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Posted by Klaykid on 12 March 2017 - 11:02 PM

Due to my job I wont be able to post 'till next week. I will have my phone on me, so I'm able to access the internet. But my posting abilities will be limited to my phone. I doubt I can get a meaningful post using that tiny thing. I can definitely try, but don't expect much. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Talk about awful timing.
But after next week there is nothing dramatic on my schedule. So I can devote my free time to the RP :D

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Posted by Klaykid on 16 February 2017 - 08:42 AM

Sofia Martinez-Rivera

#482824 Custom Content

Posted by Klaykid on 13 February 2017 - 02:07 AM

A good opportunity to expand upon Sofia's background. Could be a cool mission sooner or later involving the faction. If anything goes counter to Nova Refuge lore, let me know and I'll revise this.








Leader: Vice Admiral Tusco Fernandez
Garrison/HQ: None [Nomadic]
Origin: Zygbari Navy
Limited to: HUMANS [Zygbari, Victorian, Yavakarese]
The 9th Fleet “La Resistencia” was originally composed and purposed for the rebellion against Xarkon during the last years of the Zygbari resistance. Finally, in 305 PA when Zygbar had gained its independence, the 9th Fleet had changed its garrison to the Zygbari core world. However, once Chancellor Roscoe O'Donnell rose to power, the leaders of the various ships in the 9th Fleet had become disillusioned with the path their country had taken. Yet they remained loyal to Zygbar and her colonies. Soon, the 9th Fleet was scheduled to become decommissioned and forcibly retired. It was not until Zygbar's alliance with Xarkon and the upcoming disbanding of the 9th Fleet did their captains and vice admiral decided to go rogue. With growing fear that all personnel within the 9th Fleet were to be disposed of, all ships, commanders, and personnel defected from their home.
The 9th Fleet roams about space moving from port to port, avoiding both Zygbari and Xarkon space at all costs. It is unclear how the 9th Fleet manages to stay afloat or how they manage to survive by themselves. It has become speculated that members of the 9th Fleet perform services in exchange for good or cash. It is a common sight in many markets to see Zygbari travelers bartering for scrap or scavenging for parts related to outdated or discontinued vessels.
Due to the nature of the fleet, the 9th fleet has allowed both Victorians and Yavakarese travelers to live and work on the flotilla. As of now, the 9th Fleet operates as a separate body of government from Zygbar that houses its own legislative and executive branches. Due to the current state of the flotilla, the 9th Fleet never engages in direct combat with any force unless it is to defend itself.
Lawful: Due to the state of the 9th Fleet and the threat of collapse, the fleet has a strict set of rules that are enforced to the letter. On rare occasions has the law been questioned or disregarded for the greater good.
Peaceful: Since their desertion from the Zygbari Navy, the 9th Fleet is in no shape to engage in battle. The fleet's only combat action is against forces directly attacking them.
Defensive: The flotilla prefers to retreat and avoid conflict rather than take enemies head on. The fleet, if engaged with a strong foe, tends to prolong battle long enough for civilian ships to retreat before the combat vessels fall back to a safe point.
Dishonorable: When you lack the armaments and defenses to engage a foe head on, it is easier to perform sneak attacks and dirty tricks to stay alive.
LRV Resguardar (BSC-0017) - A massive vessel that is the size of a small city. It is used as a colony vessel where the majority of the civilian population of the flotilla resides. The largest vessel in the fleet and houses major medical facilities.
LRV Conquistar (DS-9975) - The capital ship of the fleet that houses the largest weapon in the 9th Fleet.
LRV Entendimiento (CVS-09770) - A carrier that has been converted to serve as a legislative body.
LRV Resguardar (BSC-0017) - The Resguardar is a massive vessel that once served as a mobile base for the Zygbari military to ferry an entire post's worth of troops and materials from point to point. Long after the 9th Fleet had defected from the Zygbari Navy, the Resguardar was converted to a colony vessel that houses hundreds of thousands of Zygbari civilians and military personnel. Though it has been years since the weapons upon the vessel had been used, sailors are trained to operate these old weapons. The Resguardar also houses the primary medical facility where the majority of 9th Fleet children are birthed.

