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In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

18 July 2017 - 02:46 PM

The hell’s wrong with a little attention? The only thing that’s gonna try keepin’ us from gettin’ our prize is whatever’s dwelling in the Edge and down below. Bringin’ attention to our movements’ll only get us more help, if anything.

"Depends," Agethar pointed out "I don't know about ye, but I donnae want th' help o' Bandits or a rival clan."




 "Because alerting everyone to the mass of treasure we'll be carrying home can't backfire at all, can it? I've seen men kill for far less."


"I don't know how much treasure you think that we'll be taking back with us," Malvolio said bluntly "but Agni only asked us to get his clan's sword, not to bring the mountain's entire treasure horde with us. If he did, I think that we would have more dwarves to help us and a ton of carts to carry it back with us. I only plan on taking what I can carry, unlike whatever imagined version of us you have in your mind."




You could say that. I’m with Caid, I’ve been following you guys with a bit of his help aaand figured I’d finally introduce myself.


The Priest nodded, simply saying "It's good to have another elf with us."


...Saaaay, what’s with your eyes?


"I am blind, Inquisitive one," Huo said, wondering if this...elf was considered a child by her society "but I have my own way of seeing."


"And what about yourself?" he asked, peering at the elf "You don't seem to be a true e-."




Huo stopped mid-sentence, and turned to see one of the dwarves standing nearby, and decided not to continue."


"Hello, Small one," he said polietly as he made a small bow "I am Huo Shiye of the East, and this is..."



In Topic: General LEGO Discussion

18 July 2017 - 01:59 PM

A frankly colossal leak of DC Superheroes sets for the end of this year at https://imgur.com/gallery/HLoV2




Honestly excited for all the new pieces more than anything else, especially those magicy looking ones.  :enchanted:

In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

17 July 2017 - 07:12 AM

Huo had just finished the spell that would maintain his eyesight when someone spoke to him.


Hey, nice cloak. Where’d you get it?


The Priest started slightly and turned to see what, at first glance appeared to be another elf, though, her aura was remarkable different.


"From a friend." He said briefly, though he was still a bit divided on what Ingi's intentions were.


Aaaaaand why’re you wearing your hood indoors?


Huo thought for a moment before replying "Personal reasons."


It was a stupid answer, but hopefully it would be sufficient.


"I did not see you with the others at the Tavern, or on the boat," the Priest continued "are you a late addition to the party?"




In Topic: Zone - Shipwreck Cove ((Stranded - START))

16 July 2017 - 05:12 PM

"This island belongs to the Empire now. We'll head inland and make camp, unless anyone wants to make themselves known as cowards."


Thantos gritted his teeth, while Edmund seemed to be looking elsewhere. It was clear that the Imperial Officer was just now realizing that the Skirmishers could not go against Angus' word.


The other survivors, on the other hand, seemed divided. Some, mostly skirmishers, thought the heading inland was a good idea, while others though that it was better to stay on the beach. However, the former was in the majority.


"Alright!" Thantos barked "We'll head inland as soon as we gather up what we can! Skirmishers, move out and gather any military supplies we can find! MOVE!!!"


As the Skirmisher moved out in a semi-ordered fashion, Edmund looked as what was left of his crew and said "Gather what supplies you can. If we are headed inland, they the least we can do is not starve there."


The Slaves, however, were not so lucky. The Skirmishers guarding them stayed put, though Brute had disappeared - probably searching corpses for valuables. They where, however, free to talk among themselves.


 ((Going to leave some more time for talk between players before moving the plot forward.))

In Topic: ZONE: The Rusty Axe

16 July 2017 - 04:59 PM

"This is beautiful Hori, thank you!"


"It's a strange thing, exotic yet ugly. Looks like you, Agnar."


"I'm in your debt, Hori, these things are hard to come by."


"It's no trouble," Hori said humbly as he dug into his food to hide his embarrassment "just a token of appreciation for the good service that you all have given me in the years that I've been here."


"I'd certainly say so. Their culture is just as ancient as Old Achaea, and there's a lot of rich history to be around... But if you go too far out of civilization, you'd better really like sand."


"That's true enough." Hori chimed in "I'm still finding small caches of it in my possessions."


As if to emphasize this, a stream of sand trickled out of the small idol he had given to Dargnin.


"I do not believe I heard your name," Hori said to the knight "I am Hori Holdensfarn, and who might you be?"