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The Video Game News/Countdown to E3 Thread

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#7561 God-Emperor Thrawnie

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Posted 23 May 2018 - 10:33 PM


EDIT - And there's a Battlefield V now:





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Posted 24 May 2018 - 04:11 PM

Not exactly game news directly, but Totalbiscuit has died.


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Posted Yesterday, 01:33 AM

EDIT - And there's a Battlefield V now:




Awful trailer, awful scripting. All four of the 'hero' characters look disgusting to me in the context of that cartoonish video. If the intent with Battlefield V is for it to be a quirky inglorious basterds style of game then the look is fine but I am assuming the game is supposed to be semi-serious as with all Battlefield games. 


As usual the 'omg theres a female/black/asian person in my game' raises it's ugly head again (especially as the poster soldier is... shock... a woman) so I will offer my commentary on that: I am a supporter of a diversity factor in games and I think nearly all games should allow you to be who you want to be. Exception can be made for historical based games  ... for the sake of history... but I don't think applying a diversity factor to historical games needs to break history so long as it's reasonably contextually correct. For example; I think the way BF1 handled diversity was fair to history - there was a good variety to the maps which covered all the key areas of the conflict (even if it did take some DLC to actually get the meat of WW1 on the western front). The allied factions had a mix of different soldiers and the Russian faction had woman on maps. In some cases particular soldiers were specific to specific maps. I think DICE overstepped by including black soldiers in the German faction because a) they did not have them historically and b) diversity factor was met with allied forces anyway. But other than that, they did well.


The way they can be fair with diversity in Battlefield V is to simply just build their game around it. People of all races and yes, all sexes, fought in a variety of roles in WW2 so just make maps that are contextually based. Now, allied forces did not allow front line female soldiers so I wouldn't expect to see a female character shoved onto the Normandy beach landings map. But why not include a female spy/resistance fighter on a night time D-day map based around the airborne aspect? You can even put woman in the german army too if you make a map around the fall of Berlin (and play as pensioners and children!! - joking) Russian maps are also the obvious place to have female soldiers.



From the sounds of it -  DICE has the intention of making variety as they want to take the players to parts of the war that have not been shown before. I cannot imagine what as nearly all parts have been done to death with exception being to the Fall of France and the Pacific war on the Asian continent.


EDIT *If there is anything offensive about the cover poster - it's that DICE marketing feel that this woman MUST go to war with eyeliner*


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