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In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Today, 04:35 PM

The Templar stood quietly as the others discussed the information that they had found.


“We’re gonna need to find King Hreidmar himself. Or rather, what’s left of him. Both th’ key to this place - an’ every vault in the city, sounds like - an’ Dainsleif are on ‘im, or at least in ‘is quarters. No point in lootin’ without snatchin’ both first. So… unless you wanna check fer booby traps on these vaults the hard way, let’s get to ‘is palace. It’s tha’ big building in the center, or I’m six feet tall.”


"And we should hurry. According to some messages I found scrawled in blood up there, a demon named Xiraloc---described as the 'eater of spirits'---haunts this place. We need to grab the sword and get out of this place before it realizes we are here."


"Let's not waste any more time then," Malvolio said as he made for the stairwell "we need to find the others, find the sword, and get out of here."




 "As I said, I need not be unleashed in Nidavellir, though I would gladly grant each of you a boon if you did. Returning me to the Underworld is, at this point, equally as desirable, and I will cause harm to no mortals from there. You may do that with a clean conscience. That is all I ask in return for the information I am giving you... which is far less than any other of my kin would do. You do not know of the binding? Are you unaware of it? I cannot tell you the nature of it, only that it is there. I sense a power hanging over each of you - the power of a binding contract. The only one present free from that binding, is her."



Agethar went pale at this.


"What th'... do ye mean we be cursed tae find and bring that stunted hobgoblin th' sword?" 


He looked like he would make the sign to ward off evil, but his hands were full.




"Step back, Huo. Whatever this demon knows isn't worth unleashing its kind upon our companions."


"He has already given us helpful information," Huo said as he brushed the Venator's hand off his shoulder "if we left him here even after he helped us, how would that make us any better than him?"


"I cannot tell you the nature of it, only that it is there. I sense a power hanging over each of you - the power of a binding contract. The only one present free from that binding, is her."


...Wow, I didn’t think dwarves were weird like that. Contract magic. Who would’ve thought?


"This changes nothing," the Priest said "we are to get the sword and give it to Agni's clan, 'contract magic' or no."


"How do we banish this thing, anyway? Do I need to zap it or something?


"It is something that I am not familiar with," Huo said as he glanced at Perky "I know of how to deal with Yaoguai such as him, but as for summoning or banishing them..."


The Priest suddenly left the room, returning with something tucked under his arm.


"Maybe these will help us." He said, holding out the two books that had been open in the other room, trying to see if he could read anything on the pages.

In Topic: Star Wars Movies: The J After Trevorrow

Today, 04:03 PM

I have no things to say about Rebels. I watch it, 60% is pretty much throwaway kids stuff, another portion is genuinely good Star Wars stuff. I'd rather watch any season of Rebels over sitting through Rogue One.


I honestly liked Rouge One a lot the first time I saw it. Not as much as TFA but I still liked it.


Though, when I watched it a second time, you could really tell how emotionless it was. It's about 90% people giving Sophie Turner a run for her money, and 10% was cool Star Wars stuff.


But yeah, Rebels is much better, even though they'll probably kill off Thrawn because nothing is sacred these days. :P

In Topic: HELP - Special Permission

Today, 01:09 PM

I'm admittedly not clear on why these characters require special permission, unless you just mean the fact that they're a duo. I guess that's up to the DM on a campaign-by-campaign basis, but anyway, I'll look over them... :P


Just a heads-up - Charisma, as a talent, is influenced by your Spirit. With 2 Spirit, he isn't going to be able to do a whole lot with that Charisma talent. :P


Two things - you can only lower an attribute to 2 at the minimum (unless you have some kind of racial penalty, which can lower it to 1), and also, if he's supposed to be a chick magnet, he would have to have a little bit of spirit. Spirit attribute also includes your character's general magnetism; not really their physical attractiveness, but the power of their personality. If he has 1 spirit, he's basically a fickle, cowardly, easily broken fellow with all the charisma of an ugly, stained lampshade chewed on by bugs. :P


I really like Loxley's bio, though. It incorporates some fun Imperial culture that a lot of other current characters haven't.


Other than those little things (which are more just comments instead of things you have to change before they're acceptable), everything about them is all good.


Mostly it was special permission because they were from that Sunchaser Campaign (i.e. an Rp that boiled down to a Middle-finger at Errant), but also because they are a duo, yes.


Okay, I edited that. It should be good now.



In Topic: Runes & Ragnaroks

Yesterday, 10:24 AM

Things are getting interesting now...

In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Yesterday, 10:23 AM

Malvolio looked at the Dwarf as he read through the papers. While glancing at some of them, the Templar noticed that the dwarf's expression would change.


"What do they say?" the Templar asked "Anything of use to us?"




"I care not what sort of freedom. Banish me back to the Underworld, if that suits you. Or set me free in this city, and I will grant you a boon of your choosing. But do not leave me in this place."


"It is something I will discuss with my companions," Huo said, glancing at the Venator "I've put myself in a great amount of danger just by speaking to you."


"As for this Dainsleif, I have heard of it... It was, in part, why so many demons were drawn to this place. It was forged here, long ago, and enchanted with ancient magicks. It is said that wounds caused by the sword are eternal, even to the mightiest of creatures; and, once drawn, it must slay at least one soul before it can be sheathed once more. It would have never left the side of the king who had it made, King Hreidmar. He dwelt in the great hall in the center of this city. That is all I know."


"Thank you, sir," Huo said as he bowed gratefully to the demon "you have saved us much trouble in locating the blade. As soon as I discuss it with the others, I will free you: I am a man of my word."


As he spoke, three of his companions walked into the room. The Priest recognized both Perky and the large Venator, Caiden, and made his way over to them.


"Now, I know this looked suspicious," he said as he stood in front of them "but I can explain..."


"Explain what?" Agethar said as he gestured to the demon with his axe as Maugrimm began to growl "That ye've just been talkin' tae that thing?"


"Yes," Huo replied as he gripped his staff tighter "the Yaoguai was here when we arrived, as my companion can tell you if he chooses. He wants his freedom, and in exchange, he offered information about the sword, Dainslief. He said that it is in the center of the city, in the great hall; he also said that the sword cannot be sheathed unless it kills something first. I've heard of a sword like it from my country, called-."


 "May I ask to what purpose mortals such as yourselves would enter a place such as this? You spoke of those with you who fancy themselves demon slayers. I must warn you: if you came to slay demons, you should turn back. It is not myself of which I speak, but a far, far greater power. Unless you are here because of that binding upon your souls...?"


The Priest glanced back at the Demon, and asked "Binding on our souls? What do you mean...?"