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#477310 ZONE - Artorius ((Chasing Shadows - Epilogue))

Posted by Balder on 12 September 2016 - 02:38 AM

Rutgers entrance was greeted with a yelp and Kye leaping into a combat stance, interrupting the scribe's line of thought. What more to note was that the half-demon was stripped down to naught but a short pair of pants that sat awkwardly against the base of his tail, exposing the countless scars across his person. He did, however, still wear that wicked, heavy, metal left gauntlet that reached all the way up to his elbow.


His back was crisscrossed by innumerable whip scars, not to mention the enormous, jagged Demonic rune for "Pain" carved there as if by a knife. He certainly carried other scars as well, though none so impressive as those covering his back, and parts of his body also bore strange, sharp-edged, dark tattoos of various runic-looking symbols, the most prominent of which was a tattoo around his left bicep that looked almost like hellish thorns banded together. Rutger quickly made a note to examine those tattoos and interpret them with Kye’s help.


Of greatest interest to the scribe though was Kye’s Demonic features themself. With the half-demon stripped down he got a better look than before of his wings, tail and horns. The analytical mind of Rutger immediately set about drawing up methods of anatomical study to be applied to examine the demonic features of his subject, an exciting prospect.

...He also noted the muscles themself and Kye’s attractive form in general. But such thoughts were highly inappropriate on multiple levels, and he shook his head to rid himself of such thoughts. Stay professional.


When Kye realized it was only Rutger, he buried his face in his right hand in exasperation and mumbled, "Oh, hi... Sorry, I, uh - I was trying to sleep."


“Oh, my bad, I did not realize. I’ll remember to knock next time.” Rutger graciously replied as the demon-kin sighed and curled his wings in some, trying to allow Rutger more room to sit down somewhere, as he previously had those particular appendages sprawled out everywhere on either side of him, and his spearheaded tail absently beat the side of the bed it partially hung off. Kye seemed very careful to try and keep his back from facing Rutger. The scribe made note of it.

"What - what were you saying?" Kye asked drowsily, rubbing his bloodshot violet eyes briefly with his right hand before blinking and trying to focus on Rutger. "Questions, I guess...?"


“Certainly,” Rutger declared with a smile. “I was saying that I believe this to be as good a time as any to continue our little discussion as I’ve just finished comparing my notes of our last session with some of the order's own knowledge on the subject. However, seeing as you are… unclothed, I figure I could make some anatomical diagrams of your wings and tail and we could examine your full range of motion. Yes I believe we should do that so if you could just go stand over there”, he gestured to the floor opposite of the desk in the room, “with your wing stretched out… ah actually just stretch it out partially considering our tight confines. We can also do some less formal questions while I draw.”


With that the scribe went to the desk to put down his notes and prepared his writing utensils. “You can confine with me you know,” he added with his back turned. “I not sure what you were trying to hide there behind your back but please know that I have no desire to be your foe. Whatever it was that you were hiding I assure you that your secret would be safe with me as long as it’s harmless but if you feel that I should not know, well then I’ll just have to figure it out by myself.”


The scribe finished preparing his notes and turned back with a smile. “So, shall we begin?”

#477245 Chasing Shadows OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Balder on 10 September 2016 - 11:23 AM

Ah, yes I see now that I missed somethings, i'll just go back and edit the last part out and work on a reply to this :P

#477226 ZONE - Artorius ((Chasing Shadows - Epilogue))

Posted by Balder on 10 September 2016 - 03:59 AM

While all other discussed and then left, one after the other, Rutger sat silently to the side busily scribbling away at his notes and comparing them to his books. Kye Vakurseth had already with but a small condensed telling of his escape from the underworld brought priceless amounts of information to the order and it was imperative that he made sure his notes were exhaustive. He was also touching up on what the order already thought to know so that he could check it all with Kye. It wasn't work he should concentrate on now what with the Umbra Coven but he could hardly help himself. As such he was technically present during their briefing yet practically absent as he barely listened.


He did look up though as Kye and Caiden left the table, eyes following them as they went up the stairs of the tavern, one after the other. Kye he noted for obvious reasons as he still had a lot of questions to ask, Caiden on the other hand... He hadn't forgotten about the agony he'd seen him in on the lady Amelia or for that matter the pixie he'd spotted. And he had a new question for the Venator on top of that because he knew for a fact that when they departed from port in Templaria that their party did not contain an elf yet it did have one as they disembarked in Artorius. An elf that was wearing what most certainly was Caiden's Venator cloak. Was everyone else so forgetful to not notice or were they just blind to this? Or perhaps they knew something he didn't.


