can generate these days is stories about "White Dude Who Realizes He's A Hero" then count me out.

But that's not the case. They seem to be dedicating their efforts towards building new fans, rather than catering to the angry 35 year old man demographic. I'd say that's a good thing. If a star wars movie isn't for me but the kids like it a lot, then great. I don't need another Star Wars movie catered to my specific fanboy interests. I've got decades of EU shenanigans if I want to see Luke being an infallable master of the plot or Bobo being teh c00lest guy evar!!1!

I'd rather see Lucasfilm focus their efforts on something like a Tico Sisters movie to draw in the new generation of people that'll love Star Wars from childhood, just like all of us had.

I'm trying not to say the word diversity because of the cursed implications of that word, but honestly tho. Star Wars has been marketed and geared HEAVILY towards white boys in their tweens for almost 40 years. Seeing a new batch of movies that more people can identify with is nothing but a good idea IMO. Out with the old guard - these guys have been jerks on the internet for almost 2 decades now. Anybody talked to Kelly or Jake recently? Leave this demographic behind. Learn from the mistakes of Solo.

A general audience isn't hype about a Han Solo movie. They didn't want to see another prequel origin. The only people that saw the movie are the die-hards, and it flopped. General audience members have kids and bills and limited money, and chose to see other movies instead. Yeah that's right, people would rather watch Deadpool, Incredibles, or Avengers than the new Star Wars. Most people don't care about Han Solo. Most people don't care about Bobo or even Obi-Wan. It's just the diehards that'll go see these movies. Speaking as one of the die-hards since practically birth, I am now embarrassed to be a Star Wars fan. The fandom has gotten so toxic and gross that I feel like I need to hide my childlike wonder at seeing hyperspace trails and laser sword fights between good and evil. The magic is not gonna be there for the kids growing up today. No little kid wants to be Jyn Entonic or Cassius Condor. Kids don't want to see depressing crime syndicate movies filled with disease and oppression. I mean heck I just saw Solo for a second time the other day and got real uncomfortable watching Stormtroopers at the border checkpoint. Parents aren't going to want to take their kids to a movie that reminds them that they are powerless against a corrupt monolithic government. Not trying to get political but to completely ignore the current climate and double - if not triple - down on the white-dude centric movies is a bad move. There are rumors floating around that this story of the "Star Wars Stories" being canned isn't 100% accurate, and that these movies may actually happen, but honestly I think it'd be a mistake to release these films anytime soon. Who are they for? Who is the audience that Lucasfilm wants to enrapture with these movies? If they make a Bobo movie will my 8 year old niece want to see it? Will the little girl at Target with the Rose Tico backpack want to watch it? It'd be Solo all over again. Diehards will see it, diehards will argue about it, and diehards will kill the franchise.


As a lifelong Star Wars fan I'm ready to admit that we haven't been doing our part as a fandom. We've been bitter, angry, loathsome, entitled, and hyper-critical of these movies since the internet came about. Why? Why do we need to analyze every little detail about the Star Wars universe? I mean heck I was trashing George Lucas RIGHT HERE the other week. I feel bad about that. I feel bad about trashing the prequels to 12 year olds on Youtube comments. Let people enjoy things. It costs $0 to not be a huge jerk when someone says they love a thing.


I even feel bad for ragging on Game of Thrones as much as I do. It's clear that I'm no longer the target audience for that show either, and I've been real bitter about it the past few years. Why? I don't own the property. It isn't for me. I've read the books about 4 times through and gotten my enjoyment out of them. That show is its own new thing at this point, and while I'm no longer interested I'm glad that it can bring joy and hype to people's lives. Even if it is horrible trash.  :ph34r:


The other day I watched Indiana Jones and the thought popped into my head that a "canon timeline" would probably be the worst thing that could happen to that series. Endlessly hounding canon is limiting and adds nothing of value to stories. Having to explain and fill out every detail of the universe kills the magic of it. Having a movie about every character you like will not add to your enjoyment of the previous films. The cancellation(?) of these standalones will hopefully bring about a wash of creative new ideas in a "phase 2" style rebranding after episode 9 comes out. If all Star Wars can do is retread old ground with old characters doing things we already know about, then the brand is dead. Seeing Bobo become the greatest bounty hunter evarrr will not add anything to the cheap laugh of watching him fall into the Sarlaac pit. Knowing what the Kessel Run is and how he did it does not make me care any more about Han Solo, because I already care about Han Solo. I wanted something new, and while I got Qi'ra and the first real deep-dive into Lando's character, the majority of the movie is in service of answering questions that nobody was asking. Other questions like "What was Obi Wan doing while laying low in the desert for 20 years" and "what happened to that kid who's dad got his head chopped off" are not questions burning me up inside that need answers. Stop retreading old ground. Learn from the mistakes of the past. Move forwards with what this universe can do. Move forward with who these movies can inspire. Leave the old guys behind with their dusty books about Sun-Crushers and Yuzzbug Vongs.


