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Don't-judge-a-book-by-its-cover concept (GAME :c)

31 August 2014 - 05:58 AM

Weeellll, it could be about several things, so I'll just toss out some that came to mind. :P
Expectatons perhaps, or past experiances - the memory being the only thing you can keep - possibly even a lost love. 
Also, is your profile picture your cat? It's very cute!

The writing cycle
Writing can be extremely dificult, but anyone can do it if they try hard enough.
You live vicariosly through your charaters.
You grow to love your manuscripts even though they may have flaws or imperfections.
You change your work for the better...
But more often than not you mistakenly change it for the worse.
The manuscript may become broken beyond repair and you know
Your'e the one who caused it.

You can't erase your mistakes because they are too grand,
You can't edit out the bad parts because they have become apart of the story,
But you can't seem to simply throw away what you had.
The words on the page caused you pain and anger, but it made you feel more emotion than you had ever felt with any other piece.
Maybe it would be best to just start over from the beginning.

...Am I still talking about writing?
Was I ever?

(I woke up this morning with images from a dream still fresh in my head. This is the product. Constructive criticism is welcome but let me explain the game. You just have to guess the true meaning behind my words. The winner gets..... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING :3)

(And for the record... this is a poem about love and loss.)

Planes **solved**

They go to the end of the earth for you
as long as your'e there with them, guiding them along the way.
As long as you fuel them and give them a reason to keep going.
Sometimes the ride may get a bit shakey, but you'll make it.

Am I still writing about planes?
Was I ever?


Needles **solved**

The little pricks have a way of getting under your skin.
Are you certain I'm talking about needles?

(This one has many answers haha)


Music **solved**

Each song has its own special melody.
Some sound waves drift through the air and chill you to the bone
While others seem to have the abilitly warm your soul.

There are ones that build to chaotic crescendos, seeming to have no order at all,
but some of the others are just the opposite,
the tune never surprising the listener with its lack of complexity.

In any good song,
you find yourself waiting in anticipation for the next barrage of notes,
the next sound uttered straight from the heart of the artist...

but after a moment of silence...
you realize...
the music has already ended
and faded into nothingness.

You morn after becoming aware of the fact that this specific song cannot ever be replayed.
The only thing left of the tune is locked in your memory.

Am I still writing about music?
Was I ever?


(These are kinda fun to write. How about some of you guys try it. Reply below. It's game time B))

TellTaleSign's Art *le gasp*

05 August 2014 - 10:34 PM

All of the images posted here were created this year, but I haven't painted or drawn in quite a while.

The bracelets are very recent... made three days ago in fact.

This picture is done with acrylic paint. I've forgotten what the technique is called... but to make the background, you literally pour a mixture of acrylic paint and water on the top of a thick sheet of paper before letting it all flow down the page. When it dries, you can use it as a background.

To me, the background looked like a forest fire and a volcano, so I added an owl on a branch haha... doesn't really fit, but I just love owls

This was a quick exercise I did in class with color wheels.

I love making these things... I have no idea why X3

Well that's all for now. Maybe I'll post some drawings later. :3

I've decided to post a little more of my stuff..... One craft, One photograph, and one portrait of a friend of a friend (they asked me to draw them haha)
Again, this is all old stuff. I don't do much art anymore... I stopped about 3 months ago haha. The last thing I painted wasa Batman tile X3.

This is a candle holder I made for a Spanish project. It's made out of few alcohol bottle I found laying around my backyard and a broken candle stick. There is a street behind my house and the people who pass by just throw stuff down there (disrespectful! lolz). I put food coloring in the water to make it a blue-ish color and there are about 3 beer bottles (all cleannnnn) at the bottom of the larger, clear one. My teacher kept it haha.. I might make another one day.

This is a picture of one of my favorite hang out spots. If I'm lucky, I can watch the birds try to catch fish and see a few otters swimming around. I fish from time to time, but all I catch are bluegill (beautiful, but small).

The last image is the drawing of the friend of a friend.