Unfortunately the elf and Venator left before Rutger could finish his notes and as such he was unable to confront them on that issue for now. Instead he finished up his work, gathered his notes and books and went up the stairs to his room, putting his books away. He then made his way to Kye's room, notes in hand, questions on his lips. He entered without knocking. "How are you doing Mr. Vakurseth, I feel that this is as good an opportunity as any to con-..." He stopped as the scene in front of him registered...

#476992 Chasing Shadows OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Balder on 06 September 2016 - 12:24 PM

Sorry I haven't been posting, school start has been busy and it have taken me a while to settle in to things(still is). I'll try to post something but my mind is all over the place and I'm having trouble concentrating on writing so it may take me a while yet to catch up. I should be getting into pace soon though as things are starting to settle into rhythm.

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Posted by Balder on 28 August 2016 - 08:35 AM

Well my studies have resumed as well and since I'm going to attempt to concentrate on them expect my posts to become, if not less frequent, at least shorter as I can't afford to spend as much time on them as I have during summer. I will of course do my best to keep pace and I have no intention of leaving this any time soon. You can count on me for the long haul!

#476687 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Balder on 28 August 2016 - 08:27 AM

After a long and informative answer from Kye to the scribe's questions that Rutger eagerly listened to and wrote down without interrupting the half-demon meekly asked: "What else?"


"Oh, plenty." Rutger Answered. "Pressingly you forgot to mention the location of your arrival to our good earth, I understand that you may not be certain of the exact location but anything helps. However, I feel that is enough for my judgement and I think you will be happy to find that I can fully recommend against dealing with you in the regular fashion! Indeed, it is my belief that your knowledge will be of incredible value to the Templar order and by extension the Empire as a whole." He announced with a friendly smile before turning to Stevan.


"I believe the decision is ultimately up to you, Knight-Captain, as you are the highest ranking member of the order present. I have given my view of things but I will of course conform to your decision should you not agree with my assessment though again I must stress the potential value Kye Vakurseth's knowledge."

#476621 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Balder on 25 August 2016 - 01:52 PM

In the time it took for Marcus and Caiden to return with the half demon Rutger had descended into a trance where he was quickly writing down prepared question after question and so ensorcelled he was in his work that he didn't notice their return until the Inquisitor spoke again. Startled out of his trance he looked up and beheld Kye, his disguise drooped. Rutger was stunned by the sight, despite the many records he had studied that detailed the demonic. To see for himself was simply an experience! Like his compatriots he tensed but unlike them it was not in preparation for conflict, instead it was clear for any that spared him a glance that he was holding himself back from leaping out of his chair and assailing the half-demon with endless question. The eager grin said as much. 


He did not listen to a word anyone else said as his eyes ate the sight.


"Simply amazing," he whispered in quiet awe. "The things we will learn... Ahem, Kye was it? Well then I have a few questions. First; I doubt Kye is your full name so please tell us what your full name is. Second; you spent your youth in the underworld, yes? How did you emerge onto the Earth? This is important information for if there's a path from the depths of hell to our Earth it imperative that such a path is swiftly sealed less your kin follow in your footstep and onto our backyard. This I trust you to understand would be a bad thing, perhaps you sealed such a path yourself in which case I thank you but must insist on you telling us the exact location for the event so that the order may examine it. Third; for how long have you been on our Earth and for how long did you reside within the underworld? Approximations are fine if you are unsure." He made to continue but stopped himself. "I have more questions, of course, but they'll have to wait until later I'm afraid. But answer those for now, I feel I can get enough of a judgement of your honesty from that."

#476543 Chasing Shadows OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Balder on 23 August 2016 - 01:34 PM

Sorry I haven't posted, I've been busy with no access to a computer. Hopefully I can get something up soon.

#476317 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Balder on 18 August 2016 - 07:30 AM

Rutger listened patiently on Marcus making his case. He was a bit surprised to be the one the inquisitor choose to address directly but when he thought about it it made sense. It was likely that Rutger was the only one in his group that would even consider not killing a demon. It was to his personal shame that he once had the notion of summoning a demon just to ask it questions about the underworld. He didn't do it of course, but he'd had the temptation. Further it was fact that a demon could not be trusted so it was likely that if he'd gone through with it he would only learn lies. 