Kylo Ren is infinitely more interesting than Anakin Solo. Rey being a nobody that comes in as a monkey wrench to the 40-year battle between rebels and empire is a great way to twist the narrative into something new. New blood coming in and shaking up the established themes. Rey doesn't need to be a Skywalker or a Kenobi, because Skywalkers and Kenobis are nobodies too. Snoke being the ghost of Mace Windu's hand or Maz Kanata being Yoda's sister won't excite a single 12 year old. Most 12 year olds haven't even seen the original trilogy. You know what I say to that? Good. Let 12 year olds have their Star Wars. We had ours. It's time to move on. Not saying that you shouldn't see these movies and be excited for them, what I am trying to say is that these movies are not for you anymore.


Yes you. This very forum is built on old-guard Star Wars fans. Look at everything we did! We built communities, we made mods, we wrote fan-fictions, we built Lego. . . I mean heck the room which I'm typing this has probably around $2000 USD worth of Star Wars Lego in it RIGHT NOW. 


Now look at what Star Wars fandom has become today. Watch any Youtube video about any Star Wars subject and look what people say in the comments. Mention TLJ at work and watch the bearded white dudes scoff at you. Look at the box office numbers of Solo and tell me with a straight face that die-hard Star Wars fanboys deserve anything from Lucasfilm.


Let the next generation of Star Wars fans have their day. Let them have their movies. Let them create communities, build Lego, draw pictures, write stories... let them have Star Wars. We had it and we had a great time, and now it's time to let go and let kids fall in love the same way we did. 



TL;DR: Ah Skywalker, missed you have I. Time it is for you look past a pile of old books. Hm? Heeded my words not did you. Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. . . hmph. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is. Luke, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters.

#487601 D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

Posted by Florent on 12 June 2018 - 06:13 AM

Here we go! Death Stranding got me legitimately hyped. Suuuper curious and intrigued by this game. Wanna wander around that desolate waste real dang bad. A wandering survival game that isn't just status bar management? I'm in. Also I love her her umbrella. We'll see what Kojima cooks up plot-wise, I'm sure it'll be zany and fun. Love the tone they're setting though, very tense but somehow peaceful. Getting really good vibes. Not sure how Kojima will factor in Nuclear disarmament tho lol



Assassins Greek looks like the regularly scheduled AssCree silliness. Might be into skippering a trireme around but IDK, it's still an asscree. We all know what it'll be like. That Samurai Dark Souls looked pretty cool too. Still though, gonna wait and see if they develop a good game around their (promising) gameplay systems. The soundscape was super dope in that demo, I might be in just for that tbh.




MAN tho that Spiderman game. Never before have I felt so much like I skipped out on drinking some koolaid somewhere. I'm pretty sure you couldn't pay me to play through another mookfight -> cutscene -> boss. The Batman Arkham games (which they are just ripping off for Spider-Man?) put me into a boring coma that lasted years. Which part of it looks good? What is there to be excited about? I feel like I've already played this game.




#487424 D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

Posted by Florent on 09 June 2018 - 12:12 PM

I would LOVE to have been a fly on the wall when the dude pitched his "We'll read twitter questions on stage" idea


EDIT: Did she say phallic?


EDIT 2: No srs did she say this person's name is Phallic????

#487261 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 30 May 2018 - 05:35 AM

Ocelot u have no idea the amount of catharsis your posts give me sometimes.


#487237 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 29 May 2018 - 09:31 AM

Scissorpunch either isn't in the movie at all, or he's just a cantina alien. Never named or given screen time.



I want to delete Star Wars from the internet. Not from reality, just from the internet. Twitter is currently on fire because of how hot these takes are. Movie theaters are collapsing as I speak. An anthology spinoff of a popular series ONLY MADE $100,000,000! The collapse of hollywood is at hand.


