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In Topic: The Mystery Project: Part 6 (UPDATED 3/21

Yesterday, 08:03 AM


I only just noticed the familiar Daishi 'mech. Awesome. :D

Impressive animation! I'm still trying to figure out the mystery of the mystery project. Is this a Dark Souls thing? I know Dark Souls has campfires, lol.


Ha! Glad you noticed. That MOC was wayyy inspired by your version from back in the day. 


But no, not Dark Souls. I'm glad you picked up on the vibe though! Dark Souls is my #2 inspiration for this project. I may even make a similar project for DS1 after this is done... but that's spoilers for real life.

Since you got so close I'll reward you with another thing I used for concept art/inspiration:




I don't really like this album all that much but I saw the cover one day and fell in love. I love this aesthetic of an Arthurian looking knight looking over dreary and misty mountains, possibly on the hunt for some great beast. Well, that's almost exactly the plot of the PS2 game I'm basing this off of.


(No, it's not Monster Hunter.)

In Topic: The Mystery Project: Part 6 (UPDATED 3/21

21 March 2018 - 08:43 AM

HEY GUYS! You know what time it is. This is a REAL UPDATE this month. Wooooo


Although it's gonna look small for you, be assured that this is hours and hours of working, trying to figure out different softwares and like, actual the actual physical quirks of lighting rigs and stuff. Not very flashy or interesting stuff, just hours spent looking at OBS studio wondering how I can make it work. I think I got there in the end, though. What do you guys think? Yes, we are now at the point where I'm going to be posting youtube videos of GIFs rather than stills.



Hoo boy. Getting to this point has been a lot of work over the past 6 months or so, but I honestly get a lot out of this so it's worth. I have some footage representative of how I'd like the whole project to look. Finally tho I mean jeez. Notice how you can see the wooded area with the stone golem figure on the hill at the right of the frame. Also, I'm aware of the weird drifting that the foreground is doing. I can't figure out how to fix that, but this is why I call it WIP test footage. Just one more problem to solve.


I did as much as I could to the raw footage (stills taken in my living room) to try and stabilize each frame, because my camera doesn't have one of those remote buttons to release the shutter and take the photo without touching. I have to actually press the button on the camera each frame, which means every time I want to take a new photo it will be SLIGHTLY misaligned with the previous, even if just by one pixel. I don't think there's a workaround here, because it's a physical issue with the hardware. Might have to look into getting a different camera :\


That said, here's the raw footage from my entire test shoot. I only greenscreen'd that first bit to test the chrome key (official name for green screen) functionality of the software I'm using. 



Pretty good, huh? I'm actually quite proud of it. Adam Savage (the red haired Mythbusters guy if, you know, you're a pleb and don't know who he is) retweeted a test gif a while back, so I've been riding that wave for my inspiration. https://twitter.com/...523972479094785


Here are some raw stills so that you can see what it looks like when I take the photos.






As you might be able to see there's still some light being reflected off the green screen, which makes doing the actual effect much more difficult. Still learning how to light these things. 

I've also got this scene which I cut, even from the raw footage, because it didn't come out right. The figure moves kinda awkwardly (I was trying to animate from a new angle) and jumps around the set a couple times from when it fell over and I lost the exact placement. Whoops. Oh well, it's still fun. Here's what it looks like when not done well. 




That's all for this month, folks! I think next month will probably have a completed version of this scene, either re-shot or fixed up in editing. Maybe even set it to music? I'm planning on making this about 1 minute long.. four seconds down I guess, right?

In Topic: The Mystery Project: Part 6 (UPDATED 3/21

01 March 2018 - 06:51 PM

Well hello again everyone! Another month of slow progress unfortunately. I've been really busy with work, and I need to be able to work on this at night, but when I have to go to bed early that just doesn't happen. So this month I decided to do a little 'behind the scenes' episode of this behind the scenes series. Very meta. 


Here we go!




Larger photos this time because I got a camera upgrade! Not that I actually went out and bought one, but I was able to borrow it from my sister. Hooray for generous siblings! I thought I'd take a little virtual tour of my work room. I've spent about five years just filling this room with stuff that I love.




Here's the current status for my painting bench. I'm not currently painting anything so it's kinda barren right now. I like how it looks like a Jackson Pollock type painting.



This is where I keep all my miscellaneous supplies as well as jacket. I've got warhammer stuff, flocking material, the sets I'm working on, spare parts and sprues, and just kinda odds and ends that I find and pick up. There's also clay and various aerosol paints and coatings as well. The fan is for air flow when working with liquid latex and other smelly chemicals. I like to think it helps.