A cooperative half-demon on the other hand... oh he almost drooled at the thought. The thing he could learn from it! The knowledge it could share with them could very well be invaluable to the Templar order in their continuing fight against the unholy, but that was only footnote to Rutger. Because when teased with the unknown Rutger couldn't stand not knowing. It was the reason he'd joined the order in the first place, to learn everything their archives had to teach him and also the reason the Umbra coven had caught his attention. He loved mysteries. He loved to unravel them and learn the truth. And the underworld was very much a mystery and in front of him a man was teasing him with the key for that mystery. He simply had to have it!


Of course this all assumed the half-demon was raised in Tartarus. If it had lived on earth its entire life then it was near worthless to him, at best being good for a dissection. But from the sound of it that was not the case. And as such he needed to convince his colleagues that it was indeed in their best interest to keep the beast alive. Which brought him back to that footnote.


But there were still his oath to consider and as such compromises had to be made.


"I see," he said once inquisitor had finished elaborating. "Very well then, lets assume for a moment that everything is as you say it is and your fie- *ahem* friend is indeed a good person then I must ask you as an inquisitor: would you let a proven mage go free simply because he was a good person? Of course not! You have an oath to consider and a duty to see to that the mage can't unwittingly cause harm to others. The same applies here. We have our own oaths and duties to consider and at the very best I can imagine letting this half-demon live under constant surveillance and locked away, much like what a Mage could expect in Karak du Vide. Observe that this is the best case scenario for your friend, a judgement I'd be unwilling to recommend unless it had something to offer the order. And here comes the good news for you. If what you've said and implied is true then this Half-demon do indeed have something of incredible value to the order. Its knowledge of the Underworld and all that dwells within."


He paused a moment and hummed for a bit. "Now, I can't recommend that action until what you've said can be proven true. We need to know who this half-demon is and bring it in for questioning to ultimately make that decision." He said with finality, leaving for the others to say their part. 

#476213 Chasing Shadows OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Balder on 16 August 2016 - 02:25 PM

And I have an Inquisition to conduct



#476079 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Balder on 14 August 2016 - 03:24 AM

When Rutger was told of the situation he swiftly exchanged his report notes for new ones, setting them up for their impromptu inquisition. He'd make sure to record every reaction to the blessing of Astra Aeterna and all words that was said during the interviews. So when Caiden stepped in he sat ready with quill to put ink to paper. 




"You're both clean," Stevan said as he stood before the Venator and the Inquisitor, still in the captain's cabin, the door still shut. "We have a whole ship to speak with one by one, and while we have days to do it, I don't like leaving any of this to go on for longer than it has to. What's so important, Caid?"

But Caiden said nothing. He simply looked at Marcus, letting the Inquisitor speak instead.

Clearing his throat before rising to his feet respectfully, Capulet pronounced, “Caiden and I believe we know whom you are looking for.  One of our trusted companions has understandably suspicious origins, but we are here to plead on this person’s behalf.  We volunteered as subjects of your inquisition as a show of good faith, and to prove that we do this of our own volition, with sound, uncorrupted and undominated minds, in the hopes of convincing you to spare an innocent life.”


Rutger was stunned by the implication, quill stopped briefly. They knew? "You knew the entire time?!" Blurted the large Templar knight he'd yet to be introduced to, mirroring his thoughts, before apologizing hastily. Rutger couldn't blame her for it, these were distressing news.  


"Mr. Capulet. I believe you need to clarify yourself, make sure we are not mishearing you. Because right now it sound as if you're claiming to be in cahoots with the unholy, a very serious claim I must remind you," the scribe said steadily, weighing his voice so as to not sound too accusatory. "We are talking of either a vampire or a demon, monsters that from all records are inherently evil. But yes, if you have truly considered the implications of your statement, please continue."


To be fair vampires wasn't inherently evil but they were certainly unholy and there were very few instances where one of their kind could be recorded as to not being evil. But demons most certainly were evil, the lot of them, no exceptions. 

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#475566 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Balder on 04 August 2016 - 11:09 AM

"It's your choice," Caiden said firmly. "If you're not trained, there's no shame in staying safe. We don't need to lose anyone. If you want a job, you can check the lower deck for leaks. After that impact, we might have some."

With that, however, the Venator turned to the ladder leading up to the main deck. He glanced back at Rutger one more time to give a brief, "Stay safe," just before he disappeared.