My particularly cold-take is that Star Wars has always had issues of weird pacing, bad acting, generic script, and predictable storylines. I kinda figured that's why people liked Star Wars. It's a  pop throwback to the pulpy adventures from back in the day. Ocelot you posted a while back about how the space worm in ESB is technically a pointless scene, and if it were in a modern movie people would be flipping their keyboards. Well guess what, I like pointless scenes. Solo is a movie of pointless scenes. Pointlessly fun scenes. Like Guardigans of the Galaxoid or Indiana Jones (or Star Wars), it's just an adventure romp with shallow characters, a predictable story, and fun exciting action scenes.


I have yet to hear a legitimate complaint about TLJ or Solo. It ususally comes down to "I'm mad that women are in/in charge of Star Wars". Remember Lucasfilm under George Lucas? It sucked. Hard. Star Wars was awful for the past decade under good old Georgie's careful supervision. 


The truth is nothing in TLJ, Solo, TFA, or even Rogue One is nearly as bad as Dexter Jettster. Or the Obi/Anikan snoozefight in Revenge of the Sith. Or the Ewoks. Or the second Death Star. Kathlenn Kennedy brought this series out of the dumpster and back into the realm of "movies I want to see" and can get excited about.


Could it be better? Heck yea. Solo is far from perfect (L3 is maybe the worst Star Wars character since Jar Jar IMO) but it's a HELL of a lot better than anything to come out of Lucasfilm between the years of 1980-2015. 3 years of fun summer movies, 45 years of garbage, 3 years of pretty good summer movies. Thank you for bring Star Wars back, Kathleen. George, I hope you get over your ex-wife leaving you and finally release the movie she fixed for you.


My cold take got real hot there at the end. Sorry.



#486995 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 10 April 2018 - 08:10 AM

I got it wrong and now I feel like a sleazebaganno

#486947 Dalton's Wish Fullfiller 5000 (What do you think Dalton should draw next?)

Posted by Florent on 01 April 2018 - 12:21 PM

the animals and bird thing is an interesting idea I hadn't thought of. I'll look into how I would do it! I will definitely be doing more perspective shots too though. I still haven't decided on an actual concrete size for the giant though.. If I could request a concept art piece though I'd love to see your take! We all have different ideas of how it'll look, I'd like to see yours before I post mine!

#486927 Dalton's Wish Fullfiller 5000 (What do you think Dalton should draw next?)

Posted by Florent on 30 March 2018 - 10:48 AM

We're rezzing this? Ok I'm down


got any ideas for scenes for my animation? Any visuals you could come up with... might just make it in ;)

#486858 COLOSSUS (Formerly The Mystery Project) : Part 6 [UPDATED 3/21]

Posted by Florent on 22 March 2018 - 08:03 AM


I only just noticed the familiar Daishi 'mech. Awesome. :D

Impressive animation! I'm still trying to figure out the mystery of the mystery project. Is this a Dark Souls thing? I know Dark Souls has campfires, lol.


Ha! Glad you noticed. That MOC was wayyy inspired by your version from back in the day. 


But no, not Dark Souls. I'm glad you picked up on the vibe though! Dark Souls is my #2 inspiration for this project. I may even make a similar project for DS1 after this is done... but that's spoilers for real life.

Since you got so close I'll reward you with another thing I used for concept art/inspiration:




I don't really like this album all that much but I saw the cover one day and fell in love. I love this aesthetic of an Arthurian looking knight looking over dreary and misty mountains, possibly on the hunt for some great beast. Well, that's almost exactly the plot of the PS2 game I'm basing this off of.


(No, it's not Monster Hunter.)

#486852 COLOSSUS (Formerly The Mystery Project) : Part 6 [UPDATED 3/21]

Posted by Florent on 21 March 2018 - 08:43 AM

HEY GUYS! You know what time it is. This is a REAL UPDATE this month. Wooooo


Although it's gonna look small for you, be assured that this is hours and hours of working, trying to figure out different softwares and like, actual the actual physical quirks of lighting rigs and stuff. Not very flashy or interesting stuff, just hours spent looking at OBS studio wondering how I can make it work. I think I got there in the end, though. What do you guys think? Yes, we are now at the point where I'm going to be posting youtube videos of GIFs rather than stills.



