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#384222 Space, the final frontier...

Posted by Ascalon on 10 August 2012 - 11:39 AM

What's the problem you're having Fire-fox?

In other news, I had my first taste of PvP today. I was in the Ker'rat system just destroying the Borg, when I bit off more than I could chew. I drew the ire of a pair of Cubes backed up by Spheres, which I came to know in very short order as terrible odds. I routed power to shields and engines and made like a tree and got the hell out of there. I was sitting on under 40% health with no shields and most of my crew dead, but I managed to make it 10km away from the cube to safety. I took a quick peek back to make sure it was not catching up to me, then re-routed power to shields and some to weapons. Not even five seconds passed, when I heard the very unwelcome sound of a Bird of Prey de-cloaking. Within a heartbeat he unloaded on me and it was only by some great miracle that I came out with about 10% hull integrity. I was in a bad position because he de-cloaked from behind, but I activated attack pattern alpha and evasive maneuvers, pulled a sudden 180 and brought all my guns to bear.

I obliterated him.

He was there one second.

Gone the next.

I targeted his shield subsystems and let loose a volley of quantum torpedoes. The timing was just right so that my entire volley struck his hull, slipping past his shields in the brief window of opportunity. He also had to face the fury of a tide of disruptor bolts hurtling towards him with great fury when I activated rapid fire. By the time he was gone, my ability to conduct repairs came back and I brought my ship back up to decent condition. Then I heard another bird of prey de-cloak. My starboard took a beating, and in panic I foolishly turned hard to port instead of turning to face them with my guns. Before I could correct myself, I was hit with a tractor beam and I could barely turn, the whole time he was hammering into my hull. He loosed a volley of torpedoes but fortunately I had enough presence of mind to brace for impact and barely survived it. His tractor beam finally wears off, and for some reason he decided to turn away from me. Big mistake. I gave him everything I had, and then some. His hull was quickly shredded, and he knew he wasn't going to win the fight so he tried to escape. Not on my watch. I activated my tractor beam and held him in place as I perforated his hull. It didn't take very long for him to go nuclear, and I made it out with my ship in shambles.

Hull integrity was low and shields were down. I was using covariant shields so they were coming back up, but far too slowly. I had just used up my repair abilities so I had to make do with a skeleton crew and the slow shield regeneration. I was hobbling along when I heard the most splendiferous noise of another bird of prey de-cloaking. At this point I was pretty sure I wasn't going to pull through, so I turned to run. He opened fire, but then suddenly turned right around and flew away from me. I don't know what part of my brain kicked in, but something ordered my hands to turn my ship about and chase the bastard down. I started pounding away with my cannons and he turned to meet me. My shields were in the red, but I was doing more damage than he was. My tactical teams helped raise a fraction of my torpid shields, and that prevented any devastating torpedo hits from landing. The shoot out ended when my offensive abilities came back and I dealt with him like I dealt with the other two birds of prey. I massacred him. Despite three victories, I just wanted to stop fighting so I finally left the zone and quit. I just had to type this out before my sleep deprived mind forgets.

Also, i still need to get crafting materials from you Aki. :| I must craft...

#382805 BrickFair Virginia

Posted by Ascalon on 29 July 2012 - 09:52 PM

I'll wear a pretty white dress with a bow in my hair.

#338455 UNCHARTED: A thief's end to a series he didn't create

Posted by Ascalon on 26 October 2011 - 10:27 PM

Eff you and die.


So it turns out Elena and Nate are siblings, Sully's the godfather and Chloe is actually Eddie Raja in disguise. (gross)

#338453 UNCHARTED: A thief's end to a series he didn't create

Posted by Ascalon on 26 October 2011 - 10:18 PM



#330741 HELP, PLOX

Posted by Ascalon on 11 September 2011 - 02:56 AM

She already tried that. Found something that works though:


Second to last post links to a working extractor. If you prefer, I can send you my copy of the extractor if you're paranoid about such things.

Just a heads up. You have 6256 files to sort through. Fortunately they're all just the voices for the DataPC_StreamedSoundsENG and most of them will probably be Elika or the Prince. If you want this stuff to work with BG, you're going to have to convert the files using audacity though. I had to do the same thing for my Dead Rising 2 sound set. Make sure your frequencies aren't odd like 32001 as opposed to 32000. For some reason BG doesn't like it and won't play it. You'll know if the sound file is messed up if you try to play it through VLC and it doesn't work. It should be fine in audacity though.

If you need help with this, let me know. I'll let you do your own thing from here. Enjoy.

EDIT: With the extractor, when you finish extracting the files it'll let you select the found files. There's a button on the bottom left marked "INV." If you want to select all the files without having to click 6256 times, just push that as it inverts the selection status of each file.

