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Posted 22 July 2016 - 07:59 PM

((I've been working on writing down this character idea for Errant for the last couple days; but, having finished, I realized that I had no idea if/when I'd actually get around to using her in Errant, and so figured I'd submit her for this in the meantime. I hope this isn't too 'out there'. :D ))



Name: Countess Ciara de Karmylla (KEER-uh de car-MY-luh)

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire (Northman)

Affinity: Clay

Deity: Nótt, Nyx

Faction: Knights of Dracon



Physically, Ciara appears to be a young woman in perhaps her late twenties. Reasonably tall, at around 5'11'', she is exceptionally beautiful and elegant. Her hair is shiny golden-blonde, and very straight; on the sides it hangs down to her shoulders, and in the rear it hangs down to mid-back. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, and somehow give the impression of being much older than the rest of her.



She wears an emerald-green silk blouse, tied about her waist with a black sash; the blouse has a built-in hood. Black pants, black leather boots, and thin black leather gloves complete her outfit.


The only armor she typically wears is a black, deepsilver jack-of-plate.


Her primary weapon is a full-sized latchet crossbow (here is a video of a small one). In addition, she carries a steel single-handed sword with a green hilt wrap. She also bears a solid silver dagger —though it is more like a stake with a fancy hilt, having a thick triangular blade cross-section, and no real edge to speak of. Lastly, she carries a small steel knife with an emerald set in the pommel.


She wears an ancient, rather worn, gold ring, which was made for her by her elder daughter.


She is accompanied by her pet, a black she-cat named Noctis.



Ciara is a somewhat complicated individual. She cares about people, but is almost always aloof —she has lost too much in her life, and so avoids getting close to people, knowing that eventually she would lose them too. The closest thing to friends —for a given definition of 'friend'— that she could be said to have are a few of her most trusted servants —some of whose families have been in her service for generations— who maintain her castle and help her run her county... That is, among people. She loves animals, and often seeks out their companionship; she has had an almost interminable series of cats throughout her long life, up to her current companion, Noctis —who, like all her predecessors, serves as both friend and, through Ciara's spiritual magic, a loyal scout. While cats are her favorite animals, she also greatly enjoys the company of bats, wolves, and various birds of prey.


Rather than view herself as superior to humans, as some people with such supernatural abilities might, she views her vampiric nature as a responsibility; because she has such advantages over ordinary people, and because she must feed on them to survive, she feels honor-bound to do everything she can to protect them. Likewise, she bears an intense distaste for those who abuse supernatural gifts to kill or oppress ordinary people, and views it as part of her duty to hunt down and stop such individuals or organizations —by whatever means. While this seems somewhat idealistic, after centuries of life, she is an absolute realist —she knows that there are some things she cannot help or change, and so she does not waste any effort on such; she leaves almost all societal issues alone, focusing her efforts on threats to peoples' lives, or to the structure of the Empire or human civilization as a whole —particularly the chaos races, and supernatural monsters.


Despite the fact that she has adapted to —even accepted— her curse, she still views it as such; with the exception of her two children, she has never turned anyone into a vampire —and she almost certainly never would again.


Though she must drink people's blood to survive, she does not enjoy it, and goes to great lengths to avoid causing pain, when possible. She never kills those she feeds on (unless they're an enemy who she was going to kill anyways), and rarely even bites them; instead, she typically uses her hypnotic powers and spiritual magic to lull her prey into a trance, and then uses a knife to open a smallish wound to drink from —the trance also means that her victims tend to remember little-to-nothing of what happened to them. She is very careful about her blood intake, having seen first-hand what happens when a vampire drinks too little —or too much.


In spite of her age, and how much she's seen, Ciara still retains the spark of curiosity. Over her life she has managed to acquire a thorough education —being able to speak, read, and write both Imperial Common and her own native northern tongue, as well as the dead languages of Old Achæan and High Imperial, and being quite well-versed in a wide variety of scholarly subjects, including a fair amount of lore on monsters and magic— and is always looking to learn more; she can spend hours upon hours in a library simply pouring over books in search of fresh information.


Despite —or perhaps because— of how long it's been, she still speaks Imperial Common with a slight northern accent much of the time —though she can speak it utterly un-accented when she has to.



Ciara was born over 700 years ago on the island that would eventually come to host the city of Artorius. 