Hoo boy. Getting to this point has been a lot of work over the past 6 months or so, but I honestly get a lot out of this so it's worth. I have some footage representative of how I'd like the whole project to look. Finally tho I mean jeez. Notice how you can see the wooded area with the stone golem figure on the hill at the right of the frame. Also, I'm aware of the weird drifting that the foreground is doing. I can't figure out how to fix that, but this is why I call it WIP test footage. Just one more problem to solve.


I did as much as I could to the raw footage (stills taken in my living room) to try and stabilize each frame, because my camera doesn't have one of those remote buttons to release the shutter and take the photo without touching. I have to actually press the button on the camera each frame, which means every time I want to take a new photo it will be SLIGHTLY misaligned with the previous, even if just by one pixel. I don't think there's a workaround here, because it's a physical issue with the hardware. Might have to look into getting a different camera :\


That said, here's the raw footage from my entire test shoot. I only greenscreen'd that first bit to test the chrome key (official name for green screen) functionality of the software I'm using. 



Pretty good, huh? I'm actually quite proud of it. Adam Savage (the red haired Mythbusters guy if, you know, you're a pleb and don't know who he is) retweeted a test gif a while back, so I've been riding that wave for my inspiration. https://twitter.com/...523972479094785


Here are some raw stills so that you can see what it looks like when I take the photos.






As you might be able to see there's still some light being reflected off the green screen, which makes doing the actual effect much more difficult. Still learning how to light these things. 

I've also got this scene which I cut, even from the raw footage, because it didn't come out right. The figure moves kinda awkwardly (I was trying to animate from a new angle) and jumps around the set a couple times from when it fell over and I lost the exact placement. Whoops. Oh well, it's still fun. Here's what it looks like when not done well. 




That's all for this month, folks! I think next month will probably have a completed version of this scene, either re-shot or fixed up in editing. Maybe even set it to music? I'm planning on making this about 1 minute long.. four seconds down I guess, right?

#486729 COLOSSUS (Formerly The Mystery Project) : Part 6 [UPDATED 3/21]

Posted by Florent on 01 March 2018 - 06:51 PM

Well hello again everyone! Another month of slow progress unfortunately. I've been really busy with work, and I need to be able to work on this at night, but when I have to go to bed early that just doesn't happen. So this month I decided to do a little 'behind the scenes' episode of this behind the scenes series. Very meta. 


Here we go!




Larger photos this time because I got a camera upgrade! Not that I actually went out and bought one, but I was able to borrow it from my sister. Hooray for generous siblings! I thought I'd take a little virtual tour of my work room. I've spent about five years just filling this room with stuff that I love.




Here's the current status for my painting bench. I'm not currently painting anything so it's kinda barren right now. I like how it looks like a Jackson Pollock type painting.



This is where I keep all my miscellaneous supplies as well as jacket. I've got warhammer stuff, flocking material, the sets I'm working on, spare parts and sprues, and just kinda odds and ends that I find and pick up. There's also clay and various aerosol paints and coatings as well. The fan is for air flow when working with liquid latex and other smelly chemicals. I like to think it helps.




Just a closer look at the supplies. You can see the paint set I use, sandpaper, and even a backup flight stick for flight sims. There's a resin casting kit and some model kits I bought for parts in the corner there too.




Here's the front of the completed mountain cliff face. I've knocked that tree down and had to glue it back so many times. You have no idea.




Now moving along the side of the room you can see my Lego shelf, mostly populated with modified sets and a couple MOCs. I ran out of room and had to start putting newer ships on the floor, as you can see. 




Didn't realize how blurry this one is, sorry.  Just a full shot of the shelves. Each level has a theme except the bottom. Try and guess what's each?




Here across on the other side are a few model kits that I've actually finished. The Red Baron's triplane and the Santa Maria. Both really fun builds using similar techniques to what I'm doing for this very project. I briefly toyed with the idea of incorporating the ship into this film, and still leave the possibility open, but it would be realllllly complicated and would only be a background element. Probably won't do anything with it, but it's a fun thought.




Up on this shelf I've got a couple perler bead creations from when I was younger, butterfly knife trainers from when I was into TF2, and some custom lightsaber hilts made from plumbing pipes. Really happy with those tbh.