#319722 Wulfgard in Baldur's Gate II (and other vidja gaemz)

Posted by Ascalon on 15 July 2011 - 08:14 PM

Still good for today too. Although I really have to wonder what's up with Harry, Osolis and Ruthless. Bunch of no shows! :P

#316546 Wulfgard in Baldur's Gate II (and other vidja gaemz)

Posted by Ascalon on 01 July 2011 - 10:31 PM

Um... :unsure: wait, you told me you only used magic missiles. :P I was just boasting a bit anyway... I am more surprised by the fact that four characters of not-so-high level managed to kill Firkraag. Guy has his own music and everything...

I am up for it whenever everyone's available. I'm not doing anything in particular next week.

But... the Silver Dragon is not evilz... :( Besides, isn't the Shadow Dragon leather better?

No. I said that I preferred magic missiles. I've always recognized that Chromatic Orb is an excellent spell, however magic missile does more HP damage in general. Chromatic Orb can be a bit of a gamble since it's not guaranteed that you will succeed in petrification, and the only way to make the probability high for powerful targets is to stack doom and malison like we did. For most fights it's just not worth the effort. I've always had Chromatic Orb, I just favored the use of magic missiles because usually it does the job efficiently. Also, Firkraag isn't actually that bad because he gives you time to prep and is relatively... "defensive." I think technically he is stronger, but I believe the Shadow Dragon is a bit more troublesome since it's more aggressive. I remember having a tougher time with the Shadow Dragon because of the particular attacks he used. Technically weaker, but can be a bit more of a hassle if you're unprepared. I'm pretty sure he has entangle which is a PitA.

Shadow Dragon Scale armor is better only in AC and its 50% acid resistance bonus. However, you don't run into acid nearly enough and the +4 to all saving throws and 20% magic resistance from the Human Flesh +5 make up for the 2 AC. As nice as AC is, there's a point where it doesn't matter, particularly in ToB. If I roll with the plan and play style I have in mind for the Kensai/Thief, I'm pretty much going to end up finding greater benefit from the Human Flesh. Heck, even the Grandmaster armor would be superior so the boots are freed up.

"Which way should I run?" :P

Can't deny that she bought us precious seconds. Maybe half a minute. I always told her to go right because it was generally away from us fleshy meat sacks.

You can have your bastard swords, if you wish. I've found axes to be a weapon more to my preference in this case.

EDIT: It looks like I will be available all evening. If anyone wants to play today, I could certainly stay up for longer than what I usually permit myself...

We have Carsomyr! Ruthless should be rolling around with Carsomyr. To do otherwise is a serious mis-allocation of resources. (EDIT: Unless you're dual wielding. Are you?) But I have to say Ruthless, it's not like we haven't been posting in this thread. I was making rounds asking for a good time to play and the only people who replied were Fenris, Scorp and Wolfy. I'm afraid you have no cause to be excessive in your demands. We haven't been secret about anything.

#291651 Yggdrasil

Posted by Ascalon on 01 March 2011 - 08:45 AM

What would be a good name for the Imperial Capital City? "The Imperial City" seems too generic. I'd love to come up with a word that carries the same power and weight in a single syllable as "Rome," but that's nearly impossible.

I am hesitant to give you direct help (that is in the giving of a name) in this matter because I have an isolationist stance on the sharing of ideas. No discourtesy intended, but it just seems better to be in full possession of the world you build. But here are some words to ponder:

Rome is mighty because Rome has socio-historical context. Its "power and weight" as you put it is phonoaesthetically represented, but the bulk of it stems from the fact that the Roman Empire was a dominating influence in local cultures - a little far removed, but still deeply entangled. I am not aware of many people who think much of the word "roam" despite being homophonous to the aforementioned city. So in truth, the task for you would be to build up to it in (your sister's?) writing, and create that gravity yourself. You can only go so far with sound, the rest is subconscious. This is the same reason "Batman" would be considered campy out of context. However, not all hope is lost. For polysyllabic nominals you can get pretty lofty.

"Minas Tirith."
"Minas Morgul."

Those struck me as gripping names - though admittedly it was probably Christopher Lee's baritone and deliberate delivery that made it for me (and my mental repetition of his voice reinforces the sentiment). This is where you start to delve into Tolkein's interest with "cellar door." I would advice you to divorce yourself from semantics and focus on phonoaesthetics if you really want a name that hits the scale of "Rome."

For a start, "Coronaria" is too effeminate for my ears. Not to put down the other sex, but "Coronaria" does not fit the name of a seat of power. Its sonor is too euphonic and too soft without elegance. "Suldanessellar" is something I would consider effeminate, but still a powerful name.

"Capitus" would be better than "Coronaria." "Dom" would be more fitting than "Dome," "Dhome," or "Doma." Though Doma less so. Depending on your accent you may be preserving the stress on the "o." Consider "Doh-ma" vs "doe-ma."