Her early life was not particularly special. She lived with her father, a fairly successful and well-respected goldsmith, in a small cottage on the outskirts of a smallish village, alone —her mother had died giving birth to her. She did chores, helped her father with his craft, and generally grew up like any other girl.


With one exception. Even from a very young age, Ciara had a way with animals; even those that were normally intractable, skittish, or downright mean-spirited would often turn placid and friendly in her presence. And she loved animals in return; whenever she had free time she would often head into the woods by herself —the cool, quiet forest being a treasured reprieve from the hot, cramped, rooms of her father's workshop— and simply sit, watching. In this way, she eventually came to learn how to contact the spirits of animals and plants and, eventually, the rest of nature.


But aside from that, she was a girl much like any other. As she grew older, she eventually fell in love with a young man from the village and got married, having two children —both girls: Cailín, and Alice. Not having quite enough money to build their own place, she and her husband and children continued to live in her father's —now rather cramped— cottage. Still, for some years, things were good.


Until, one evening, a foreigner —a vicious and sadistic vampire— broke into their home, butchering both her father and her husband —her children were only spared because they were out, having been sent to catch one of their goats which had run off. But, for some reason, rather than killing her as well, the vampire decided to turn her instead, and then simply left.


Ciara awoke from death, shaken, with half her family dead, and two young children to take care of by herself. As such, she did the only thing she could think of; she buried the slain, took over her father's business, and did her best to care for her children while trying to adapt to her new and terrible curse. Her children were scared of her, at first, but, as her personality had not changed, they quickly adapted —in the way that children do.


Things went more-or-less smoothly once more for a number of years. Her children grew up: Cailín, the elder, into a beautiful, strong —if a touch hotheaded— young woman, who helped Ciara with the goldsmithing work; Alice, the younger, into a kind, sweet, gentle —if somewhat shy and timid— girl. Ciara learned a great deal about her new nature, quickly mastering her newfound hypnotic abilities —which made feeding a much safer proposition for her, as she refused to kill people to survive; the number of 'wild animal' attacks in the surrounding area went way up, but because of her mental influence, no one could seem to clearly remember who or what had attacked them. 


But, despite how well things were going, and her increasing  comfort with her curse, in her heart remained the fear that the vampire who had turned her would return someday, and she prepared against that eventuality as best she could. And a good thing too, for one night her fears came to pass; the vampire snuck into her home, this time targeting her daughters. Ciara tried to intervene, only to find herself restrained by her creator's psychic hold on her mind. But she had always been strong-willed and, pushed even harder by the drive to protect her children, she managed to break free of his suggestion, and a terrific struggle ensued, only ending when she managed to drive a silver dagger —which she had made herself for just that purpose— through his heart; to make sure of things, she cut off his head. She had avenged her father and husband, and saved her daughters from death or, even worse, suffering the same fate that she had.


Alas, it was for naught. Not two years later, a terrible sickness swept through the village, killing many, and both her daughters took fatally ill. Unwilling to lose anyone else in her life, against her better judgement and desire not to inflict her curse on anyone else, Ciara enacted the same dark ritual that had been performed on her, and transformed both of her children to save their lives. Her elder daughter Cailín took to it well —perhaps too well. But her younger daughter Alice… had always been a gentle soul, and hurting anyone, even to survive, was utterly anathema to her nature; she refused to feed from people, and even getting her to drink fresh blood that was gathered in a vessel and brought back for her was difficult enough —she grew frail and sullen, despite Ciara's best efforts.


And, despite their efforts to remain undiscovered, with three vampires in a fairly sparsely-populated area, first whispers, and then full blown rumors, inevitably began to spread. People began to wonder about the family of goldsmiths: who bought so little food these days; who were never seen out and about in the sunlight; who even kept all the windows closed in their stiflingly-hot workshop at all hours of the day; and the young girl, who was so strange and pale now, after having survived an illness that had killed so many children her age…


Eventually, they were found out. The following evening, the villagers formed a mob and marched up to their home, seeking to kill or drive off the 'monsters'; they found only Alice —Ciara and her elder daughter were out hunting that evening— and took her —the young gentle girl had neither the strength nor the will to fight them, even in her own defense. Ciara and Cailín returned home to find Alice gone and, quickly realizing what must have happened, rushed to the village to rescue her. They arrived too late; the angry and frightened villagers had burned her younger daughter at the stake.