Continuing on (we're moving clockwise) I've got my computer desk and some more model kits. Those are those cool as heck Gundam snap-fit kits. They're insanely detailed and articulate, ingeniously designed works of art. I don't like how they look per se (never been a fan of anime mechas) but I appreciate the build quality so much that I keep them together. Plus I keep the boxes cause it feels right.




Closer look at the models. Honestly pictures don't compare to actually holding and posing these guys, seeing their armor plates separate and their joints slide into place. These guys make the most complex Bionicle look like a single DUPLO brick.




Plus I got this thingy, which some of you nerds may recognize :P




Onto the next room (yes there are two)! This is where I sleep and just kinda store stuff. Things in here are mostly B-tier lego creations that I don't have the heart to salvage pieces from. 




You can play "spot the pop culture reference" from my early-2010's Lego builds.




This is what's really exciting me these days though. I bought a greenscreen and tripods! This way I can edit out backgrounds real easy. Just have to iron it out first.




I also got these funny looking things. They're basically just light bulbs on poles with an on-off switch and an umbrella arratched to one side. This way you can reflect bright light into something with softer conditions. Point a couple of these guys at something and it'll look like it's in a movie. I've been reading up on cinematic lighting. Really cool stuff. This is why I need darkness to work now though, because everything else is done except the animation itself. 




I tried using natural lighting in some test footage, but this is what it looks like. Because of the nature of stop-motion there could be minutes between frames, where a cloud could go in front of the sun or a car could drive by and the lighting is all super flashy and inconsistent. Plus it looks like I shot it in my living room near the window, which I did. This was also a test of using a bedsheet as makeshift greenscreen for the background. It kinda worked but I decided to get a real one to make it easier to set up. Also, a quirk of this camera is that it doesn't have any option for a remote shutter like my phone. This means that I'll have to put a 2-3 second delay on actually taking the photos, because even the little nudge from me pressing the shutter release on the camera moves it ever so slightly. In the footage above, each frame is about 1-2 pixels off from the previous, which makes it look all shaky and bad. Just another problem to solve through testing.




I also made a full, longer version of that test gif. Still learning all the quirks of animating this way.



That's all for now folks. Sorry it's been a while since a real update, but it's been hard juggling social life and a new job recently. Life is kinda hectic, and this eats up a lot of my time. I just don't have enough hours in the day to get it done. I like actually literally have nothing to do except animate now, so no more procrastination is even possible.


See you all soon! Hopefully...

I also made a full, longer version of that test gif. Still learning all the quirks of animating this way.

#486619 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 10 February 2018 - 03:52 AM

You should change the thread title to "George Lucas Directs Fourth Star Wars Prequel"

#486612 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 09 February 2018 - 07:54 AM

I think I've mentioned before that I was really happy when The Force Awakens didn't do that; it finishes with a lightsabre fight and an aerial battle, but it sticks with Finn vs. Kylo until that's done, then stays with Poe during his trench run until he's done his thing, then it's back to Rey vs. Kylo until that's finished. No constant chopping and changing between the two.


TBH I actually don't like how TFA handled it all that well. The climactic moment for the every character in the story is when Rey picks up the lightsaber in the woods. It's like, the most important moment in the entire narrative and it has to share the limelight with Poe destroying the base. Half way through the fight with Rey and Kylo, they just cut away to Poe shootin' stuff. It might honestly be my leaft favorite part of TFA. Star Wars has always had a fear of letting a narrative beat actually have its moment. When Obi-Wan dies in ANH the movie takes like literally 6 seconds to mourn him before the next action beat. Luke's confrontation with the Emperor and Vader in RotJ is constantly undermined by cutting to Lando flying around and Ewok shenanigans. I love that in TLJ even though everything is being cut intermittently, every scene has the same kind of "OH MY GAWWWWD" tone, where the tension keeps ramping up, like you said, until the big splosion. That's some darn good editing and story structuring. Empire does it too when Luke is fighting Vader while the gang is trying to save Han. Everyone is in a similarly perilous situation that they are nevertheless trying to bravely fight through.


It's the difference between good filmmakers and... well, George Lucas. He's bad at making movies, kids. Give him no credit for all the best parts of Star Wars, because he was not responsible for them.

#486597 Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

Posted by Florent on 07 February 2018 - 02:05 PM

TBH this image might have just sold me on this movie right now.