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Posted by Klaykid on 12 February 2017 - 02:59 AM

Name: Sofia Martinez-Rivera
Species: Human [Zygbari]
Specialization: Agility
Cybernetics [Neurological implant to allow quick data reference to cybernetic manuals and allows a direct interface with computers. Auditory implants to assist in stealth operations and movements. Muscular filaments to assist in both speed and stealth movement. Two robotic arms, with three points of articulation, hidden inside her back that can extend up to two meters, and usually cannot be detected by the naked eye when concealed in her back. Arms can either combine into one arm with six digit hands, or two arms with three digit fingers.]
Faction: Grimm's Army
(Artwork by madspartan013)
Sofia stands 5'10 with olive skin and musculature that reflects a rough life. Her green eyes compliments her soft face, and her hair is a dark colour with highlights at the ends. Her cybernetic implants from her muscle filaments to her cybernetic arm cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  • [Negotiator] High caliber blazer pistol
  • Two blazer knifes sheathed at the small of her back
  • Simple hacker's kit consisting of a keyboard projector and connection cables
  • Personal data assistant
  • Candy
Sofia Martinez-Rivera was born on a space fairing vessel Resguardar in a flotilla of ships that once  traveled throughout Zygbari space. The flotilla, La Resistencia 9th Fleet, was originally composed of warships during Zygbari's rebellion against Xarkon. However, since the rise of Roscoe O'Donnell to the position of chancellor, La Resistencia 9th went rogue leaving both Zygbari space and nation. Now the fleet serves as a sort of fleet of colony ships that travel from port to port.
Due to her home, Sofia grew up in a culture of warriors and fighters. Her Zygbari upbringing taught her many useful skills from hacking to stealthy attacks. Why fight fair when fighting dirty is easier? Wanting to leave her dead end life in the flotilla, Sofia ventured out in the galaxy as a mercenary fighting for the highest bidder. Sofia eventually managed to secure employment with Grimm's Army, mainly in wetwork, sabotage, or espionage (a fact that she does her best to keep secret).
The majority of Sofia's work experience in Grimm's Army usually consists of actions taken against Xarkonian targets. And given Sofia's prejudice against Xarkonians, this is a fact she does not mind.

#482773 Poll - First Adrift Campaign

Posted by Klaykid on 11 February 2017 - 06:18 PM

I'm not familiar with this universe, so I figured that exploring the alien civilizations from a human perspective would be an excellent way to get acquainted with the lore. Especially if the alien races are not that flushed out compared to the human factions.

As for genre, I'm all about action/adventure.

#482762 Sign-Up Thread/Joining Thread - General (non-campaign-specific)

Posted by Klaykid on 11 February 2017 - 03:08 PM

About the cybernetics skill, is it limited to one cybernetic part? For example, can I have an extra robot arm but not cyber eyeballs as well? Or is it more like "as many as you want as long as it's a reasonable amount"? Also, it read like a Deus Ex reference, lol

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Posted by Klaykid on 09 September 2016 - 11:43 AM

I have a lot on my plate in the next two months. I will be able to post regular updates for Sef, but it will be in a limited capacity. Sorry for any inconveniences.

#476462 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Klaykid on 20 August 2016 - 09:57 PM

Sef sighed in dissatisfaction. She did not trust demons. In fact, she trusted vampires more than she trusted demons. So what that she had different standards for different creatures. She was human and she was imperfect. But her personal opinion did not matter anymore. The captain had made an order and Sef would follow it to the letter. Even if she personally disagreed with the decision. In all honesty, the choice to spare the demon (for now) made Sef feel less guilty about the incident with the duke.


"I agree with Sarael. Say it flew away at the mention of an investigation, or just say it flew away period."

#476071 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Klaykid on 13 August 2016 - 10:31 PM

Sef was notably the most quiet during this entire ordeal. She stood as one of the more intimidating figures in the room, standing by the door with her sword tip planted on the floor and her hands wrapped around the handle. Her eyes stared neutrally at each individual that passed through attempting to gather what they could be hiding. On the occasion while Stevan questioned the individuals, Sef played with the amulet Duke Draculea had gifted her. The notion that there was an unholy beast on board gave her that uneasy feeling before a hunt. Her muscles tensed and eased at each passing minute as she mentally practiced her sword swings.


"Caiden and I believe we know whom you are looking for. One of our trusted companions has understandably suspicious origins, but we are here to plead on this person’s behalf. We volunteered as subjects of your inquisition as a show of good faith, and to prove that we do this of our own volition, with sound, uncorrupted and undominated minds, in the hopes of convincing you to spare an innocent life.”


"You knew the entire time?!" Sef blurted out unconsciously. She closed her eyes and lowered her head, noticeably biting her lip.


"Excuse my outburst," she apologized.


She had a certain hatred for things undead and unholy. These creatures were the reason why she is a widow and the reason she had to bury her son. A little casket being lowered into the tiniest grave she had ever dug, and knowing it was your own flesh and blood being sent from this world was far more painful than any cut from a blade. The memory put a knot in her stomach and fury in her heart. But she had to remain open-minded. It was reasonable that these people wanted to hide something like that from the Templars since it sounded like this demon was a friend of theirs. If Sef had not joined the Templars she would have done the same in their position. But it also put a strain on the trust between the Templars on board and the rest of the crew. Hiding a demon among the holy warriors was akin to an insult. The very presence of the demon had placed lives in danger.