Driven half-mad by rage and sorrow, the pair took their bestial forms, and stormed the village, killing everyone they could find; it was not entirely a one-sided fight —they had strength, speed, nigh-immortality, and sheer terror on their side, while the villagers had numbers and weapons… none of them were skilled fighters— but in the end, they were left standing alone in the ruins of the town —there were no survivors. But even this 'victory' was not without loss; while Ciara had been able to maintain at least some slight modicum of self control throughout the butchery, Cailín had not —her rage and injuries driving her to feast as she slaughtered; in the end, her eldest daughter lost herself completely to the bloodlust and, with a last roar of anger and sadness, disappeared into the night —Ciara never saw her again.


With nothing left for her there Ciara, alone, heartbroken, and slightly sickened by her own actions —despite that they were at least somewhat justified— departed the island, heading to the mainland and, after a time, making her way into the expanding Achæan Empire. She wandered: with no goal, no hope… and yet she found herself incapable of not going on, of simply… ceasing. So, unable to bear the thought of taking up her old profession of goldsmithing —which had far too many unhappy memories associated with it now— she came to take up the trade of mercenary. Though she had no taste for battle, she proved decently skilled at the craft of combat —and her vampiric nature occasionally saved her where her skill failed— though, perhaps what she really sought was death —being unable to relinquish life of her own accord.


She continued thus for decades, until, by chance, her 'heroic' —meaning borderline suicidal, except that she happened to live through it and help carry the day— actions fighting alongside an Imperial force against the chaos races got her knighted for bravery. In that moment, she finally found a calling: protecting people; for, despite what they had done to her daughter, she did not hate humans —rather, she came to decide, given the 'gifts' of her curse, and the fact that the blood of more-or-less innocent people sustained her, it was, if anything, her duty to protect them. She threw herself into this self-decreed mission, focusing most of her efforts on fighting the chaos races, as opposed to the northerners that the Empire was also oft in conflict with as it expanded; this eventually resulted in her recruitment into the Ordo Draconis, which, she soon discovered, contained a number of members who shared her curse —or the similar one of lycanthropy.


Over the next more than a century —adopting a new first name, hair- and clothing- style every couple of decades, and passing herself off as one of her own descendants— her standing increased, until eventually she became the Countess de Karmylla, ruling a small county to the south-east of Deltalund. She quickly established herself a reputation as an inveterate recluse, having only the minimum possible number of servants in her small castle, and carrying out almost all of her affairs of state by proxy —making it much easier for her to disguise her unaging nature. In truth, though, she is often out and about; however on those occasions she goes by her real name and never uses her title, and, because of her reclusiveness —even people who are well familiar with the rolls of the nobility have rarely heard of her, and almost no one ever sees her— she is hardly ever recognized.


She travels often, keeping a watchful eye on the status of the Empire —and the lands beyond. She still personally joins the fight against the chaos races from time to time —though mostly only alongside fellow Knights of Dracon— and generally pitches in where she feels her help is needed. She also spends a good deal of this time —as some others in the Order do— seeking out those vampires, werewolves, or other afflicted individuals who might need her help or shelter —although, her aid is by no means guaranteed; for, despite being living proof that becoming a vampire doesn't necessarily make one a monster, she also remembers how she became one in the first place, and so her own kind don't get a free pass from her. She has in fact, at times, performed the role of semi-amateur monster hunter, hunting down and slaying those whom she feels are viciously misusing their superhuman abilities —if she cannot convince them to desist.


And so she has persisted through the centuries: with a sad, heavy heart, but a firm determination to do everything she can to protect the Empire—civilization—people from the forces and monsters that would see them destroyed.


Since the Empire made their way to her ancient island homeland —establishing the city of Artorius— she has been back there a number of times —whether out of a vain hope of finding some clue as to the location or fate of her long-lost elder daughter, or out of simple nostalgia for the only place where she was ever truly happy...

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 14 December 2016 - 04:38 PM

Hey, guys, remember this? :P I've been working on this story all year, and I finally plan to start posting it this December!


So if anyone wants to add more characters (yes, you can have more than one), edit their current characters at all, or some new people want to sign up, feel free! Be sure to read the initial post for details.


The sign-ups for this story are always open. Please note that the sign-ups are meant to be a fun thing to keep an eye out for your character(s) and play anywhere from a small to reasonably large role in one of the storylines in Echoes. There's no pressure. :P


As I've said before, also, this story will have its own assorted plotlines (and protagonists), but I'm going to do my best to work everyone in to have at least a small role. ;)


The characters I can better fit into an existing, planned storyline will get bigger roles, however! Characters so far with the biggest roles will include, in this order: Members of the Hidden, Inquisitors, Templars, humans in general, and then everything else is free game. Your character might even be weird enough to give me an idea for a whole new storyline; who knows?