Rutger gulped, still hesitating where he stood. He could figure out that whatever was up there attacking the ship was probably a sea-horror of some kind, what with that unearthly roar. Part of him wanted to go up deck, not to fight it but to record it first hand for the archives. The other half realized that was a stupid idea and was of the mind that he should do as the Venator advised and make himself useful checking for leaks. This resulted in an impasse where Rutger stood there frozen for some moments until more unearthly roars overcame his sensibilities with curiosity and he rushed to the opening up deck, promising himself he'd just get a good look at whatever was attacking them and then he'd immediately go check for leaks.


Unfortunately he only managed to catch a glimpse of the tentacled beast before it disappeared beneath the waves with nightmarish shrieks of agony.


A bare moment after it had disappeared the captain was shouting orders and sailors was rushing past the scribe to check for leaks. Figuring that it'd be better if he got out of the way Rutger quickly made himself scarce, making his way to the ships railings, observing as sailors past. He thought about helping in cleaning up the mess about the deck but realized he had more important work to do.


He needed to make a record of this event for the Templar archives.


And there was also the question of what pain had befallen their Venator, Caiden he think his name were. 


But records first and since his supplies were firmly locked away inside the forecastle he made his way to the captain. "Captain, just a moment. I hope it's not to forwards of me to ask to borrow some writing supplies from you seeing as my own supplies are stored away. Further I would also hope that I can borrow you desk, you see this encounter needs to be properly recorded. In addition since I myself was otherwise engaged under deck and as such did not fully observe the proceedings of the past events I'll also need some, or preferably several, people who were immediately present in order to get the right information, oh, and perhaps you'd be interested to know that your friend Caiden was in some sort of pain earlier, I'll check on that more later. Anyhow, you see this is of course of most importance and I would very much like to get started immediately though I'll accept a slight delay if you see it as proper to not start interrogating the crew immediately." The scribe excitedly rambled off before giving pause for the captain to respond.

#475319 ZONE - Imperial ship at sea ((Chasing Shadows - Chapter I))

Posted by Balder on 31 July 2016 - 03:35 PM

Finally, after being physically prompted, Caiden turned to face him. Nothing seemed visibly wrong with him, though his face was slightly contorted in pain, and one hand kept clutching at his left side. Rutger saw no bloodstains on his armor there, however, so he did not appear wounded, unless it was an old injury of some sort.

"I'll be fine," Caiden said stonily, though his tone betrayed a good deal of agony. "I appreciate the concern..."

Rutger was about to interject something about how he clearly was in pain but then entire ship tilted.

It did not just tilt - it began to yaw completely backward, the prow pointing straight up to the sky. It should not have been possible.


Rutger scrambled to grab hold of something, anything, but he was to late and began falling - only for Caiden's free hand to shoot out and grab his arm.

He saw a barrel roll past him at incredible speed and then smash into a far wall, sending supplies flying this way and that, and the entire lower decks began to echo with the panicked neighs and cries of horses in their stalls. Gulping, Rutger imagined that barrel being him and it was no pleasant image.

It only lasted a few seconds before - arguably - things got even worse.

Now the entire ship seemed to fall. Rutger felt like his stomach had been left somewhere overhead as the ship suddenly crashed back into the water, knocking them both off their feet and leaving their heads spinning. But they were still alive - and, by some miracle, uninjured, except for a few minor bumps and bruises.


Gasping for breath the scribe attempted to say his thanks. "I- *gasp*, Thank you. I-", he paused, taking deep breath to collect himself. "I owe you." 

Then they heard the roar of the monster outside.

Caiden immediately sat up. Rutger could still read some pain written across his face, but he stood and steeled himself to power through it. The scribe would have usually said something about it, protested even. But these were not usual conditions.

"I'm going above deck," Caiden said, drawing his broadsword. "Are you coming?"


Rutger hesitated for a moment, before rising to his feet. "I'm not sure of how much use I'll be. I have no weapons, and no training to use any. I'll go up but..." a heavy sigh escaped him and it was clear to the Venator the man in that moment felt useless. "I'll try my best, perhaps I can drag any injured beneath the deck and attempt to treat them. Though I doubt I'll even manage that. Either way, you lead the way."

#474846 Chasing Shadows OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Balder on 25 July 2016 - 03:57 AM

P.S., as a general alert: If a NPC knowledgeable in a field asks the players what they want to do, it's not because that NPC is stupid, it's because I'm trying to give the players more agency. Also you all basically outrank everyone on this ship, or at least they respect you enough to defer to your judgment, since this is your mission, not theirs.


Yeah, I assumed as much but Rutger doesn't. He's just a bit of an ass.