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12 June 2018 - 10:03 AM

As far as hunts went, so far Lyneth had had a wonderful time with Athens. Journeying across the Empire left them with many nights in the wilderness or in taverns together, and Brys was more than ready to reciprocate any advances the knight made during that time.

She couldn't help but make a face, however, as they arrived at Fort Slaughter. Legion camps were never fun places to go, and Slaughter in particular seemed to stick out among them. She forced a smile - and subtly buttoned her shirt up a bit more than usual, realizing her normal tactics wouldn't work here - as she and Athens navigated the tents and exercising legionnaires, looking for...


Centurion Tullus stuck out, fortunately... thanks to his uniform, mostly. Otherwise he was just as stern and loud as anyone else in this gods-forsaken place. Lynetg had to struggle not to flinch when he shouted at them. Summarizing events proved a little difficult thanks to that.

"There's little doubt what happened, then. Those two left to make contact with a village of lion-folk just to the north of here. People have been disappearing, mostly toward the north, near that beastman village."

Well, maybe we're lucky and this has nothing to do with traitorous Venatori, then... "Well, that certainly sounds... typical." The half-demon offered.

Tullus arched a brow. "They should all be destroyed," he appended. "I suggest you don't waste your time, and your lives, trying to talk peace with those monsters. I can provide you with a full legion to go and slaughter them immediately."

Lyneth resisted the urge to sigh, if only with a superhuman effort. "We appreciate the offer, sir," she replied, "but we need to be certain it wasn't anything else. We haven't been given the option of going back empty-handed." She offered a helpless shrug. "If we go missing, though, I'd certainly rest easier knowing your men avenged us."

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07 June 2018 - 11:39 AM

"If I could get some of those sausages and eggs as well as some tea, I would appreciate it," an old man - a fellow Nordling, if Erik wasn’t wrong - called to the barkeep. "I may be moving out today, and some good food would be appreciated, especially since I might be going somewhere where they only serve roasted frogs and bugs… again."


Fyodorov raised an eyebrow, looking intrigued. Before he could ask for details, though, the tavern owner spoke up.


"This is a quiet town my friend. Dargnin and I go on a little trip from time to time, to.." he snorted, "relive the glory days, but to be honest the greatest evil you'll find round here is when the dwarf gets drunk enough to sing.”


Erik chuckled at that. “Ah, I understand. It is good for there to be pleasant little villages for old men to retire to.” He half-teased the evidently old man adventurer before him - and this ‘Hori’ who had joined them.


While the barkeep got the tavern’s resident dwarf on the job of making breakfast, Fyodorov turned to Hori and extended a hand for shaking. “You sound like you’re more the adventuring type, friend Hori.” He grinned. “I am Erik Fyodorov, traveling adventurer from the lands of the north, come to stay awhile within the Empire’s borders… until someone figures to kick me out, anyway.” He laughed goodnaturedly.


“If you don’t mind me asking, friend, where perchance are you headed? It seems you have some task ahead of you… maybe I can lend a hand?”


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07 June 2018 - 01:16 AM

On that note, Poetic and I are just about ready to go to Fort Slaughter. ^^

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07 June 2018 - 12:09 AM

"And you decided to give her some advice, did you?" Athens smirked playfully. Lyneth shrugged innocently, curling a lock of hair around her finger idly. "She's after quite difficult game, but we can let her track him if she wants," he said, but noticed her attempt to chance the subject from rugged yet gentle Caiden and his unobtainable affection.


"I believe I did as well. By any matter, I say we pack up and get saddled, make our way out of these grim surroundings... I'd like something new." Athens said with an air of enticement. "Could we pack what we need, and leave before the hour? Of course, if you'd like to take your time, I'm in no rush." He offered politely. Athens knew that the best game was earned patiently, and Lyneth was a prize worth waiting for.


Lyneth looked quite amused by Athens’ excitement, giggling at the sudden proposition. “Well, no one else has come by to join us… I suppose we can take a little trip on our ownsome, then.” She winked, leaning against the table. “I’ve still got my gear packed in my room from my last hunt, I’ll be ready to go when you are.” Brys grinned, feeling the familiar thrill of going out into the field with a handsome male partner for gods knew how long.


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03 June 2018 - 03:22 PM

"We have a great deal of mead, don't you worry.” The barkeep was quick to reply with a smile. Good man - Erik liked him. “Sausages and eggs cooking in the back too."


“Ah, wonderful! I shall have-!”


A large tankard was placed it in front of Fyodorov. It made a very satisfying thunk on impact.


Erik let out another bellowing laugh, taking the proffered tankard and giving a little flourish and bow in return. “You have read my mind, barkeeper! If you would be so kind as to follow this with some breakfast I will be very much in your debt!” He beamed.


"What brings you to Stonebridge?" The man asked in the meantime.


“Ah, nothing quite in particular.” He admitted with a shrug. “I journeyed with a… mixed group from up north, and here we finally split up. So! I simply await a new adventure to unfold before me, or the road to call my name!”

Erik leaned over the counter somewhat, lowering his voice about five decibels. He was very much still audible to most people in the room. “You wouldn’t happen to know of anyone who needs work done, would you? I am more than capable of handing myself in a scrape, particularly against those who would do evil and strike fear in the hearts of the innocent!” He grinned widely, his voice returning to its normal volume.