Sef wanted nothing more than to find the identity of this beast and impale it upon her blade. The feeling of Draculea's amulet upon her chest was cold. The Templar flashed the amulet to Stevan briefly and gave him unsure eyes. They had a similar dilemma when they worked for the duke so long ago.

#476069 Chasing Shadows OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Klaykid on 13 August 2016 - 10:04 PM

Alrighty! Got caught up with the topic. Making posty post now.

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Posted by Klaykid on 30 July 2016 - 02:32 PM

Just a heads up, I'm going to the field from Monday to Sunday. So no posts from me in that timeline.

#474814 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Klaykid on 24 July 2016 - 03:56 PM

Sef would have preferred to keep along the safest route to their destination, but her sickness has caused her silence. Now she found herself standing upon the bow of the ship watching these murky waters pass. Curious thoughts of monsters creeping through the deep ran past her mind filling her head with images of undead creatures. But it did not terrify her. Instead, it was more of an annoyance. It was her duty to slay the unholy beasts that dare to step forth onto Midgard. But every once in a while, Sef wanted to enjoy a quick respite. Though, she was completely seasick from the trip (and will likely continue to be).


Now there was a ship approaching from the fog. The Templar normally would have thought nothing of it until the words of the vikings returned to her. Something about hauntings in the waters. Maybe this may be one of those cases.


[Perception] Attempt to gather information about the ship.

#473790 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Klaykid on 07 July 2016 - 10:14 PM

There was a yearning to explore the ship, talk to the sailors, listen to their stories, and mess about the deck. But it felt childish for a woman of Sef's caliber. Just this once she wanted to let her reservations loose and be free to act a fool. She wanted to marvel at the impressive engineering of the vessel and its breath taking architecture. And it really was a beautiful ship (though it made it a prime target for pirates). But there were more pressing matters at hand. Like trying not to vomit on the main deck. One could say Sef did not have the affinity for the sea. She preferred having solid ground beneath her feet where she could freely move about. But this, being at sea on a vessel that rocked back and forth constantly, nauseated her well past the 'danger zone'.


"Oh, Lady," mumbled Sef. "Give me strength and see me through this..."


The Templar got to her feet, legs wobbling, and gripped the railings. As soon as her stomach calmed (as the ship entered calmer waters), she allowed her mind to wander. Stevan's words about his own salvation gave Sef hope that perhaps one day she would come across her own saving. For a time it felt like she had drifted further from Astra, something that she was afraid of since joining the ranks of the Knights Templar. But faith, devotion, and love for Astra was a two way street. You must put in effort and devotion to Her. Though it certainly felt like Sef had been abandoned when her husband...


Her thumb rubbed against the silver marriage band she kept around her neck. The very memories of her husband could drive her to tears. She took the ring from around her neck and contemplated tossing it into the ocean. Then herself. But something in her heart couldn't let go of the only physical representation of her lost love. It was a reminder that her husband existed, that he was an actual being with thoughts and feelings, someone that loved her with everything humanly possible. And this thought made her feel at ease, and at the same time, brought a slow sadness like a creeping storm.


Sef placed the necklace back around her neck and wobbled over to Stevan. The captain always had a presence that calmed her nerves. And, though she did not want to admit it out loud, she loved to annoy the captain. She staggered beside him, a wave caught by the ship made her stumble a bit, and she caught the railings to steady herself. An embarrassed chuckle escaped from her lips before she felt something disastrous approaching.


The Templar vomited over the side of the rails. Oh, and there was a ship approaching them.

#473475 ZONE - Manor at Redfield ((Chasing Shadows - START))

Posted by Klaykid on 30 June 2016 - 09:40 PM

Sef joined Stevan before the flag of Astra and knelt in prayer. Not to pay her respects, but rather thank the Goddess for her safe travels and for her relatively good fortune. It was silent, serene, calm, none of the templars spoke a word to one another as they concentrated on their own personal connection to Her. And in this silent meditation of prayer, it was in the hopes of becoming closer to Her and to feel the love She provided as well as reciprocate this love. But at times, Sef found herself wavering. It was this hesitation in her commitment to Astra that made her afraid. Fear of not losing her connection to the Goddess, there was no doubt in Sef's mind that the Goddess ruled over all. It was the fear of becoming that which she defends against.


Once Stevan finished his prayer, Sef turned to him with unease in her posture. She tried her best to hide it, but she figured Stevan's senses would catch on quickly.


"Captain... forgive me for what I am to ask... but..."


Sef bit her lip lightly, her thumb rubbed the wedding band upon her ring finger.


"Have you ever felt... your faith... wavering?" she asked. There was no one else she could turn to.

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Posted by Klaykid on 24 June 2016 - 04:45 PM