But if you're hung up on Coronaria, then I'd just truncate it to Coronar. I would not substitute the C for a K though because that is just sin. While substitutable in sound, in appearance it just looks guttural. Special cases may arise, but not for the Imperial Capital.

#289067 A non-fiction piece

Posted by Ascalon on 15 February 2011 - 07:32 PM

Just a thought here. Isn't the point of this topic to render criticisms of the technical aspects of writing? When I read the first post it did not seem to me an invitation to discuss the subject of this piece, merely how Vorgain went about constructing it. At least that's the impression I got from the request for "critique." From my point of view that is a matter completely divorced from what is written of. That is to say, it is the method, not the thing.

My first thought is, what is this supposed to do? Obviously it is about proper conduct towards woman. So then is it meant to be informative or persuasive in nature? Are we supposed to turn toward your belief, or merely listen to understand your position? Bear in mind as well, who the audience is. Is this purely for those of your faith, or do you entreat a wider audience - ie. us?

This lacks an exegesis. It is hard to render a critique when there is no means of determining how we should go about it. For example, if this was a persuasive body of work, I would have to say it is poor from an academical point of view. It is purely sentimental, and lacks substance. You lay out all these ideas, but there are no support structures to hold up your points. All talk, no walk.

"Your wife, girlfriend, fiancé – they are your treasure. They are the greatest thing you will ever have in your life."

"You swear a vow at marriage to “have and to hold.” Your wife, or future wife, will be yours until you die. You will love her, honor her, and respect her."

Why are these true? You speak of them like they are set in stone, but they are not. Why are they my treasure? Why are they the greatest thing I will ever have in my life? What if I don't swear to "have and to hold" her at marriage? Not all marriage ceremonies are the same. And are you sure that they will be mine till I die? What if they are infelicitous? Is she really mine even then?

To put it bluntly, nothing in your writing stands because you have not written any legs. You give no reasons for anything. For a persuasive argument, this does not serve well at all. The best it can do is appeal to the mores and ideals of the reader, and pray. But at that point they probably don't have views much more different than yours so it's kind of like preaching to the choir. As it stands, it really sounds more like idealistic waffling than something serious. These sound to me like nascent thoughts and conceptions rather than fully developed ideas. These sound like the regurgitation of ideas: you never explain the why of any matter. The closest you get is warranting these ideas through God as if that was supposed to be self-evident, but not everyone holds to your belief. If I were a Viking, and you told me that I should love a woman as you described because God said so, I would laugh, pillage your village and sail away with a woman over my shoulder.

On the other hand, if your work is simply a declaration of your stand, all I can say is: good for you. For just laying out information, there's not much to be said about the writing. It's ok. Your opinion is a bit too airy for my tastes, but the sentiment is appreciated.

#288769 A Cold Wind Blows [Sign Up/OOC]

Posted by Ascalon on 14 February 2011 - 05:31 AM

He's in New Zealand to my knowlege and I'm in USA EST. It's already the 15th over there.

Don't worry bro. I've got your back. We do enough brain damage and it'll be the 13th all over again. Trust me. :cool:

#287989 A Cold Wind Blows [Sign Up/OOC]

Posted by Ascalon on 09 February 2011 - 08:12 AM

Don't wait for me, I'm in Limbo or something.

No, really, I'm just not all that interested in getting into any more RPs right now. I'm only dealing with two right now, and to be honest I'm struggling to stay involved in them. You'll have to go ahead without me, I'm afraid.

Pssh. Be classy. Dump them and join this one.

#286216 A Cold Wind Blows [Sign Up/OOC]

Posted by Ascalon on 30 January 2011 - 06:15 AM

Cool beans. I will do my best to have something by Wednesday so as to not delay you unnecessarily, but it is re-assuring that there is no haste. :)

#274668 Writer's Block

Posted by Ascalon on 20 November 2010 - 04:06 PM

These are my main methods:

-Drink. A couple shots of hard liquor loosens up the old cogs. Not too much though. You don't want to be inebriated.

-Don't sleep. You have to keep plugging away though. Eventually you just keep going.

However, I would advise against following my advice. Or at least, don't follow my advice too often because too often I teeter on the periphery of sanity. Right now I feel like clawing my face off.

Here are some less self-destructive methods:

-Hot bath. Then write.
-Cold shower. Then write.(excellent if you do hot bath then cold shower)
-Stare at a wall for about an hour. Write.
-Sit on hard chair. Focus on posture. Write.
-Turn down temperature till chilly. Shivering good. Write.
-Eat a lot. Preferably consume a large quantity of sugar.
-Write something else. Or insert something wacky like a bear tearing a wall down and fighting the protagonist.
-Hand stand push ups.
-Draw something.

Can't think of anything else right now. Too addlepated. Good luck.