However, please note that mages (as in, those born with the Gift) may not appear in the story until MUCH later, depending on how many other mages signed up, as mages are meant to be incredibly rare in Wulfgard, and I plan to keep it that way.


Please note that this story, while it has a main plot, will include lots of other, smaller storylines, much like a continuing TV show. Your character can fit into either/or in terms of plots. If anyone has some specific ideas about characters (especially if you'd like to sign up as a villain; villains are always welcome), feel free to PM me, as well.


I'd also be interested to hear about any cultures, creatures, or general elements of the lore that people would like to hear more about in this story. :D


That's all for now. I'm still writing, and I'm planning to get this story posted very, very soon. Keep an eye on my personal site for details!


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Posted 14 December 2016 - 10:39 PM

Originally, I was saving this guy for Errant... *shrugs*

Name: Haigen Vaudrie
Race: Human (Nordling/Acheaen)
Affinity: Fire
Deity: Astra Aeterna
Faction: Templar
Appearance: Reference
Tall and lean, standing around six feet tall with a toned physique and broad shoulders. While he has the body of an athlete, he has been constantly reminded of how he 'has his mother's hands', long and elegant fingers and smaller palms. Regardless, Haigen prides himself for the hands, and wraps them to keep them from becoming rough and blistered. His hair is a dark chestnut colour and is kept short around the sides. Some features belong to his father, such as his dark, hawk-like eyes and lower cheekbones.
Haigen is equipped with a set of standard Knights Templar armour, nothing too glamorous. Beneath his armour he wears a long-sleeved shirt with a lined hood. His hands are wrapped between each finger and down his wrists. Although it isn't part of his Templar armour, he wears a red sash around his waist.

His only weapon is his Deepsilver broadsword, with the cross guard resembling the four-pointed star of Astra Aeterna.

While his pendant is his most treasured possession, he does keep a rucksack with some items, including his journal and a reference guide of arcane lore, while very condensed and hard to read of you are unfamiliar with the jargon and can see through the notes that he has scratched onto the pages.

Personality: Haigen is thorough, but not in a normal sense. If he is called to an assignment in a city with far too many problems, he will feel inclined to do something about it, even if it means going beyond his role as a Templar. While he has spent almost all of his life training to be a Knight, he often finds himself in situations that raise questions about his loyalty to his Order, but not his faithfulness to 'Her'. Despite noticing flaws and sometimes feeling frustrated with the Knights' code, he still respects what they stand for, and will respect what his superiors think.

He is proud to be a member of the Knights' Templar, and is never without his silver four-pointed star pendant, which is always hanging around his neck on a leather cord. It is his most valuable item, not only in the way of coin, but by what it really means to him. To Haigen, religion is power, your beliefs influence your actions, he keeps Astra Aeterna close to his heart so that her light may show him the path. He has come to terms that worship and belief cannot solve all of the issues in the world, only help you understand and give you hope where there is none.

Haigen feels sorrow for the undead that he slays, to know that in life, they may have had a family, a story to tell, all of that is lost as they rise from their graves. He feels closure as they are finally laid to eternal rest. Still, he wishes to be burned upon death, so he may never rise as a shell of his former self. He knows that study of the Arcane Lore can help him better understand what he is looking to remove from the world, and has dedicated many hours to this field.

He is accepting towards other races, as long as their intentions are pure. Haigen believes that it's one's actions that determine what they are, not what their parents were. That isn't to say that he will trust any of his own race just because he is also Human. Haigen has no respect for those who use others to complete their own goals or go into dark magic and play with what is set and dead. However, if Haigen can see good coming from something that would go against Templar beliefs, he may set aside his code, however, the circumstances would have to be extreme.

Haigen will throw a coin for the poor, and will still feel nervous when he hears the cry of an infant. While off-assignment, he often works at broadening his knowledge of dark creatures or improving his swordsmanship (They do say; "The quill is mightier than the sword!") He really likes the smell of fireweed, and it reminds him of home, although, he doesn't remember why.

Although he has done research on monsters of almost all flavours, he has a deep fear of vampires, more specifically, the fact that he could become one in his line of work.


