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Ambad was here! > Philosophical Phrustrations...

Posted 23 February 2009

To make a long story short, I've been speaking with my brother. He's younger than I, but is ludicrously intelligent for his age. Unfortunately, he has trouble expressing his ideas in a way that "others can understand", as he puts it. He seems to believe that he uses more of his brain than most people, and that, in his own words, in in...

Ambad was here! > Salutations, interweb passengers!

Posted 17 December 2008

Hey there, all, Ambad here. I know I'm possibly the laziest mod on SSLF, and I know that I'm, like, never on...and I drop out of peoples' RPs, and I never do anything anymore...And I've really got nothing to say about that.

But, to make up for my lack of, well...just about everything on this here net site, I've decided to give you all...