Just a closer look at the supplies. You can see the paint set I use, sandpaper, and even a backup flight stick for flight sims. There's a resin casting kit and some model kits I bought for parts in the corner there too.




Here's the front of the completed mountain cliff face. I've knocked that tree down and had to glue it back so many times. You have no idea.




Now moving along the side of the room you can see my Lego shelf, mostly populated with modified sets and a couple MOCs. I ran out of room and had to start putting newer ships on the floor, as you can see. 




Didn't realize how blurry this one is, sorry.  Just a full shot of the shelves. Each level has a theme except the bottom. Try and guess what's each?




Here across on the other side are a few model kits that I've actually finished. The Red Baron's triplane and the Santa Maria. Both really fun builds using similar techniques to what I'm doing for this very project. I briefly toyed with the idea of incorporating the ship into this film, and still leave the possibility open, but it would be realllllly complicated and would only be a background element. Probably won't do anything with it, but it's a fun thought.




Up on this shelf I've got a couple perler bead creations from when I was younger, butterfly knife trainers from when I was into TF2, and some custom lightsaber hilts made from plumbing pipes. Really happy with those tbh.




Continuing on (we're moving clockwise) I've got my computer desk and some more model kits. Those are those cool as heck Gundam snap-fit kits. They're insanely detailed and articulate, ingeniously designed works of art. I don't like how they look per se (never been a fan of anime mechas) but I appreciate the build quality so much that I keep them together. Plus I keep the boxes cause it feels right.




Closer look at the models. Honestly pictures don't compare to actually holding and posing these guys, seeing their armor plates separate and their joints slide into place. These guys make the most complex Bionicle look like a single DUPLO brick.




Plus I got this thingy, which some of you nerds may recognize :P




Onto the next room (yes there are two)! This is where I sleep and just kinda store stuff. Things in here are mostly B-tier lego creations that I don't have the heart to salvage pieces from. 




You can play "spot the pop culture reference" from my early-2010's Lego builds.




This is what's really exciting me these days though. I bought a greenscreen and tripods! This way I can edit out backgrounds real easy. Just have to iron it out first.




I also got these funny looking things. They're basically just light bulbs on poles with an on-off switch and an umbrella arratched to one side. This way you can reflect bright light into something with softer conditions. Point a couple of these guys at something and it'll look like it's in a movie. I've been reading up on cinematic lighting. Really cool stuff. This is why I need darkness to work now though, because everything else is done except the animation itself. 




I tried using natural lighting in some test footage, but this is what it looks like. Because of the nature of stop-motion there could be minutes between frames, where a cloud could go in front of the sun or a car could drive by and the lighting is all super flashy and inconsistent. Plus it looks like I shot it in my living room near the window, which I did. This was also a test of using a bedsheet as makeshift greenscreen for the background. It kinda worked but I decided to get a real one to make it easier to set up. Also, a quirk of this camera is that it doesn't have any option for a remote shutter like my phone. This means that I'll have to put a 2-3 second delay on actually taking the photos, because even the little nudge from me pressing the shutter release on the camera moves it ever so slightly. In the footage above, each frame is about 1-2 pixels off from the previous, which makes it look all shaky and bad. Just another problem to solve through testing.




I also made a full, longer version of that test gif. Still learning all the quirks of animating this way.



That's all for now folks. Sorry it's been a while since a real update, but it's been hard juggling social life and a new job recently. Life is kinda hectic, and this eats up a lot of my time. I just don't have enough hours in the day to get it done. I like actually literally have nothing to do except animate now, so no more procrastination is even possible.


See you all soon! Hopefully...

I also made a full, longer version of that test gif. Still learning all the quirks of animating this way.

In Topic: Star Wars Movie Thread: Ackbar Wouldn't Have Said Pew

24 February 2018 - 05:51 PM

It's impossible to not anticipate Solo a little bit after watching that.

In Topic: Star Wars Movie Thread: Ackbar Wouldn't Have Said Pew

17 February 2018 - 09:21 AM

Boba Fett isn't even a Mandalorian in the new canon. He's just a guy who wears Mandalorian armor. Cause that isn't confusing at all.


(PS this is also the reason why we will probably never see Mandos on screen. 90% of the audience would be like "Why are there a bunch of Boba Fetts but none of them are Boba Fett")