Haigen was born in the North, and followed in his father's ideals of marrying young and settling down as far from the rest of the world as he could. Her name was Eydis, and Haigen's heart belonged to her, at the age of twenty-two, she gave birth to a daughter, Cera, and Haigen could not have been prouder. They went on living peacefully away from war and strife, in the North. Until plague afflicted the village, and claimed the life of his daughter in the night. Overwhelmed with grief, Eydis took her own life. Haigen was heart-broken, and cursed the his Nordic Gods, smashing the symbols of his broken faith. As punishment, the Gods raised the dead of Crow's Roost as undead, who proceeded to destroy the village. Haigen, badly wounded, witnessed the light of Astra Aeterna surround the Templar Knights who had been sent to cleanse the area. In his moment of need, he professed his faith in the Light, vowing to devote his entire life to the preservation of the Light. He was healed, and found himself surrounded by a holy aura. Not long afterwards, he followed the Knights to Templara, where he began studying and training to join the Knights order. Many years have passed, and his faith has never been broken.

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Posted 22 December 2016 - 09:47 AM

Sounds good so far, Ghostly! Just waiting for the bio. :)


And there's no law stating you can't use character(s) for both Errant and Echoes. In fact, I encourage crossover, even if the canons are totally separate. ;)


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Posted 03 January 2017 - 02:19 PM

Well, I've been working on these two for quite some time, and here they finally are!


Name: Pepper Starburst

Race: Pixie

Affinity: Lightning

Deity: Nature Spirits, though she’s come to address some Olympian deities thanks to her relationship with Korvin

Faction: Hidden


Appearance: A short slip of a girl, even for one of her kind, Pepper still has a tendency to stick out - given she has a head of bright, orange, curly hair, plentiful freckles, and a rather bright complexion  - when not wearing the dark cloak the Hidden gave her. The cloak itself has a hood that’s large enough to cover her ears and can be pulled down over her eyes for theatrical effect, while the rest of the cloak is able to easy cover her wings - which lay flat against her back when not in use, anyway - as well as the rest of her lithe form.



-A short, recurved bow with some arrows. Pepper’s a sterling shot, though she’d hesitate to use it against any creature. She really just enjoys target practice.

-The black cloak that Korvin acquired for her in the name of the Hidden



Personality: Naive, spunky, and… well, nice, Pepper is quick to make friends with anyone she meets… assuming they aren’t heavily armored Inquisitors clad all in sombre, spooky black. Those people are scary and shouldn’t be messed with (so suggests Korvin, anyway)! Korvin’s been a rather strong influence on her, on that note, and Starburst practically - and would probably literally, if it was possible - hang on his every word, and she most certainly trusts him more than any other human. Her loyalty is rather… dogged, like that, and it’s unfortunate she bonded with a member of the Hidden before anyone else.


Biography: Born in a small pixie village hidden within a tiny patch of forest in the Imperial Heartland, Pepper knew little of the outside world growing up. Raised in the presence of friendly - if mischievous - magi, Starburst assumed everyone else had a pretty good relations with magic-wielders. Raised with the idea it was a Gift and not a curse, this furthered that notion.


However, as she grew up and began to wander away from the village on patrols through the woods, she soon ran into a human. Curious by the apparent fugitive, she indirectly helped him hide from a couple of sinister, armored figures that seemed pretty intent on hunting the man down. Of course, they didn’t know the forest nearly as well as Pepper did, and she kept her new friend safe, finally revealing herself once he was quite lost.


Fascinated by the tiny creature - and the innate magic she exhibited when she casually changed size to engage in more even conversation - Korvin and Pepper were quick to form a bond with each other, and he hurriedly explained his situation… with no small amount of bias, mind. Thus, Pepper fretted over the safety of her home, what with blood-thirsty, magic-hunting Inquisitors searching under every brush and branch for something to imprison or murder.


With a great deal of effort, the two managed to set up an ambush that left the two Inquisitors unconscious, though before Korvin would do anything drastic Pepper demanded they simply be dragged out of the woods. She did what little she could do to help the spindly human out in that task.


In the handful of months since then, though, Starburst has decided she owes Korvin, and has followed him in his tasks since.




Name: Korvin Spaldros

Race: Human (Achaean)

Affinity: Mud

Deity: Hades

Faction: Hidden


Appearance: Thin, short, and almost entirely lacking any muscle mass, Korvin has a somewhat sickly appearance to him: his skin is pale and often clammy, and his joints are noticeably knobby as if the skin is pulled too tight against the bones there. However, for all that, he still manages a warm posture and personality, one that gives him the impression of being rather homely. His youth also helps, overall giving one the impression he’s a young man who’s spent more time in a sickbed than out of one.


Albeit his dark cloak - which, admittedly, he rarely wears in public - suddenly grants him a more sinister air.



-A simple iron dagger

-An even simpler black cloak

-A tough leather bag with a couple slim tomes on arcane magic

-A simple chunk of obsidian with a few experimental runes carved into it



Personality: Curiosity killed the cat, but it hasn’t caught Korvin Spaldros… yet. His intense desire to know more about magic and its potential uses - all this with his naive unwillingness to accept the fact it tends to do more evil than good - has led him to involve himself with the Hidden. While he has not committed murder or even dabbled in demonic magic, he does what he can to secure arcane knowledge for the cult, distract Inquisitors, and he even saved one of the Hidden from Karak du Vide by providing false testimony in court… albeit after the looks he got from the arresting Inquisitors, Korvin is in no rush to repeat that act. He almost regrets it, in fact.


Still, he continues his work for them as best as he can, even at risk of his own injury, imprisonment, or death.


Biography: Born and raised near Illikon, Korvin Spaldros was the son of a librarian and reared as such. Learning not only to care for books but also to read and write, Korvin grew to love them and the fantastic tales they either featured or that were added in the margins. Tales of magic in particular fascinated him, though any time Spaldros tried to find any truth in that particular subject compared to others he found himself rebuked, oftentimes harshly.


When a Gifted child was discovered in the wake of a fiery incident and readied for a prompt witch’s execution before anyone else was killed, Korvin risked everything to set her free for the sake of his growing ideals about the possibilities of magic - and, alright, a good few people in the village had earned his ire. Maybe they deserved to get burnt to a crisp.


His rescue attempt, while clumsy, set the witch free… and found him getting chased out of the village alone as his new friend fled. Suddenly abandoned in the wilderness with everyone he knew out to gut him, Korvin fled randomly in the hopes of finding books, magic, or at least someone who wasn’t going to try killing him for collaborating with a mage. Food, too, was something he had a great deal of trouble finding. When Spaldros finally found civilization, miraculously surviving the wilderness for a week, he was also found by the Hidden, who had heard of what he’d done for one of the ever-rare Gifted.


Their offer to recruit such a dedicated individual was immediately accepted by the weakened Korvin, even if he was slightly put-off by their strange rituals and appearance. He thus declined their offers to bind him to a demon so he could gain his own dark powers, quickly pointing out that he could much better do what he did best without the risk of being found out as some sort of wizard. Spaldros has thusly been sent to almost every library in the northern Empire to make up for his lack of magical abilities, hunting for books that could even possibly relate to mages and the arcane for his masters.


Despite not being a mage - or perhaps because of that fact - Korvin was a little careless in his search… and he found himself hunted by a pair of Inquisitors who seemed very keen in causing him personal harm. This hunt led to the Hidden researcher running deep into a lonely wood in the middle of nowhere, pursued by the black-armored warriors who would do gods-knew-what to him if they caught the Cursed-sympathizer. Panicked by the idea of torture or imprisonment - or, gods forbid, both - Spaldros quickly lost himself in the woods following a strange glowing light which whispered reassuring words and offered safety from the dark men.


Korvin probably shouldn’t have been surprised when Pepper revealed herself as a pixie rather than just some mystical light, but as she casually wielded a magic that seemed both more natural and more fantastic - even pleasant - than what he’d seen from members of the Hidden, Spaldros was simply stunned. They were quick to form a bond with each other, and he hurriedly explained his situation… with no small amount of bias, admittedly. While he hadn’t really meant to worry her, it was evident Pepper fretted over the safety of her home, what with blood-thirsty, magic-hunting Inquisitors searching under every brush and branch for something to imprison or murder.


With a great deal of effort, the two managed to set up an ambush that left the two Inquisitors unconscious, though before Korvin could do anything to really ensure the pair of mage-hunters couldn’t bother them anymore, much to his surprise Pepper demanded they simply be dragged out of the woods. Realizing he’d nearly fallen to the lows that Inquisitors seemed to - from what rumors Spaldros had heard, anyway - the human agreed… even if such a task was extremely exhausting.


At any rate, in the handful of months since then, though, Korvin has been surprised by Starburst’s dedication to following him around regardless of where he goes... but it’s not like he has much of a problem with her following him in his tasks since.


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